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1. The Spectra of Red Quasars
... We present composite spectra of red and blue sub-samples of the PHFS quasars, and tabulate their emission line properties. The median H and [O III ] emission line equivalent widths of the red quasar sub-sample are a factor of ten weaker than those of the blue quasar sub-sample. ... Both the colours and the emission line equivalent widths of the red quasars can be explained by the addition of a featureless red synchrotron continuum component to an otherwise normal blue quasar spectrum. ...
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2. The AstroStat Slog Blog Archive [ArXiv] component separation methods
... Archives . ... The PCA and ICA is used for separating mixed components with some assumptions. ... The need of source separation methods in astronomy has led various adaptations of decomposition methods available. ... I rarely come up with a paper which gathered and summarized component separation methods applicable to astronomical data. In that regards, the following paper seems useful to overview methods of reducing dimensionality for astronomers. [arxiv:0805.0269] . ... Chandra Blog . ...
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3. Principal Components Analysis
... Among the objectives of Principal Components Analysis are the following. dimensionality reduction; љ . the determining of linear combinations of variables; љ . ... identification of groups of objects or of outliers. ... Finding a set of principal axes allows the objects to be adequately characterised on a smaller number of (artificial) variables. ... Reduction of dimensionality is practicable if the first new axes account for approximately 75 % or more of the variance. ...
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4. Constraints on the model components:
... The fitting procedure will only converge to a unique solution if the components are linearly independent. ... The task calculates for each pair of component images and fails with an error if any is greater than 0.99. ... Hence components may be linearly independent in masked pixels yet still fail the test within the task. ... Finally, since the Poisson image values are necessarily all , negative values are not allowed in the model components. ...
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5. Paper II: Spinning dust in galaxies Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329)
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . Galaxy Evolution . ... The analysis of the radio spectra presented in this paper was made using the radiospec package, version 1.0. This version of radiospec has facilities for modelling spectra with multiple components including synchrotron, high-opacity free-free and spinning dust. Anomalous dust emission in NGC 6946 . ... Paper II: Spinning dust in galaxies . ... Paper I: Method . ... Copyright 2005 -- 2016, Bojan Nikolic feedback welcome ...
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6. TwoFitlines: An Spectrum and Line Analysis Tool
Next: A New IRAF Catalog Access Tool for Astrometry . Up: Iraf Packages . ... Twofitlines is a tool developed within IRAF, optimized to be used with data containing multiple spectra along the spatial axis of the detector. A given spectral feature can be decomposed in one or several Gaussian components. ... A given spectral feature can be modeled using one or more components (currently only Gaussian profiles are available), . ... Close spectral features could be modeled simultaneously. ...
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7. Armagh Observatory
... Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, +44 (0)28 3752 2928 . ... Measured radial velocities for the primary (full symbols) and secondary (empty symbols), phased with the orbital period of 5.9051102 0.0000023 days. ... HD 98088 is a synchronised, double-lined spectroscopic binary system with a magnetic Ap primary component and an Am secondary component. ... The magnetic field in the primary is predominantly dipolar, with the positive pole oriented approximately towards the secondary. ...
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8. Evidence for Dark Matter
Last time we saw that flat rotation curves for galaxies, when measured in galaxies with extended gas distributions, provides unambiguous data that shows the mass distribution is dominated by an unseen, spherical halo. ... Perhaps only galaxies with extended dark matter halos are capable of retaining large gaseous extents? . ... Clusters of Galaxies: . ... The case of the Cancer cluster: . ... Below is the velocity distribution of galaxies in the Cancer cluster: . ... What's going on in Cancer? ...
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9. HST Spectral Maps of Accretion Disks in Cataclysmic Binaries
Next: Accretion Disks with Up: StarsStellar Populations, Previous: Spectroscopic Analysis of . ... We present and discuss spatially resolved spectra of the accretion disk and the gas stream region as a function of distance from disk center, the spectrum of the uneclipsed light, and the radial temperature distribution in the ultraviolet. Keywords: Accretion disks, Cataclysmic variables . ... In this paper we report on the HST spectral mapping of the nova-like UX UMa. ...
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... On 27mar03 and 17apr03 measurements of tsys were done using lbw to see how the component changed with frequency. ... Fit a 2 az sine wave to each swing: polDif=TsysA-TsysB=A*sin(2*az + phase) + constant. ... The data was also used to measure compression of the system by the various radars and to watch the sun move in the sidelobes of the telescope. ... The strips at za =4.5 and 7 (red,green) have the sbc1b instability. za=12 and 14.5 have sidelobes of the sun. ... Black is 27mar03, red is 17apr03. ...
