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1. Building and Installing the Distribution
Following are instructions to build and install the programs in this distribution. Make sure that you have all necessary tools for building executables. ... The automatic build process expects a configuration file called Config.local . ... The configuration file specifies the directory in which to install the binaries, as well as control over the generation of debugging code and reference clock support. ... Cleans out object files, programs and temporary files. make distclean . ...
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2. Installing Compiled Executables for use with the IDL Runtime GPI Data Pipeline
... GPI Data Pipeline 1.0 documentation . ... Installing Compiled Executables for use with the IDL Runtime . ... If you do not have an IDL license, the GPI Data Reduction Pipeline is distributed as compiled code along with the IDL runtime. ... - GPI pipeline compiled code plus IDL runtime for Mac OS X . - GPI pipeline compiled code plus IDL runtime for Linux . ... unix% idl -rt=/path/to/executables/gpi_launch_pipeline.sav . ...
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3. mod_vhost_alias - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . ... For example, the following configuration will map /cgi-bin/ to /usr/local/apache2/cgi-bin/ in all cases: . ... A request for will be satisfied by the file /usr/local/apache/vhosts/ . ... A request for will be satisfied by the file /usr/local/apache/vhosts/ . ...
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4. Using Apache with Novell NetWare
This document explains how to install, configure and run Apache 1.3 under Novell NetWare 5.x and above. ... Apache 1.3 is designed to run on NetWare 5.x and above and is installed by default on all NetWare 6 servers. ... You will need to compile apache and copy the files over to the server manually. ... Follow these steps to install Apache on NetWare from the binary download (assuming you will install to sys:/apache): . ... Copy the MIME.TYPES and magic files to SYS:/APACHE/CONF directory . ...
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5. mod_example - Apache HTTP Server
Modules | ... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . ... Some files in the modules/experimental directory under the Apache distribution directory tree are provided as an example to those that wish to write modules that use the Apache API. ... If you link it into your server, enable the "example-handler" handler for a location, and then browse to that location, you will see a display of some of the tracing the example module did as the various callbacks were made. ... Using the mod_example Module . ...
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6. SciSim 4.0 Installation
... In this example we will use /usr/local/data/catalogue for the location of all original catalogues, and /usr/local/scisim-x.y.z for the installation directory of SciSim . ... The installer has to specify their full path in the csim_config section of / usr / local / scisim-x.y.z /config/ scisim .cfg : gsc_regions / usr / local / scisim-x.y.z / data / catalogue /gsc.regions tic_ data / usr / local / scisim-x.y.z / data / catalogue /TICcat.dat wga_ data / usr / local / scisim-x.y.z / data / ...
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7. CIMA Software Components
CIMA is more than just the observing tool - in fact, the observing tool is just a part of a bigger package called the CIMA software package. ... There is also a another package called the CIMA WAPP software which contains the WAPP software, the special Tcl/Tk interpreter used by CIMA and support libraries. ... All CIMA software components recognize the following general options that are part of the CIMA version selection system: . ... The select_cima script can be used to set up a default version. ...
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8. OptInt PmWiki : MROIDelayLine / Trolley Software
... The essence of the solution is to generate a virtual PC on your desktop PC and install an old Linux distribution, circa 2006, in that. ... There are two major free virtual machines available for Linux, these are VirtualBox and KVM. ... Boot the virtual machine. ... Install a Linux 2.6 kernel if it isn't installed by default (you'll need to reboot the virtual machine after this step): . ... Printable View of ...
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9. OT V.1.4.1 installation instructions
Change directory to where you want to install the OT system. ... You may want to set the variable OT_CACHE_PATH to something more specific than the default, like $HOME/eso/ot-cache . ... See below for the Installation Instruction. ... Make sure the OT environment variable is correctly set. ... If a full Allegro Common Lisp system is installed on your host, and the LISP environment variable is correctly set, retrieve the corresponding Short Term Scheduler V.1.4.1 binary distribution kit for: . ...
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The PROS distribution files are stored under an anonftp subdirectory at SAO. ... NOTE: All of the non-tar files (CHECKSUMS, FILES, etc) are ASCII. ... CHECKSUMS . FILES proscal_gen.tar.gz (calibration data, 8.8 Mb, compressed) ./proscal . ... FILES . ... The data (xcalr/xcale) files are in machine-dependent SUN format whereas the FITS (xrcalfits/xecalfits) files are in machine independent format. xcalr_sos_gen.tar.gz (rosat prf calibration data, 23.6 Mb, compressed) ./xray/caldata/rosat . ...
