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1. Modern CCD Observations of Moving Celestial Objects: Algorithms and Software
... Up: Data Analysis and Processing Techniques . ... Also, a method for quality control of CCD observations is suggested. ... Everyone who observes a celestial object using a CCD detects moving celestial objects as a ``by product''. ... We hope that our investigations may be useful for near-Earth space control and also for searches of the moving celestial objects through analysis of old and new CCD frames obtained at any amateur or professional astronomical observatory. ...
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2. Pulsar Group Observing/Dfb-fold
... Maximum data output rate = 6.4 Mbyte/s. Output data files in PSRFITS format. ... spd: sel pp11 - pulsar phase vs amplitude . ... John Sarkissian starts the web-page checklist and writes report providing information on the last observing session and data processing. ... He produces a text file containing the processing commands required: /psr1/jms/processed.txt John Sarkissian copies the raw data files (DFB/WBC) from Lagavulin to Epping. > cd /data/LAGAVULIN_4/pulsar > cd DFB > rsync -av . ... Group ...
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3. ESO - ESO-MIDAS Releases and Distribution
... Public . Science . ... Science Users Information Science Software ESO-MIDAS jump to navigation jump to content . ... Publications with ESO Data . ... ESO-MIDAS . ... The short statement of the GNU license is included in every MIDAS file; the full text is included as a separate file in the ESO-MIDAS Release. ... Manual pages,installation guides and other documentation are generally released together with the source code and can also be obtained from the ESO-MIDAS ftp account (see below). ...
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4. HST
... These Frontier Fields will combine the power of HST with the natural gravitational telescopes of high-magnification clusters of galaxies. ... We are soliciting gravitational lensing maps for the last four Hubble Frontier Fields clusters (MACSJ0717.5+3745, MACSJ1149.5+2223, AbellS1063, and Abell 370) based upon the exceptionally deep HST FF imaging and other new ancillary data. ... For the full set of proposal instructions and requirements, see the FY16 Frontier Fields Lensing Map Call for Proposals....
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5. Inference of Coefficients for Use in Phase Correction Bojan Nikolic web pages
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... We present a Bayesian approach to calculating the coefficients that convert the outputs of ALMA 183 GHz water-vapour radiometers into estimates of path fluctuations that can be used to correct the observed interferometric visibilities. ... Inference of Coefficients for Use in Phase Correction . ... Simulating Atmospheric Phase Errors, Phase Correction and the Impact on ALMA Science . ... Copyright 2005 -- 2016, Bojan Nikolic feedback welcome ...
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6. VISTA ETC - Exposure Time Calculator
... Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) . ... ESO - Public Surveys . ... the recommended values to use for DIT, . ... Detector on-chip integration (DIT): seconds. to your chosen value - a separate page gives recommended values to use for DIT - for modes 1 and 2 below you may wish to start with the maximum recommended values as these will minimize the effect of read noise (a total object exposure of Y secs with DIT=X secs will produce Y/X lots of read noise) and give you a lower limit on the time needed. ...
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7. XMM-Newton SAS: Watchout Page
... Within SAS, a tool is available to check the pile-up fraction in the pn data: epatplot . This tool compares the observed pattern distributions (derived from a pn calibrated and concatenated even list) with the calibrated models. ... The lower panel is the key element for the evaluation of the pile-up fraction: it shows the observed distribution of pattern as a function of energy (PI channel in Analog-Digital Units ), using the same color code. ... Pages maintained by SAS librarian . ...
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Astron 193 Lecture 2, Jan.28, 2015 NOTES 1/ Data vs. ... 4/ Data Storage View Your Data Software to read the data files rrent Astronomy Formats FITS inary with standards, Cu b defined keywords, but may become not good enough for large data of the future LOFAR, SKA in radio, LSST ds9 display the data mage gui, but also access to catalogs download and image the files i event files contain all the information about the observation photons , energy, arrival times ...
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9. Radioastrophysical Observatory ISTP RAS SB
RADIOASTROPHYSICAL DEPARTMENT • INSTITUTE OF SOLAR-TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS RAS SB . ... SSRT - Receiving systems . The SSRT has two independent receiving systems for recording solar observational data, and several ancillary receivers for checking, setting up and adjusting the instrument. The base receiving systen is a multichannel filter receiver for a simultaneous recording in 180 channels with the 500 kHz band each, adjusted at steps of about 600 kHz. ... Channel's band . ...
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10. Discovery of the Sunspot Cycle
... Timeline . ... 16H. Schwabe, 1843 . 16a. Schwabe paper . ... The weather throughout this year was so extremely favorable that I have been able to observe the Sun clearly on 312 days; however, I counted only 34 groups of sunspots.. From my earlier observations, which I have reported every year in this journal, it appears that there is a certain periodicity in the appearance of sunspots and this theory seems more and more probable from the results of this year.. ... Year . ... 149 . ... 1843 . ...
