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1. Apache mod_rewrite Technical Details - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.2 . ... This document discusses some of the technical details of mod_rewrite and URL matching. Internal Processing . API Phases . Ruleset Processing . ... So, after a request comes in and Apache has determined the corresponding server (or virtual server) the rewriting engine starts processing of all mod_rewrite directives from the per-server configuration in the URL-to-filename phase. ...
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2. Apache Server Virtual Host Support
When using a large number of Virtual Hosts, Apache may run out of available file descriptors (sometimes called file handles if each Virtual Host specifies different log files. ... Unix operating systems limit the number of file descriptors that may be used by a process; the limit is typically 64, and may usually be increased up to a large hard-limit. ... If you system falls into 1 or 2 (above), then increase the file descriptor limit before starting Apache, using a script like #!/bin/sh . ...
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3. mod_session_crypto - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . ... Session encryption support . ... session_crypto_module . ... The session will be encrypted with the given key. Different servers can be configured to share sessions by ensuring the same encryption key is used on each server. ... The SessionCryptoPassphrase directive specifies the keys to be used to enable symmetrical encryption on the contents of the session before writing the session, or decrypting the contents of the session after reading the session. ...
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4. PPTA Wiki | PmWiki / AccessKeys
... Editing this wiki . ... Access keys (See also Wikipedia:access keys ) are keyboard shortcuts for tasks that would otherwise require a mouse click. ... Key Name . ... In this case one must edit the template file itself in order to change the access keys. ... The list of access key assignments in default PmWiki installations generally work throughout a site because links have been created in PmWiki skins and editing screens that incorporate access key parameters using the access key translation...
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5. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) Distribution
... The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to synchronize the time of a computer client or server to another server or reference time source, such as a radio or satellite receiver or modem. ... Information on the NTP architecture, protocol and algorithms can be found in the Further Information and Bibliography page. The Building and Installing the Distribution page presents an overview of the procedures for compiling the distribution and installing it on a typical client or server. ...
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6. III International Astronomy Olympiad, Problems to solve
Text of these problems is available also in other languages : . ... What can one see in the Moon's sky more often - the Sun or the Earth? ... There are about of 250 millions of stars in the elliptical galaxy M32 (a satellite of Andromeda galaxy). ... The masses of Capella's components. ... You are proposed to estimate the masses of Capella's components, using our observational data. ... A galaxy's mass. ... Estimate the mass of FGC 1908 and compare it to the mass of our galaxy. ...
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7. XFree86/OS2 project
... This project was my personal idea quite some time ago: to port XFree86 , the free and optimized X11R6 implementation to OS/2. ... XFree86/OS2 is now available as a public version 3.3.6, which does not expire and for which full source code is available. ... Please send a mail to me with a complete URL if you have set up a ftp server or a mirror for XFree86/OS2. ... Available ported software . ... I'll still be available as the mediator between XFree86/OS2 and general XFree86. ...
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8. Five-Minute-Task Time Estimate Worksheet
January 1998 One of the great unsolved problems in software development is the task of estmating time required for a software project. ... Rather than focusing on causes, or theoretical approaches, I herein offer a practical guide to improving time estimates for the worst-case scenario, the dreaded Five Minute Task . ... deal with the compile-time errors you failed to anticipate: . ... install software: . ... deal with installed software changes crashing all systems at random intervals: . ... test: . ...
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9. Untitled Document
The types of respirators in use at APO are half-face, full face, and mask-style filter types. ... These respirators DO NOT supply oxygen. ... The observatory does not maintain Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for use and, consequently, materials that require them cannot be used. ... Whenever possible chose adequate ventilation over using a respirator. ... Oxygen monitors used for confined spaces may be used to monitor oxygen levels where respirators are required. ...
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10. Stellarium: StelMainScriptAPIProxy Class Reference
Stellarium 0.12.3 . ... Classes . ... ClassљMembers . ... StelMainScriptAPIProxy Class Reference . Because the core API runs in a different thread to the main program, direct function calls to some classes can cause problems - especially when images must be loaded, or other non-atomic operations are involved. ... Connect signals from the StelMainScriptAPI to the instance of this class running in the main thread and let the slots do the work which is not possible within StelMainScriptAPI itself. ...
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... best guess : - Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Testing ! ... A03600 A03600 A03600 A08085 A08085 A08085 A08085 2430 Comment KerKo 100nF ±10% 50V X7R KerKo 100nF ±10% 50V X7R KerKo 100nF ±10% 50V X7R KerKo 10uF ±10% 25V X7R KerKo 10uF ±10% 25V X7R KerKo 10uF ±10% 25V X7R KerKo 10uF ±10% 25V X7R LT1963AES8 1.5#PBF Footprint SMD0805 SMD0805 SMD0805 SMD1812 SMD1812 SMD1812 SMD1812 8SOIC N 1,27mm Pitch BOM of FEB contains 930 parts Bill of Material FEB, AQ32, .. ...
