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1. Setting which addresses and ports Apache uses
When Apache starts, it connects to some port and address on the local machine and waits for incoming requests. By default, it listens to all addresses on the machine, and to the port as specified by the Port directive in the server configuration. ... There are two directives used to restrict or specify which addresses and ports Apache listens to. ... Listen can be used to make a single Apache server listen to more than one address and/or port. ... Syntax: Listen [ port | IP-address:port ] . ...
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2. Binding - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . ... Configuring Apache to listen on specific addresses and ports. ... Special IPv6 Considerations . ... Listen . When Apache starts, it binds to some port and address on the local machine and waits for incoming requests. ... The Listen directive tells the server to accept incoming requests only on the specified ports or address-and-port combinations. ... For example, to make the server accept connections on both port 80 and port 8000, on all interfaces, use: . ...
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3. Binding - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.2 . ... Configuring Apache to listen on specific addresses and ports. ... When Apache starts, it binds to some port and address on the local machine and waits for incoming requests. ... For example, to make the server accept connections on both port 80 and port 8000, use: . ... One complicating factor for Apache administrators is whether or not an IPv6 socket can handle both IPv4 connections and IPv6 connections. ...
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4. Orthogonal_Views (ImageJ API)
... All Implemented Interfaces: . ... public class Orthogonal_Views . ... void . ... public void mouseClicked (java.awt.event.MouseEvent e) . ... public void mouseEntered (java.awt.event.MouseEvent e) . ... public void mouseExited (java.awt.event.MouseEvent e) . ... public void mousePressed (java.awt.event.MouseEvent e) . ... public void mouseReleased (java.awt.event.MouseEvent e) . ... public void mouseDragged (java.awt.event.MouseEvent e) . ... public void mouseMoved (java.awt.event.MouseEvent e) . ...
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5. The XPA Message Bus (xpamb)
The xpamb program can act as a "classical" message bus interface between clients and servers. A client can send a data request to the message bus, which then interfaces with multiple servers and returns the data back to the client. ... For example, if the -info switch is used: xpaget xpamb -info foo then the info about that stored data buffer will be returned. If the -data is used with a specific name: xpaget xpamb -data foo then the stored data itself will be returned. ... data [name] . ...
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6. Access Control Options
xntpd implements a general purpose address-and-mask based restriction list. ... The restriction facility was implemented in conformance with the access policies for the original NSFnet backbone time servers. ... Ignore all packets from hosts which match this entry. ... Default restriction list entries, with the flags ignore, ntpport , for each of the local host's interface addresses are inserted into the table at startup to prevent the server from attempting to synchronize to its own time. ...
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Subroutine: WKEY Purpose: Write keywords to a task parameter list Category: USER-INTERFACE File: srvreq.c Author: J.P. Terlouw Use: CALL WKEY( TEXT ) Input, character TEXT A character string containing keywords and values, optionally prefixed by a taskname Description: This routine writes keyword-value pairs to the parameter list of the calling task or, if the name of a different active task is specified, to the parameter list of that task. ... CALL DEPUTY('TASK2',IER) N = USERINT(.. ...
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8. WDB---A Web Interface to Sybase
... WDB is a software toolset that tremendously simplifies the integration of Sybase databases into the World Wide Web. ... WDB automatically creates HTML forms, on-the-fly , to allow users to query the database, and given these query constraints, it will query the database and present the result to the user. ... The forms and description of how the individual fields in the form links to fields in the database are defined using Form Definition Files ( fdf's ) located on the server. ...
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9. Глава 5. Ethernet/IEEE 802.3
... СравнениеEthernet и IEEE 802.3 . ... IEEE 802.3 . ... The byte before the destination address in both an Ethernet and a IEEE 802.3 frame is a start-of-frame (SOF) delimiter . ... Immediately following the preamble in both Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 LANs are the destination and source address fields. ... In IEEE 802.3 frames, the 2-byte field following the source address is a length field, which indicates the number of bytes of data that follow this field and precede the frame check sequence (FCS) field...
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10. Different types of detector map
... A detector map is used to provide a grid of positions over which to calculate and flux weight the ARF. The default detector map is 'flat' which has a weighting of 1.0 for each detector map pixel and is rectangular having sides which just encompass the region specified in the DSS. Only detector map pixels falling within the source region are included in the ARF calculation, e.g. for a circular source box, the pixels in the corners of the detector map will be ignored. ... flat : . ...
