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1. Results and Discussion
... In Figures 2 and 3 we show the 6m telescope spectra of blue compact galaxies HS 1013+3809 and HS 1442+4250, in which typical high excitation HII-region narrow emission lines are seen. ... for red part of HS 1442+4250. ... This correction = 354 km s -1 was calculated for HS 1013+3809 and = 202 km s -1 for HS 1442+4250. ... While HS 1013+3809 looks very symmetric and very compact, with intense star formation burst taking place in its very center, HS 1442+4250 is well elongated, resembling edge-on disk...
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2. Dust and Atomic Gas in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies of the M81 Group: The SINGS and
2.5Г-1021 cm-2) have associated dust emission. ... We estimate dust masses of ~104-106 Msolar for the M81 dwarf galaxies, resulting in an average dust-to-gas ratio (Mdust/MHI) of ~3Г-10-4 (1.5Г-10-3 if only the H I that is associated with dust emission is considered); this is an order of magnitude lower than the typical value derived for the SINGS spirals. ... However, the average 70/160 О?m ratio in the sample dwarf galaxies is higher than what is found in the other galaxies of the SINGS sample. ...
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3. Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey (AGES)
Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey (AGES) The precursor run is finally complete. Here are some initial results that illustrate the success of the observing technique and also areas where we had problems. ... The channel range selected was the inner 3696 channels, thus avoiding the increase in noise at the edge of the bandpass. ... Each frame of the movie is an image of the observing region from each individual velocity (or frequency) channel in the datacube. ...
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4. K-band Arcetri Obscured Supernova Search - What is the KAOSS Projrect?
K-band Arcetri Obscured Supernova Search . What is the KAOSS Project? W hat is the KAOSS Project? Some recent surveys aimed at detecting Supernovae (SNe) in the optical have found that starburst galaxies do not show evidence for an enhanced SN rate, with respect to quiescent galaxies (Richmond et al. ... A similar result was obtained by Navasardyan et al. (2001) who looked for SNe in interacting galaxies, finding no evidence for correlations between SN rate and galaxy properties. ...
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5. RCJ0311+0507
... A radio galaxy is a galaxy that emits an unusually big amount of energy at radio wavelengths. ... Inside of each galaxy with an active nucleus (radio galaxies are among them) there must be a system of a "central machine" responsible for the colossal amount of the emitted energy from radio to gamma ranges. ... Sometimes a radio source in an active galaxy may flare again if the needed conditions appear (a new portion of matter would fall into the furnace of the "central machine"). ...
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6. The Galaxy Gallery: Messier Objects
M1 image More About M1 Nice Color Picture . ... M16 image More About M16 HST image . ... M31 image More About M31 Nice Color Picture . ... M42 image ; M43 image More About M42/43 Nice Color CCD Picture . M51 image More About M51 Color Image of M51 M51 Supernova . M57 image More About M57 Nice Color CCD Picture Very Deep M57 Image . ... M81 image More About M81 M81 Supernova Ultraviolet Image of M81 More about Ultraviolet Imaging . M82 image More About M82 M82 False Color M82 True Color . ...
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7. GRB follow-up team
... Team . ... The main goal of observations of GRB host galaxies is accumulation of statistics of their spectroscopic and photometric properties. ... The Hubble diagram for 22 GRB host galaxies with known magnitudes and redshifts (GRB 970228, GRB 970508, GRB 970828, GRB 971214, GRB 980613, GRB 980703, GRB 990123, GRB 990510, GRB 990712, GRB 9912008, GRB 991216, GRB 000131, GRB 000210, GRB 000301C, GRB 000418, GRB 000911, GRB 000926, GRB 001109, GRB 010222, GRB 010921, GRB 011121 and GRB011211). ... 600...
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[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 15.6 Кб -- 09.04.2016
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... By comparison, old elliptical galaxies have a wide range of Lx(gas) and some of them (e.g., group or cluster dominant galaxies) have Lx(gas) 10 or 100 times higher than Lx(LMXB). One of the key observables to address the age effect is the abundance ratio of Fe to elements, b ecause of different pro duction yields of SNe Ia and I I. In the merger scenario of young elliptical galaxies, we would exp ect an enrichment of -elements from SN I I, asso ciated with the recent star formation. ...
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9. The Compact Galaxy Group NGC 6845
... We present the results of ATCA HI line and 20-cm radio continuum observations of the galaxy Quartet NGC 6845. The HI emission extends over all four galaxies but can only be associated clearly with the two spiral galaxies, NGC 6845A and B, which show signs of strong tidal interaction. We derive a total HI mass of 1.8 x 10 10 Msun, most of which is associated with NGC 6845A, the largest galaxy of the group. ... Figure 2: A new galaxy in the NGC6845 galaxy group. ...
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