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11. Primary mirror support
... The axial support is provided by 78 air pistons. ... The transverse support is provided by 38 air pistons, supported by cantilevers from the mirror cell, that act on the mirror local center of gravity surface. ... The locations where the transverse mirror support forces should be applied to the mirror are listed in Table 1 and illustrated in Figure 1. ... Figure 1: CAD drawing showing the 2.5-m primary mirror and the locations of the transverse support posts (black) and axial pneumatic pistons (blue...
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EXPERIMENT . ... Fields and waves consortium. ... IKI, Moscow, Russia . ... Three-component electric field fluctuations in the range 0.-50 kHz including spectral analysis; FGM-1 magnetic field data acquisition and processing. ... DC/AC magnetic field, 3 components, 0-64Hz, 1 component, 1Hz-40kHz. ... DC/AC magnetic field from MIF-M, ion and electron flux from IFPE data processor and RF-15-1 data processor. ... Magnetic field (three components). ... Inst. of Moscow University, Moscow, Russia . ...
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[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 5.2 Кб -- 27.12.1996
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13. The Structure and Composition of High Redshift Radio Galaxies
... Keck spectropolarimetry, giving spectral coverage from Ly- to beyond CIII], and HST imaging of a sample of powerful radio galaxies with has been obtained. ... This is a short progress report on a rather extensive programme we are carrying out to study the structure and composition of high redshift radio galaxies (HzRG) -- and, by implication, the host galaxies of radio quasars -- using observations in the optical, IR and mm bands. ... An example of the NICMOS and WFPC 2 imaging is shown in Figure 2 ...
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14. Uncorrelated flux component
. Next: Type 0 Up: Stellar models Previous: Stellar models Contents . Subsections . Type 0 . Christian Hummel 2015-04-28
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15. astro-ph
... . astro-ph . ... We fit the near-infrared to radio spectral energy distributions of 30 luminous and ultra-luminous infrared galaxies with pure starburst models or models that include both starburst and AGN components to determine important physical parameters for this population of objects. In particular we constrain the optical depth towards the luminosity source, the star formation rate, the star formation efficiency and the AGN fraction. ...
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16. Detection of radio pulsar pairs
... According to modern views on the evolution and origin of stars, most of the stars are members of binary systems. ... After the second explosion, the pairs tend to break up and neutron stars and/or black holes fly apart. High velocities of radio pulsars are apparently largely due to this effect. ... For all possible pairs the probability of trajectory approach at small distances for the epoch, corresponding to the age of the younger pulsar have been evaluated. ... Pulsars J0543+2329 and J0528+2200. ...
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[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 4.7 Кб -- 02.10.2012
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... The width of hydrogen lines is known to depend on the pressure in the photosphere, and then on the luminosity and effective temperature of the star. We have studied this dependence using the spectra of normal B stars from the databases by Jacoby et al., ... The resolution of Jacoby spectra (4.5А) coincides with the resolution of our BTA/UAGS spectra (4.4A). ... Dependence of full width FWZI of hydrogen lines on star spectral type and luminosity class. ...
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18. Астронет > Страница 33
... Первая страница Назад Продолжить Последняя страница Обзор Изображения . Публикации с ключевыми словами: Галактика - звездная астрономия . Публикации со словами: Галактика - звездная астрономия . ... Дальний рукав в 3 кпк от центра . Лекции по Галактической Астрономии. ... Стрелец A*: быстрые звезды вблизи центра Галактики . ... KINO.RU - фильмы, кино театры, кино, расписание кино в г. Москва | ... Дизайн квартир и дизайн интерьера . ... Нужно рекламное агентство? ...
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19. Iowa Robotic Telescope Facilities
... Iowa Robotic Telescope | ... Talon is based on OCAAS, a software suite developed by software engineer Elwood Downey ( Clear Sky Institute ) for use at the University of Iowa ?s first remote facility (the ATF, or Automated Telescope Facility). ... XObservatory : Telescope Control Interface . ... This program calls upon and coordinates much of the interrelated portions of the Talon architecture, and forms the primary control panel for the telescope, dome, and peripheral systems when used locally. ...
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The SCUBA Local Universe Galaxy Survey Dust along the Hubble sequence Catherine Vlahakis University of Bonn Collaborators: Steve Eales (Cardiff University) Loretta Dunne (University of Nottingham) Overview What is SLUGS? Results from the survey Recent work using SLUGS results ­ the FIR-radio relation Introduction: SLUGS SLUGS ­ a submm survey of galaxies in the local Universe ­ at 850m and 450m Survey of ~200 nearby galaxies: 104 60m-selected ("IRS") (Dunne et al. ...
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