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1. Guider Mechanical Commands
... PISTON piston . ... this command is not used by the TCC The guide camera mechanical controller sets the filter, focus and other mechanical functions, but not the position of the guide camera in the focal plane. Positioning, if available, is handled by one or two guider position axes controllers , one per axis of motion. ... Notifies the controller that subsequent commands apply to the guider mechanical controller. ... Sets the piston of the guider to the specified value (in decimal microns). ...
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2. Measurements (ImageJ API)
... FIELD | ... static int . ... Field Detail static final int AREA . ... Constant Field Values . static final int MEAN . ... static final int STD_DEV . ... static final int MODE . ... static final int MIN_MAX . ... static final int CENTROID . ... static final int CENTER_OF_MASS . ... static final int PERIMETER . ... static final int LIMIT . ... static final int RECT . ... static final int LABELS . ... static final int ELLIPSE . ... static final int INVERT_Y . ... static final int CIRCULARITY . ...
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3. STIS PSF Library Input Tool...Help
To query the STIS PSF library you must supply one or more input parameters. ... As most of these files are in the form of multiextension fits files, many imaging viewing tools will be unable to open them. ... For most images we supply STIS colors in STMAG units. ... A given PSF will have at most one of these color values defined. ... Specify an upper and a lower limit to select images in a particular B-V color range. Enter an upper and a lower value for the peak fitted DN value. ...
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4. WSRT deep surveys
... These data were originally part of a PhD-thesis at Leiden Observatory by M.H. Wieringa (1991). 1 name Name of source (char8, example : '76W0771*') 2 freq MHz Frequency of source detection in MHz (int, example : 327 or 608 ) 3 ra_1950 radians B1950 Right Ascension (in radians) ( real , example : 2.328327) 4 ra_1950_deg degrees B1950 Right Ascension (in degrees) ( real , example : 133.403290) 5 ra_err seconds Error in RA ( ... 70W : Umi, 327 MHz only, one field. ... Columns 21 Rows 5850...
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5. Astronet > Sky Map, professional edition
... Field size . Object name . ... Map size . ... Field size: the approximate size of the map in the Y direction. ... Galaxies: . ... Galaxies, which size exceeds some value depending on the field and map sizes, are displayed with their real positional angles and sizes by 25m isophote. ... In the "tools" fields there are links to the several famous AVO (Astrophysical Virtual Observatory) resources: NED and Simbad databases and DSS2 (Palomar Digitized Sky Survey) images of the corresponding sky area. ...
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6. harak_e
The beam pattern and the polarization characteristics . of the radio telescope RATAN-600 . The Mueller matrix elements was computed via formulas [1]: . ... The BP were computed by the aperture method, proceeding from the fild distribution in the aperture of the primary mirror. The components of the main and cross-polarization components of the electric field in the vertical aperture of the primary mirror was computed in Frenel diffraction approximation. ...
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Program: SNAPPER Purpose: Replace values by a box with other values e.g. for removing a bad perimeter of a velocity field. ... OLDVAL= Which map value do you want to replace? [blank] All values OLDVAL= in the input set will be replaced by NEWVAL= Also its neighbours in a box with size REPSIZE= get the new value. NEWVAL= What is the new value? [blank] This is the new value in OUTSET= which replaces OLDVAL= in the input set. ... To remove such values by hand can take a long time. ...
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8. Spatial Region Coordinates
... In the above example, the second region uses the global coordinate system (PHYSICAL by default). ... Supported systems include: name description ---- ----------- PHYSICAL pixel coords of original file using LTM/LTV IMAGE pixel coords of current file FK4, B1950 sky coordinate systems FK5, J2000 sky coordinate systems GALACTIC sky coordinate systems ECLIPTIC sky coordinate systems ICRS currently same as J2000 LINEAR linear wcs as defined in file In addition, two mosaic coordinate ...
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9. HTML Forms
... Note you are not allowed to nest FORM elements! ... Forms are created by placing input fields within paragraphs, preformatted text, lists and tables. ... Notice the use of the NAME attribute to name each field : TITLE Sample Questionaire /TITLE H1 Sample Questionaire /H1 P Please fill out this questionaire: FORM METHOD=post ACTION= P Your name : input name = name size= 48 P input name = male type =radio Male P input ...
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10. VLSS Postage Stamp Server Documentation Help for VLSS Postage Stamp Server
This WWW form allows the user to obtain "postage stamp" FITS or jpeg images or contour plots of selected, small fields from the The VLA Low-Frequency Sky Survey (VLSS, formerly VLSS). ... The specified region of the closest VLSS field is returned as a FITS or jpeg format image or a contour plot. ... The VLSS postage stamp server can return a FITS file with the MIME type of image/x-fits; your browser needs to be told a suitable display program for FITS files. ...
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11. Towards Optimal Analysis of HST Crowded Stellar Fields
... The improvement will be more pronounced in our crowded Wide Field Camera (WFC) images, and may be increased further through use of a more sophisticated method of combining the individual dithered images. Our analysis allows us to check for point spread function shape variations in the HST Planetary Camera (PC) field. ... In crowded field images, we are deriving information about the faint end of the luminosity function (LF) from the texture of the image background. ...
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