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1. How Directory, Location and Files sections work
The sections <Directory> , <Location> and <Files> can contain directives which only apply to specified directories, URLs or files respectively. Also htaccess files can be used inside a directory to apply directives to that directory. ... The order of merging is: . ... If multiple <Directory> sections apply to the same directory they are processed in the configuration file order. ... Using the options in question is only possible inside a <Directory> section (or a .htaccess file). ...
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2. Apache mod_rewrite Technical Details - Apache HTTP Server
... Directives | ... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.4 > Rewrite . ... This document discusses some of the technical details of mod_rewrite and URL matching. ... Then the URL rewriting engine is started with the contained ruleset (one or more rules together with their conditions). ... If the Pattern matches, mod_rewrite looks for corresponding rule conditions (RewriteCond directives, appearing immediately above the RewriteRule in the configuration). ...
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3. mod_alias - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . ... Status: . ... alias_module . ... The Redirect directives are used to instruct clients to make a new request with a different URL. They are often used when a resource has moved to a new location. mod_alias is designed to handle simple URL manipulation tasks. ... Alias URL-path file-path | ... Note that if you include a trailing / on the url-path then the server will require a trailing / in order to expand the alias. ... Redirect [ status ] URL-path URL . ...
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4. On-the-Fly Reprocessing
... On-the-Fly Reprocessing . ... STIS has moved from the On-the-Fly Calibration (OTFC) processing system to the new On-the-Fly Reprocessing (OTFR) system. ... With OTFR, raw data headers are re-built from these pod files, enabling many changes and fixes to be done at this early step, which were impossible with OTFC. ... There will no longer be a column for Used and Best reference files, since you will by default receive the best reference files, and Used becomes meaningless under the OTFR system. ...
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5. Example of location of a home directory
Although both Joe and Sarah are registered as users on their local UNIX system, they belong to different departments; Joe is a postgrad student in artificial intelligence while Sarah is Head of the Math Department. Their respective home directories might be: /(root) | tmp /home | ai /biol /math | joe /staff | sarah . The full pathname to Joe's home directory is /home/ai/joe - that to Sarah's is /home/math/staff/sarah . ...
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6. User Parameters - Data Location & Beam Selection CentralProcessor 0.11
... CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation . ... The following parameters determine where the measurement sets are that hold the data to be processed. The default behaviour is to read the MS from the given Scheduling Block (SB) directory. ... Location (on galaxy) of the scheduling blocks. This is used when specifying SB numbers - the default is the standard location for BETA operation. ... These parameters determine which beams in the data to process. ... User Parameters - Pipeline & job control . ...
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7. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Evolution
... Stellar Evolution is driven entirely by the never ending battle between Pressure and Gravity . As imbalances are reached, the star is driven to find a new Energy source. ... Pressure and gravitational forces are equal, the star is stable and its core is sufficiently hot to fuse Hydrogen into Helium More about main sequence stars . ... The luminosity generated by the core fusion of Helium into Carbon is far greater than the shell luminosity associated with the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium. ...
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8. Running the Omichain
... The location of the ODF files to be processed is specified by either setting the environment variable SAS_ODF (setenv SAS_ODF directory_path), or by specifying the input directory (omichain inpdirectory=directory path), or by setting the environment variable SAS_ODF to a SAS summary file. ... Use command `omichain` to process the ODF data set in the current directory or to where SAS_ODF has been set to, and to place the product files in the current directory. ... Decreasing processing time . ...
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9. OptInt PmWiki : PmWiki / Wiki Farm Terminology
OptInt PmWiki : Pm Wiki / Wiki Farm Terminology . ... A wiki farm is nothing more than multiple wikis that share the same installation of the PmWiki software. ... All of the wikis in a farm are more or less the same, except the "home wiki" is a wiki that is located in the same directory as the PmWiki software. ... Home wiki . A wiki in a farm that's located in the same directory as the PmWiki software and therefore shares the farm's cookbook/ and pub/ directories. ... Use PmWiki directory instead. ...
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10. backups
... Data locations by computer . ... copy previous day to /share/phil/bkup/pnt via cron daily . ... end of each month info interpolated and stored in /share/megs/phil/x101/td/tds_yymm.sav idl save file. /home/online . ... written to /share/rfidat every minute by logging program. copy previous months data to /share/rfi/data/yNN when doing end of month processing (~phil/admin/ rsynced to /share/usbbackup1/backups/share_rfi_data whenever manual backup to usbbackup1 disc is done. /export/home ...