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11. The CIMA Homepage
... CIMAFITS is the name for the Arecibo FITS-file format. ... This is a list of (fairly) up-to-date documents describing CIMA and CIMAFITS: . The CIMA version history log which is the most up-to-date page listing all changes made to the different versions of CIMA . ... The CIMA user's log which chronologically lists changes made to CIMA that may be relevant to an observer. The CIMA engineering log which lists engineering changes made to CIMA that probably are of less interest to an observer. ...
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12. STScI NICMOS Software
Next: NICMOS Science Up: NICMOS Data Calibration and Previous: NICMOS Software at the . ... Reference File Tools . Image Analysis and Reduction . ... These include the tasks used in the STScI pipeline, tools to generate the reference files used by the calibration pipeline tasks, and general image analysis, manipulation, and arithmetic tasks. ... Calnica is used to apply instrumental calibrations to individual datasets, while calnicb is used to process associated sets of NICMOS images. ...
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13. Journal "Peremennye Zvezdy"
Peremennye Zvezdy", . ... GSC 4232-02515, NSVS 3147658, NSVS 3174760 . ... 14.2-14.9 (R, NSVS); . ... During observations of a secondary eclipse of GSC 04232-02830 (Goranskij et al., 2005) on August 8, 2007, we identified GSC 4232-02515 as a W UMa eclipsing binary. ... VAST software was used for aperture photometry. ... This method produces a light curve with an arbitrary zero point. ... Light Curve . Light curve of GSC 4232-02515 in NSVS magnitude scale. ... gsc423202515_kadar_nsvs.dat . ...
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14. Stats
... Latest SNe . ... Statistics on Supernovae Discoveries . Discoveries by amateurs have been rising in recent years. ... And the next page shows the amateurs who have discovered a supernova: . ... All SNe since 1885. (external link) . The next pages relate to all supernovae discovered so far, their properties and their parent galaxies: . SNe distribution according to galaxies' morphological type. ... SNe distribution according to their magnitudes. All SNe distribution since 1885. ...
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15. Siding Spring Survey Follow-up Obs
Follow-up astrometry and recoveries are made with the ANU 40 inch (1.0-m) f/8 reflector at Siding Spring Observatory (IAU code 413). ... A routine follow-up of 2003 WY153 on 2003 Dec 15 became much more than routine when a faint object with unusual motion vector was found close to the target asteroid. ... During routine astrometry with the 1.0-m to improve the orbit of the Apollo asteroid 2004 CB, the asteroid was found on March 30 to have a short tail! ... Siding Spring Survey Main Page . ...
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16. ESO-MIDAS GNU Public License
... ESO-MIDAS is a copyright protected software product of the European Southern Observatory, and provides general tools for image processing and data reduction . As of the 95NOV release, patch level pl2.0, ESO-MIDAS is available under the GNU General Public License. ... See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., ...
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17. Extragalactic Astronomy
... Visible Distribution of Galaxies. ... Features of Elliptical, Lens-Shaped, Spiral and Irregular Galaxies. Galaxies with Bar. ... Distribution of Surface Brightness of Surface and Spiral Galaxies. ... Color Characteristics of Galaxies. ... Methods of Galaxies' Mass Determination. ... Hidden Mass of Spiral Galaxies. ... Features of Dark Matter Distribution in E and SO Galaxies. ... The Whole Number of Galaxies and Their Density by the Results of Observation on the 'Hubble' Space Telescope. ...
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18. NIGHTCAL – New Version 0.7.2 Available To Download - an Astronomy Net Software
Software Forum Message . Forums: . ... Astronomy Software Discussion | ... NIGHTCAL – New Version 0.7.2 Available To Download . ... The new version of NightCal Astronomical Observing Software (version 0.7.2) has been released today (6th January 2006). ... If you like NightCal software, please feel free to rate it and post comments about NightCal at ... . About Astronomy Net | ...
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19. Meade Instruments Corporation - Pictor Manual Part 13
Home About Meade Product Information Dealer Locator Customer Support Investor Relations Dealer Support Employment Opportunities Site Map . Meade Instruments Corporation . ... Meade Pictor XT-Series CCD Autoguider/Imagers . Section 13: Viewing and Processing Images . ... The software can read most images in these formats, and convert between them using the File, Save As command. ... This is done by placing the information in a .txt file with the same name as the image file). ... Merge Images: . ...
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20. Pulkovo NEO Page: Estimation of Observational Accuracy
Pulkovo NEO Page . Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo . ... NEA Accuracy Estimation . Positions of the asteroids that have been sent by observers to the Minor Planet Center are automatically processed by means of calculation of (O-C) values with the help of the EPOS software package created at Pulkovo Observatory. ... Here attention is paid to observations of the near-Earth asteroids. This work was initiated by Dr. O.Bykov at Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory. ...
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