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1. astro-ph authors/title/abstract search for 'galaxy environment' all years
Title: A Dark-Matter Spike at the Galactic Center? Authors: Piero Ullio , HongSheng Zhao , Marc Kamionkowski . ... Title: The Galaxy Environment of Quasars in the Clowes-Campusano Large Quasar Group at z~1.3 . ... Title: The Galaxy Environment of a Quasar at z=1.226: A Possible Cluster Merger . ... 16 matches for the search pattern galaxy environment . The URL for this page is:,all/0/0 ...
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2. High Redshift Cluster Projects
This site provides on-line access to publications, figures, and data tables related to an extensive multi-wavelength observational program to study distant galaxy clusters. ... Lori Lubin, Bev Oke, and Marc Postman have been studying a sample of 9 distant clusters (some taken from the PDCS) using the Keck 10m telescope, the HST, and the KPNO 4m (for IR imaging). ... A Study of Nine High-Redshift Clusters of Galaxies: I. The Survey, . ... A Study of Nine High-Redshift Clusters of Galaxies: II. ...
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3. ADS Abstract Service Results
... BIG BANG COSMOLOGY, GALACTIC CLUSTERS, SPACE DENSITY, UNIVERSE, FRAGMENTATION, HYDROGEN CLOUDS, INTERSTELLAR GAS, SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION, VOIDS . ... The fragmentation theory of the formation of the large scale structure of the universe is explained and contrasted with the continuous clustering theory. ... Use: Authors Title Abstract Text Text Query with Keywords Return: Query Results Query Form Database: Astronomy Instrumentation Physics and Geophysics ABSTRACT QUERY USER FEEDBACK HELP ...
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4. Abell 370: Galaxy Cluster Gravitational Lens
... While imaging the cluster of galaxies Abell 370, astronomers had noted an unusual arc to the right of many cluster galaxies. ... In the mid-1980s, however, better images allowed astronomers to identify the arc as a prototype of a new kind of astrophysical phenomenon -- the gravitational lens effect of entire cluster of galaxies on background galaxies. ... In mid-July, astronomers used the just-upgraded Hubble Space Telescope to image Abell 370 and its gravitational lens images in unprecedented...
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5. ESO - Thesis Topic: Studying the first galaxy clusters with ALMA
... Science . ... Science Users Information > Science Activities > PhD Thesis Topics offered by ESO Faculty Members > Thesis Topic: Studying the first galaxy clusters with ALMA . ... ALMA will provide a major leap forward in our capabilities of studying the high-redshift universe, especially the first galaxies. ... These first galaxies are also found to cluster relatively strongly, and are expected to form proto-clusters, later growing to be the fully-formed galaxy clusters we see in the local Universe....
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6. Dm. Bizyaev's Publications
Bizyaev D., "The Argument Against Long Extragagalactic Distance Scale", Astron. ... Soviet Astronomy) 1997. ... Zasov A., Bizyaev D., "An Estimate of the Hubble Constant using a Criterion for Gravitational Stability of Gaseous Discs", Pis'ma v Astron. ... 1996. ... D.Bizyaev, "Types of galaxies", 1996, Zvezdochet, No 11, p.22 (in Russian) . D.Bizyaev, "The Hubble Constant", 1996, Zvezdochet, No 2, p.20 (in Russian) . D.Bizyaev, "Magellanic Clouds", 1995, Zvezdochet, No 6, p.12. (in Russian) . ...
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7. The history of star formation and mass assembly in early-type galaxies
... Interacting galaxies . ... Catalogues . ... We define a volume limited sample of over 14,000 early-type galaxies (ETGs) selected from data release six of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The density of environment of each galaxy is robustly measured. By comparing narrow band spectral line indices with recent models of simple stellar populations (SSPs) we investigate trends in the star formation history as a function of galaxy mass (velocity dispersion), density of environment and galactic radius. ...
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8. List of publications
... V.V.Makarov, V.P.Reshetnikov, V.A.Yakovleva . Photometric study of the peculiar galaxy NGC 2685" . ... eds.), Tallinn, 1989, p.19 . ... Press, 1994, p.272-273 . ... A.A.Mullari, V.V.Orlov, St.Petersburg Univ. ... conference, St.Petersburg, 1997, p.168-169 . ... All-Russian Astronomical Conference, Book of Abstracts, . ... in "Astronomy: traditions, present, future", V.V.Orlov, V.P.Reshetnikov, N.Ya.Sotnikova (eds.), St.Petersburg University Press, 2007, p.92-115 (in Russian) . ...
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9. Gravitational microlensing of giant luminous arcs: a test for compact dark
... Gravitational microlensing of giant luminous arcs: . a test for compact dark matter in clusters of galaxies . ... This paper discusses a new test for the detection of stellar mass compact dark matter in galaxy clusters by observing its gravitational lensing influence on the surface brightness of giant luminous arcs. ... With the advent of the Next Generation Space Telescope, cluster dark matter in the form of compact objects will induce a ubiquitous `shimmering' of the giant arcs. ... Giant Arcs . ...
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10. ASP: Big Clusters, Tiny Galaxies
home publications > mercury . ... Big Clusters, Tiny Galaxies . ... Astronomers struggle to understand why giant star clusters form in the tiniest of galaxies . ... These clusters are probably young versions of globular clusters, but they are commonly called super star clusters. Seven dwarf galaxies within 16 million light-years have formed super star clusters, with one of these galaxies, NGC 1569, possessing two young clusters. ... Super star clusters have a lot to tell us about star formation. ...
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11. A VLA Survey of Rich Clusters of Galaxies III
... The measurements extend to a lower 1.5 GHz limit of 1.0 mJy and comprise a complete sample with 1.5-GHz flux density 2.5 S1.5 J/AuJPh/47/145 VLA Survey of Rich Clusters of Galaxies II (Slee+, 1994) J/AuJPh/49/977 VLA Survey of Rich Clusters of Galaxies III (Slee+, 1996) ================================================================================ A VLA Survey of Rich Clusters of Galaxies II. ... Note (3): An elliptical Gaussian was fitted to the source. ...
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