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11. The /etc directory
Next: The /dev directory Up: The root filesystem Previous: The root filesystem . The /etc љ directory contains a lot of files. ... See the chapter on init љ for further information. /etc/passwd љ . ... Lists the filesystems mounted automatically at startup by the mount -a command (in /etc/rc љ or equivalent startup file). ... etc/issue љ . ... See the magic љ and file љ manual pages for more information. /etc/motd љ . ... Files executed at login or startup time by the Bourne or C shells. ...
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12. ASCII files description
... Co-ordinate systems description . Directories structure . The file names' construction . The file set description . ... The orbital information for each month is presented in the separate directory. The INTERBALL orbital data are located on the STDA server, for each month in the separate subdirectory, which name consists from the year (YYYY) and month (MM) numbers. The Parent Directory of the Tail Probe orbital data is . ...
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13. From Power Up To Bash Prompt: The Filesystem
Next Previous Contents . ... There are filesystems on disk partitions and other devices, and there is the filesystem as it is presented to you by a running Linux system. In Linux, you ``mount'' a disk filesystem onto the system's filesystem. ... A filesystem imposes some structure on this, and makes it look like files within directories within directories.. ... If the power cuts out at this point, the filesystem will be broken. ... Usually, the kernel mounts its root file system read-only. ...
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14. ST-ECF Grism Spectrum Software for NICMOS Grism Data
Next: Imaging Polarimetry with NICMOS Up: NICMOS Data Calibration and Previous: The Photometric Performance of . ... NICMOSlook and Calnic C . ... Extracting spectra from a large number of NICMOS grism images requires a convenient interactive tool which allows a user to manipulate direct/grism image pairs. ... NICMOSlook and Calnic-C are two programs that were designed to take advantage of the fact that the NICMOS grism mode typically consists of taking both a direct and a grism image. ...
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15. Stellarium: File and Directory Structure
... FileљStructure . ... After downloading all the catalogues, the paths to the various files should look like this: Installation Data Directory / stars / default / stars Installation Data Directory / stars / default / stars Installation Data Directory / stars / default / stars Installation Data Directory / stars / ... In this case, all the files would be in the <Installation Data Directory>/stars/default directory. ...
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16. Configuration Options
... In some cases where memory space is at a premium, it is possible to tailor the configuration to remove such features as reference clock driver support, debugging support, and so forth. ... The following lines are used in this file: . ... The DEFS_LOCAL line defines global flags that apply to all machines. Ordinarily, the only flags included are the -DDEBUG , which includes the debugging code, and -DREFCLOCK , which includes basic reference clock support. ... D_INCLUDE_BSD_SOURCE . ...
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17. Drawing and Part Configuration Management Directive and Procedures:
Drawing and Part Configuration Management and Release Procedures: . ... Context: This procedure is intended for use by APO Telescope Drafting and Engineering personnel for the development, release and maintenance of telescope related models, drawings, and other controlled documents to facilitate the sharing of information between the various institutions and personnel that have need of technical information and engineering files regarding APO telescope design and development. ... Release Procedure: . ...
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18. Guide to Science Software and Data on HEAD Computers
This is a preliminary version of a document which will hopefully evolve into a useful SCIENCE HELP page. This is meant to be an easily accessed directory of science software and data products which are available in the high energy division, primarily those which are maintained by "volunteer" scientists. ... The idea is to make this a cooperative venture - this document can be edited by anyone on the HEAD network (/proj/qedros2/QEDT/www/Science_guide/science_guide.html). ... LOCATION: /soft/ciao . ...
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19. The Polar Aurora
... Note: Click here a longer, much more comprehensive overview of the polar aurora . ... Magnetic Field . ... Aurora . ... 3b. Fritz Aurora . ... Electrons . ... Typical aurora (Dick Hutchinson ї) . In Alaska, Canada, Norway, Finland or northern Russia, on a clear night, a greenish glow is often seen in the sky, known as the "Northern Lights." ... Auroral light is produced at a height of about 100 km (60 miles) when fast electrons, arriving from space, slam into atoms and molecules of the atmosphere. ...
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20. Siding Spring Survey
T he Siding Spring Survey (SSS) is a Near-Earth Object search program that utilises the 0.5-m Uppsala Schmidt Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory, N.S.W., Australia. ... The mission of the Siding Spring Survey is to contribute to the inventory of near-earth objects (NEOs), or more specifically, the potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs) and comets (PHOs) that may pose a threat of impact and thus harm to civilization. ... Based on the CSS Mission page . ... Siding Spring Survey Main Page . ...
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