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1. Recent changes in Earth's albedo and its implications for climate change
. Sitemap . Contact . Search . Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, +44 (0)28 3752 2928 . by . Enric Pall . Big Bear Solar Observatory . A colloquium presented at Armagh Observatory on 2006 February 1st. The slides from this presentation are available in the following formats. HTML in your browser . PDF file - 14MB . Quicktime movie - 9MB . Macromedia Flash - 9.7MB . MS Powerpoint - 12MB . Last Revised: 2009 December 17th .
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XMM-Newton Science Analysis System Page: 1 sashelp January 10, 2003 Abstract Display SAS documentation via a browser. 1 Instruments/Modes Instrument Mode 2 Use pipeline processing no interactive analysis no 3 Description sashelp displays the HTML SAS documentation through a browser. ... 5 Errors This section documents warnings and errors generated by this task (if any). ... Refer to the index of all errors and warnings available in the HTML version of the SAS documentation. ...
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3. VLBI Wiki | PmWiki / AccessKeys
... PmWiki . ... visitors (intermediate) Access keys are keyboard shortcuts for tasks that would otherwise require a mouse. ... The following is a list of the access keys that are used by PmWiki in default English language installations. ... Note that at least some skins (e.g., Lean) also specify access keys within their own template files (*.tmpl), using the accesskey attribute with the Edit, History, etc. links on the page. ... Note that some actions do not have a corresponding access key by default. ...
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4. Investigator Email Change
... Follow the steps described below in order to make a change to an investigator's email address. Navigate to the program information web page for one of the investigator's observing programs and then click on the Investigators link. ... Select Profile Request and then work through the ProPer interface for changing a person's profile. Once you have completed the profile change, ProPer will display this page which shows that a change confirmation email has been sent to the investigator. ...
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5. OptInt PmWiki : Access Keys
OptInt PmWiki . ... Edit Page | ... MROI Delay Line Design Contract . ... Access Keys . ... Note that this AKey+x access key only works this way on this page, because it is simply a shortcut for accessing the link that exists only on this page. The list of access key assignments in default PmWiki installations generally work throughout a site because links have been created in PmWiki skins and editing screens that incorporate access key parameters using the access key translation phrases. ...
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6. Changing access permissions
. To change the access permissions for a file or directory use the command chmod mode filename chmod mode directory_name . The "mode" consists of three parts: who the permissions apply to, how the permissions are set and which permissions to set. **Caution** . Examples . Setting access permissions numerically . Changing default access permissions .
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7. Semi-major axis change
Next: Special Cases: Supernova Explosion Up: Change of Binary Parameters: Previous: Mass change . The binary separation a changes differently depending on the mass exchange mode. ... If the mass transfer is conservative ( , i.e. const) and one may neglect the redistribution of the intrinsic angular momenta of the components, the total orbital momentum conservation law implies . ... the orbital separation always increases in such systems). ...
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8. Changes for release 1.8
... Display of FITS image extensions and binary tables . SAOtng now can display FITS image extensions, FITS binary tables and raw event files. See Loading an Image for more information. ... Display of compressed FITS and WWW FITS files . SAOtng now can display compressed FITS files by automatically decompressing them on the fly. ... SAOtng now will search for image files in directories specified by the IMAGE_PATH environment variable. ... See the SAOtng XPA List for more information. ...
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9. Text attribute examples
My preferred browser is Netscape Navigator . ... Netscape Navigator lets the user select a comfortable base font size, but this can be reset for all or part of a page. ... As Alice ate the cookies, she felt herself grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger. ... Blinking text can be annoying, so use it sparingly. ... The onLoad attribute for the BODY tag lets you define an action that occurs when the document has finished loading. For example, onLoad="function1(); function2(); return false;" . ...
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10. ESO - VLT Service Mode Guidelines
... Science Users Information > Observing with ESO Telescopes > Phase 2 Preparation > Service Mode Guidelines . ... Phase 2 Instrument Table . Service Mode Guidelines . ... This page and the links in the left menu provide the general information necessary to complete the Phase 2 preparation for Service Mode programmes at the VLT/VLTI, VISTA and VST. ... All investigators assigned Service Mode time should contact the ESO User Support Department in all matters regarding phase 2 preparation. ...
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11. LWN: Driver porting: miscellaneous changes
... This article is part of the LWN Porting Drivers to 2.6 series . This article serves as a sort of final resting place for various small changes in the kernel programming API which do not fit elsewhere. The kdev_t type has been removed from the kernel; everything which works with device numbers should now use the dev_t type. ... Consider using these while fixing your code; the next time the type of i_rdev changes, you will be happier. ... Driver porting: miscellaneous changes, designated inits . ...
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