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1. Discovery and Analysis of 21 ѕ®m Feature Sources in the Magellanic Clouds
Spitzer Space Telescope mid-infrared spectroscopy has been obtained for 15 carbon-rich protoplanetary nebulae (PPNe) in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and for two other such stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). Of these 17 PPNe, the unidentified 21 ѕ®m feature is strong in 7 spectra, weak in 2 spectra, and very weak or questionable in 4 spectra. ... The remaining two objects show typical carbon-rich PPNe spectra with no 21 ѕ®m features. ...
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2. Features of the PROS software
Next: Coordinate Systems Up: IRAF/PROS Previous: Other Types of Files . A few new features and enhancements to the standard IRAF system have been introduced with the PROS software: . ... Default compound extensions are used by the PROS tasks when no extension is given for the output file name. Most PROS tasks allow the output file name to be defaulted, with the convention that the output file name will be composed of the input `root' name, plus the default extension specific to the task. ...
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3. Automatic Detection of Linear Features in Astronomical Images
... A new IRAF task has been developed that automatically identifies linear (line-like) features in an image or set of images. ... In order to automatically detect linear features, the first step is to select pixels in the image (Fig. 1 , left panel) that fall within a given data value range. ... Another aspect of extended linear features is that the image space pixels that describe them are in some way adjacent to one another and have a minimum and maximum length. ...
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4. The 2175? feature
... Laboratory and theoretical modelling of the UV bump on the interstellar extinction curve is a very popular topic in dusty investigations. ... feature is illustrated by Fig. 10 where the profiles were calculated using the model of graphite spheres. Figure 10: Normalized extinction efficiencies for graphite spheres. ... The lower panel shows the summary extinction of two graphite spheres with radii and (from upper panel) taken in equal proportions. ...
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5. Dark features
... If finddead =Y, embadpixfind looks for too dark pixels, rows and columns too. ... The maxratio parameter avoids detecting 'grey' pixels, rows or columns on observations with high statistics. Whatever findbright and finddead , dark and bright columns and rows are always searched for together in order of decreasing significance (either positive or negative). This avoids finding spurious bright columns/rows next to very dark ones, and vice-versa. ...
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6. Armagh Observatory
... Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, +44 (0)28 3752 2928 . Sequence of four video frames captured at 01:05 BST at Armagh Observatory on the night of the 24/25th July 2013, showing the onset, development and demise of the sprite. ... Unlike common lightning discharges, which often jump between clouds or between the clouds and the ground, sprites are associated with similarly powerful electrical fields that occur high above the clouds of the EarthтАЩs atmosphere. ...
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7. The past, present and future appearances of the Refsdal supernova | ESO
... ESO, the European Southern Observatory . ... Travel and Contacts . Travel to ESO Headquarters . ... ESO . ... Survey Telescopes . ... ESO Supernova . ... Star Clusters . ... Stars@ESO . ... ESO 3.6-metre telescope . ... MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope . ... ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope . ... Future Projects . ... This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the positions of the past, present and predicted future appearances of the Refsdal supernova behind the galaxy cluster€а MACS J1149+2223 . ...
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8. Набор ножей Fiskars 857197 Featuring куртка
... title='Набор ножей Fiskars 857197' border='0' align='left' width='120' style='margin-right: 20px;' hspace='7' vspace='5'/> . Бренд: FEATURING . Цвет: натуральный . Размер: M . ... Возраст от месяцев: -2147483648 . ... Пол: Унисекс . ... Он отлично сохраняет тепло, позволяя малышам играть на полу. ... Свободный крой, капюшон, удобные карманы и чуть укороченный дизайн - хлопковая куртка Sorrento Jacket поможет Вам создать непринужденный образ и дополнить Ваш лук прохладным летним вечером. ...
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9. Client-Specific Features
... Chapter 9 Embedding JavaScript in HTML You can embed JavaScript in an HTML document as statements and functions within a <SCRIPT> tag, by specifying a file as the JavaScript source, by specifying a JavaScript expression as the value of an HTML attribute, or as event handlers within certain other HTML tags (primarily form elements). Chapter 10 Handling Events JavaScript applications in Navigator are largely event-driven. ...
