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Please enter the lightcurve file name and period search parameters: . Lightcurve file: . ... Apply the Heliocentric correction and convert all dates to Terrestrial Time (TT)? ... Phase range for plots: -0.5 to 1.0 0.0 to 2.0 0.0 to 1.0 . ... Also, the Heliocentric correction cannot be applied to such lightcurves. ... Two period search methods are currently implemented. ... This period search service is also available at the mirror sites: Mirror 1 , Mirror 2 , Mirror 3 , Mirror 4 . ...
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2. ESO - VLT Service Mode Guidelines
... Science Users Information > Observing with ESO Telescopes > Phase 2 Preparation > Service Mode Guidelines . ... Phase 2 Instrument Table . Service Mode Guidelines . ... This page and the links in the left menu provide the general information necessary to complete the Phase 2 preparation for Service Mode programmes at the VLT/VLTI, VISTA and VST. ... All investigators assigned Service Mode time should contact the ESO User Support Department in all matters regarding phase 2 preparation. ...
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3. SAI Web Services - WCSfix
SAI VO . ... Web Services . Catalog Access Services . ... SAI Web Services . ... This service aims to automatically match stars in FITS image provided with catalogue and add the correct WCS keywords to its FITS header. ... Service Web Interface . ... The service is available here To use it, you has to provide the image as a Base64-encoded string, along with the rough information on image field of view size and center (the latter may be deduced from FITS header keywords like 'RA' and 'DEC'). ...
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4. Соглашение об обмене трафиком и транзите.
... NASA Integrated Services Network (NISN) . ... Russian Space Science Internet (RSSI) . ... In the Fall of 1993, NASA Science lnternet (NSI) and the Russian Space Science lnternet (RSSI) began a cooperative effort to provide lnternet communications to selected Russian institutions in order to promote sponsored scientific cooperation between the two countries. ... This change, limiting full lnternet access via NISN for NASA selected Russian institutions, will take place no later than July 1998. ...
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5. Selavy and the ASKAP Source-finding Service
Current status of the source finding service: HALTED . ... Also fixing a bug preventing the sorting of output source lists. 13/6/2012 - v1.6, r15987 - Improved Gaussian fitting, performance improvements, use of casacore-1.4.0 and a few bug fixes. ... A major part of the ASKAP software development is to produce an effective source-finding tool to automatically process the images and cubes that come out of the pipeline imager. ... Please report any bugs or problems via the Redmine ticket system . ...
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6. ISC Kosmotras will provide launch services for two Earth-observation satellites
... ISC Kosmotras . ... Dnepr launch record 17 August 2011. ... On 9 September 2009, a contract was signed between ISC Kosmotras and SSTL for the launch of Nigeria-2 and NigeriaSat- у satellites on Dnepr rocket as part of 2010 cluster launch from Yasny Launch Base. According to information provided by SSTL the NigeriaSat-2 satellite is being built for the Nigerian government (NASRDA) as a follow-on to the NigeriaSat-1 satellite that was launched in 2003. ... E-mail: . ...
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7. NVSS Image ftp service Documentation Help for NVSS Image ftp service
This WWW form allows the user simplified access to images produced by the NRAO/VLA Sky Survey (NVSS). This service determines which NVSS image is desired based on a celestial position and returns either the image directly or a Web page with a link to the file. ... The NVSS Postage stamp (small FITS file) server can be used to obtain images with other geometries.) ... Web browsers use external viewers to display files like FITS images which they do not understand. ...
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8. The EINSTEIN On-Line Service
... The Einstein On-Line Service (EOLS) is a simple menu-driven system which provides an intuitive method of querying over one hundred database catalogs. In addition, the EOLS contains over 30 CD-ROMs of images from the Einstein X-ray Observatory which are available for downloading. The EOLS provides all of our databases to the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) and our documents which describe each table are written in the ADS format. ... The EOLS provides three options for data retrieval. ...
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Technical Instrument Report WFPC2-97-07 WFPC2 internal monitoring for SM97 (Program 7022) Max Mutchler and Massimo Stiavelli August 28, 1997 ABSTRACT The goal of SMOV proposal 7022 was to verify that there was no change in basic WFPC2 instrument health and internal calibrations. ... Summary In general, analysis of the data from program 7022 shows that the 2nd Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission of February 1997 caused no significant changes to the basic health and internal calibration of WFPC2. ...
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10. LASG - Network services - DNS
... DNS servers . Bind . ... DNS is an extremely important service for IP networks. ... Remember, when restricting zone queries you must secure ALL name servers (master and the secondaries), as you can transfer zones from a secondary just as easily as a master. ... DNS runs on port 53, using both udp and tcp, udp is used for normal domain queries (it's lightweight and fast), tcp is used for zone transfers and large queries (say dig ... Chroot'ing DNS . ...
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11. Flat Rates for Internet Service
... While he seemed to be discussing only charges between ISPs to deal with their costs of routing traffic for each other, the discussion took on a more general tone, discussing whether or not flat rate was good or bad. Arguments in favor of flat r