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11. correlator:globus [ATNF VLBI Wiki]
... You are here: start €Ё correlator €Ё globus . ... Globus GridFTP . ... Installing GridFTP . ... The 'latest-stable' installer linked from the page above actually installs a rather old version of GridFTP, so you may wish to download a more recent version from here: . ... For source installations, check that the /path/to/install/to/setup/globus/setup-globus-gridftp-sshftp command worked. correlator/globus.txt €§ Last modified: 2016/04/05 18:53 by cormac . ...
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... Does your system have Motif? ... Download and untar XmTel. ... Compile XmTel and copy the binary to /usr/local/bin . ... Check that the XEphem app-defaults file points to the place where the essential fifo and catalog files are located. ... Create the fifos in the xephem/fifos/ directory referred to by the app-defaults file. ... Copy xmtel to a directory in your search path such as /usr/local/bin cp xmtel /usr/local/bin If you use system directories this step must be done as root or superuser. ...
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13. Installing UNIXhelp locally
UNIXhelp is available for anybody to use on the World Wide Web . However if you are based outside Edinburgh, you may find each page slow to load across the network. We would recommend installing a copy at your local site. ... The main distribution site appears below but there may be an mirror of the distribution closer to you. ... Contact the UNIXhelp maintainer if you can help. The Copyright for the UNIXhelp deliverables rests with the Computing Services of the University of Edinburgh. ...
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14. (Untitled)
I. Installation . ... AMPLE package distributive (created with program InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++) has been downloaded on FTP server of IAA RAS as archive ... Note: If the window "file download" appears, select Open... switch button, then press OK button. ... The shortcut for AMPLE will be linked with this folder, and auxiliary files will be created here during AMPLE work. ... When running AMPLE all auxiliary and new configuration files are created in the WORK folder. ...
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15. Checking Compatibility of Video Hardware
README for XFree86 on OS/2 : Checking Compatibility of Video Hardware . ... Edit your CONFIG.SYS file to contain the following line somewhere: DEVICE=Y:\XFree86\lib\xf86sup.sys Of course replace ``Y:'' with the correct drive letter. ... Refer to section Adding Variables to CONFIG.SYS below. ... Start a full screen OS/2 CMD session and enter the following command: [C:\] Y:\XFree86\bin\SuperProbe . ... SuperProbe can identify many more video cards than are supported by XFree86. ...
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16. The /usr filesystem
Next: The /var filesystem Up: Overview of the Directory Previous: The /dev directory . The /usr љ filesystem is often large, since all programs are installed there. All files in /usr љ usually come from a Linux distribution; locally installed programs and other stuff goes below /usr/local љ . This makes it possible to update the system from a new version of the distribution, or even a completely new distribution, without having to install all programs again. ... Almost all user commands. ...
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17. Installation of MIDAS
... 08.May.95 verify.tar.Z # MIDAS verification procedures (optional) calib.tar.Z # All calibration data already installed (optional) demo.tar.Z # All demo data already installed (optional) 97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz # MIDAS 97NOV patch level 2.0 already installed and # without sources, for Linux 2.0.28 (Slackware # distribution but also verified to run on RedHat 4.2) [00-13].97NOVpl2.0.tar.gz # The previous file in 1.44 MB chunks. ... Select NAME to DELETE: - Optional: Calibration and Demo data already...
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18. Stellarium: Plugins
... CodingљStyle . ... Plugins . ... Building Plugins . ... dynamic plugins are stand-alone dynamic libraries (separate files with .so extension on Linux, .dll in Windows or .dylib on Mac OS X) that are loaded at run-time (on start-up) by Stellarium. This allows dynamic plugins to be distributed separately from Stellarium. static plugins are linked statically at build-time. ... For the rest of this discussion, I will assume you downloaded the source code in the directory /home/me/builds/stellarium . ...
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19. Meade Instruments Corp. - Meade Customer Support
... Home About Meade Product Information Dealer Locator Customer Support Investor Relations Dealer Support Employment Opportunities Site Map . Meade Instruments Corp. ... Meade Autostar Supplementary Software Downloads . ... To upgrade your Autostar first click on the link below to download the Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows. ... The most recent versions of AutoStar Update automatically check for the newest versions of the AutoStar Updater and download it if necessary. ...
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20. Starlink's Software Distribution System
... Up: Software Systems and Tools . ... The Starlink Software is a collection of astronomical packages and utilities comprising over 120 separate components. When built, the system needs between 500 and 650 MB disk space (without source) making it ideal for distribution on CD-ROM. Each component has been individually packaged into an easy-to-install bundle for users to obtain over the Internet via a ``point and click'' WWW interface from the Starlink Software Store. ...
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