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. This collage, consisting of two Cassini images of long, sinuous, tendril-like features from Saturn's moon Enceladus (grainy images) and two corresponding computer simulations of the same features (clearer images), illustrates how well the structures, and the sizes of the particles composing them, can be modeled by tracing the trajectories of tiny, icy grains ejected from Enceladus' south polar geysers. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute
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11. HISA Poster for the 197th Meeting of the AAS, January, 2001
... We are using Canadian Galactic Plane Survey l 74.2њ, -3.6њ < b This poster gives preliminary results for a full-fledged analysis of the gas properties and distribution of HISA features in the CGPS. ... where T ON and T OFF are observed brightnesses on and off the HISA feature, T S is the spin or excitation temperature of the HISA gas, tau is its optical depth, T C is the continuum intensity, and p is the fraction of H I emission lying behind the HISA feature. ... GIF | ...
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12. Moon
... Observations of the Moon eclipse on 17.09.97 have shown the Moon details contrasts had decreased and the total radio brightness had fallen at all observed frequency range (from 10% at 1.38 sm down to 2.5% at 13 sm). The fall of the Moon radio brightness has been detected during the eclipse at decemeter waves for the first time. ... Radio emission of the Copernicus crater at 1.38 and 2.7 sm has been detected for the first time. ...
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13. Other Features
GTK+ / Gnome Application Development . ... Home . ... There simply isn't space to cover all of glib's features in this book. ... Here's a brief list of features not already mentioned: . ... G_VA_COPY copies a va_list in a portable way. ... Convenience/portability routines to get the user's home directory, get the name of a /tmp directory, and similar tasks. ... If you need some generally-useful routine that's not in glib already, consider writing it in glib style and contributing it to the library! ...
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14. The Name of the Plug-In: Features
Previous Next Table of Contents . Give a list, with very brief descriptions, of the features in the Plug-In. You should not go into detail for these features here. We will do that later on in this document. Item 1 . Item 2 . Item 3 . Item 4 ... and so forth . Replace the "..." in the following to be the name of your Plug-In. All of these features is discussed at length in the section titled The ... Dialog Box . Previous Next Table of Contents
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15. Feature enhancement: filtering and denoising
Next: Feature enhancement: normalizing Up: No Title Previous: Feature enhancement: pulsing . The inverse transform is at the core of the best known applications of wavelets: data compaction and numerics. ... Two applications fall within our scope: filtering and denoising. Filtering consists of using only a portion of the wavelet map in the inverse transform process, masking out certain durations. ... Figure 23: Filtered reconstruction of the intermittent signal. ...
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16. Features provided by the shell
. The shell provides you with one or more of the following features. You can: . create an environment that meets your needs . write shell scripts . define command aliases . manipulate the command history . automatically complete the command line . edit the command line . Some shells provide more of these facilites than others. Summary table .
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17. stecf.impol - Package Tasks
... hstpolima: Reduce linear polarization data for HST instruments (currently FOC, NICMOS and WFPC2 are supported). ... Images for the three Stokes parameters (I,Q and U), the linear polarization and position angle and their error images are output. hstpolpoints: Reduce linear polarization data for HST instruments for a set of circular apertures. ... There is a web page briefly describing the package and giving example polarization maps for HST and model data. ...
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18. H Undocumented Features
Karma Home Page . Next: Index Up: Karma User Manual Previous: G Quirks and Unexpected . љ . Richard Gooch . Mon Aug 14 22:25:04 PDT 2006
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FEATURES OF THE HYDROGEN DISTRIBUTION AROUND LUNAR CRATERS PROCLUS AND KEPLER. ... In result of analysis of the data Lawrence and Feldman constructed the hydrogen distribution on the lunar surface [1]. ... However, the authors shown, that EN flux data features may be explained by other element abundance in the lunar soils, namely: Si, Ca, Gadolinium (Gd), Samarium (Sm) and Fe. ... Using of the Feldman's interpretation of the Lunar Prospector data [8], we constructed hydrogen distribution map (Fig.1). ...
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20. Mystery Feature Now Disappears in Titan Lake
... Mystery Feature Now Disappears in Titan Lake . ... Credit Copyright: Cassini Radar Mapper , Cornell , JPL , ESA , NASA Explanation: What is that changing object in a cold hydrocarbon sea of Titan? Radar images from the robotic Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn have been recording the surface of the cloud-engulfed moon Titan for years. ... In an image released last week, the mystery object seems to have disappeared in 2015 January. ... Publications with keywords: Titan . ... Soaring over Titan . ...
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