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PCI interface and backplane of NGC NGC Backplane General purpose Board features CompactPCI connector Ground and Power planes Bending of the backplane di Different backplane size Leander Mehrgan Backplane General purpose Designed to achieve requirements and specifications for: achie Excellent power distribution High speed differential pairs Mechanical specification Board features CompactPCI ... PCI controller done by the XILINX FPGA (IP core). ...
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12. Chapter 11. Specifying OpenGL Environment Variable Settings
Chapter 11. Specifying OpenGL Environment Variable Settings . ... Several antialiasing methods are available and you can select between them by setting the __GL_FSAA_MODE environment variable appropriately. ... To see the available values for __GL_FSAA_MODE along with their descriptions, run: nvidia-settings --query=fsaa --verbose . The __GL_FSAA_MODE environment variable uses the same integer values that are used to configure FSAA through nvidia-settings and the NV-CONTROL X extension. ...
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13. Dynamic HTML in Communicator
Contents] [Prev page] [Next page] [Index] . Navigator 4 from Netscape, which is part of the Communicator product suite, includes three new areas of functionality that taken together give you Dynamic HTML. The three components of Dynamic HTML are style sheets, content positioning, and downloadable fonts. Used together, these three components give you greater control over the appearance, layout, and behavior of your web pages. ... Introducing Downloadable Fonts . ...
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14. OptInt PmWiki : Page Directives
OptInt PmWiki . ... Is there any method for redirecting to the equivalent page in a different group, i.e. from BadGroup/thispage => GoodGroup/thispage using similar markup to (:redirect Goodgroup.{ ... Name}:) into Badgroup.GroupHeader - however, that only works with pages that really exist in Goodgroup; if you visit a page in Badgroup without a corresponding page of the same name in Goodgroup, instead of being redirected to a nonexistant page, you get the redirect Directive at the top of the page. ...
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recipe_editor: Recipe Editor ################# The Recipe Editor is a graphical tool for editing recipe files: changing the input files, the data processing steps, their order, or the various function parameters. ... At the center right is a table listing the primitives in the current recipe. ... To create a Recipe, first load FITS files into the input file list using the Add Files or Wildcard buttons. ... Working with Calibration Files**: Many primitives require calibration files to be specified. ...
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16. There Are Two Different Situations Here! - an Astronomy Net Blackholes Forum
Blackholes Forum Message . Forums: . Atm ћ Astrophotography ћ Blackholes ћ Blackholes2 ћ CCD ћ Celestron ћ Domes ћ Education . ... Discussion Forums | Blackholes I | ... There Are Two Different Situations Here! Forum List | ... Back to Thread Topics | ... . About Astronomy Net | Advertise on Astronomy Net | ... Forum posts are Copyright their authors as specified in the heading above the post. "dbHTML," "AstroGuide," "ASTRONOMY.NET" & "VA.NET" . ...
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17. Stellarium: StelVertexBuffer< V > Class Template Reference
Stellarium 0.12.3 . ... Classes . ... FileљStructure . ... ClassљIndex . ... StelVertexBuffer< V > Class Template Reference . Vertex buffer interface. ... Destroy the vertex buffer. ... addVertex (const V &vertex) . ... getVertex (const int index) const . Return vertex at specified index in the buffer. ... setVertex (const int index, const V &vertex) . Set vertex at specified index in the buffer. ... Each StelRenderer backend might have a different vertex buffer buffer implementation. ...
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18. Graphical user interface
... UNIX and Linux don't incorporate the user interface into the kernel; instead, they let it be implemented by user level programs. ... This arrangement makes the system more flexible, but has the disadvantage that it is simple to implement a different user interface for each program, making the system harder to learn. ... X also does not implement a user interface; it only implements a window system, i.e., tools with which a graphical user interface can be implemented. ... Sun May 4 14:08:43 EEST 1997...
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... Federal Information Processing Standards Puplication (FIBS PUB 146-1) . ... PIPS 146 adopted the Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile (GOSIP) which defines a common set of data communication protocols that enable systems developed by different vendors to interoperate and the users of different applications on those systems to exchange information. ... 4.1 USE OF THE LAYERED PROTOCOL SPECIFICATIONS 12 . ... Network Layer Protocol Identification 15 . ... SECURITY OPTIONS / 26 . ...
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20. TUI:Telescope:Slew Window:Options:Drift Scan
Allows you to specify a drift scan: motion at a constant velocity along a great circle. ... The path starts at the new object position (though the telescope actually intersects the path later, see Subtleties ). ... Note that the units are always /sec for both axes. ... The velocity along the path is 0.01 /sec. ... The path is assumed to start when you hit the Slew button (more precisely, when the TCC parses the command). However, it takes the telescope awhile to slew to meet the specified path. ...
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