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12. University Problem Based Learning Exercises for Teaching Astronomy and Physics
... The Australian National University] [Department of Physics] [Paul Francis] [Main Roleplay Page] . These exercises are my attempt to adapt the technique of Problem Based Learning to the context of introductory astronomy and astrophysics classes. ... As students grapple with the puzzle, they are forced to learn the subject matter of the course. ... This exercise is designed for 1st year University students with a reasonable high-school background in Maths and Physics. ...
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13. How to Propose
Next: Observatory Contacts Up: Submitting a Telescope Proposal Previous: Proposal Deadlines and Procedures . ... The recommendations of the referees serve to guide the Arecibo Scheduling Advisory Committee (ASAC) in respect of the time allocation and relative ranking of all proposals. ... The proposal will be scheduled only if time is available. If not scheduled within the next two 4-month scheduling periods (beginning 4 months after the proposal deadline), the proposers will need to resubmit. ...
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14. Introduction
Next: Model of clusters Up: paper2 Previous: paper2 . ... It allows estimating different microphysical properties of scatterers (size, complex refractive index, shape, etc.) from measured characteristics of the scattered radiation. ... The complexity of the direct problem depends on its input parameters characterizing the shape, size and structure of the scattering particle. ... Next: Model of clusters Up: paper2 Previous: paper2 root 2003-04-11 ...
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15. Background
Next: The root filesystem Up: Overview of the Directory Previous: Overview of the Directory . This chapter is loosely based on the Linux filesystem standard, FSSTND, version 1.2 (see the bibliography, [ Qui95 ]), which attempts to set a standard for how the directory tree in a Linux system is organized. ... This chapter does not explain all files in detail. ... The major parts are the root, /usr љ , /var љ , and /home љ filesystems (see figure 2.1 ). ... Figure 2.1: Parts of a Unix directory tree. ...
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16. Contingency Plans
Next: Mission Element Points-of-Contact . Previous: Mission Operations Data Transfer . ... Each mission element should ensure that their contact information remains current and notify the RSOG of any changes. ... Non-RSOG mission elements will also use the "dit" list to notify the RSOG (and all other mission elements) of unexpected events that may impact operations elsewhere, e.g., if a tracking station discovers that the spacecraft is in an unexpected configuration. ...
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17. Starlink's Software Distribution System
... Up: Software Systems and Tools . ... The Starlink Software is a collection of astronomical packages and utilities comprising over 120 separate components. When built, the system needs between 500 and 650 MB disk space (without source) making it ideal for distribution on CD-ROM. Each component has been individually packaged into an easy-to-install bundle for users to obtain over the Internet via a ``point and click'' WWW interface from the Starlink Software Store. ...
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18. OOF Reduction Software Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329)
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... The OOF data reduction software is made available under the terms of the GPL V2 or (at licensee?s option) latter licences. ... Also, please note that this is primarily a research system that has grown during investigation and application of the OOF technique. ... The first generation of the OOF system that I wrote was designed to work within the software package that J. S. Richer wrote for reduction of with-phase holography for the JCMT. ... Build system: . ...
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19. Linux PCI-HOWTO: General tips for PCI-Motherboard + Linux NCR PCI SCSI
... Get the latest BIOS which has concatenated NCR scsi BIOS 3.04.00. ... 53C810 = 8 bit Fast SCSI-2 (10 MB/Sec) Single ended only Requires Integrated Mother board BIOS 100 pin Quad Flat Pack (PQFP) Worlds first PCI SCSI Chip, Volumes make it the most inexpensive. ... 53C825 = 8 bit Fast SCSI-2, Single ended or Differential 16 bit Fast SCSI-2 (20 MB/Sec), Single ended or Differetial Also has support for external Rom, making it a good candidate for add in cards. 160 pin QFP Not supported by linux yet. ...
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20. Mars pictures from Stellafane by Paul Valleli
Images and text 2003 Paul Valleli . While up at Stellafane for pre-convention preparations, I spent some early morning times, experimenting with different videography setups on the 13" F/10 Schupmann at the McGregor Observatory. ... Mars was too bright and would have required neutral density filters. ... Next time, I will try 12mm and 9mm projections. ... I aquired about ten thousand frames by 3AM, at which time a breeze picked up and the seeing went to Hellas! ... 2003 Paul Valleli . ...
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