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1. Российская Астрономическая Сеть.
... Астрономическая неделя с 11 по 17 апреля 2016 года . ... Александр Козловский . ... День открытых дверей на Пущинской РадиоАстрономической Обсерватории 09 апреля 2016 года . ... Полное солнечное затмение 9 марта 2016 года . ... Полное лунное затмение 28 сентября 2015 года . ... Затмение, которое произойдет 28 сентября 2015 года, является повторением через сарос (цикл повторений затмений равный 6585 дней или 18 лет 11 дней) полного лунного затмения от 16 сентября 1997 года с максимальной фазой 1,20.....
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2. xntpd - Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon
... xntpd is an operating system daemon which sets and maintains the system time-of-day in synchronism with Internet standard time servers. xntpd is a complete implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) version 3, as defined by RFC-1305, but also retains compatibility with version 1 and 2 servers as defined by RFC- 1059 and RFC-1119, respectively. xntpd does all computations in 64-bit fixed point arithmetic and requires no floating point support. ... Specify the name and path of the log file. ...
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3. Networking
Next: Network logins Up: Major services in a Previous: Graphical user interface . Networking is the act of connecting two or more computers so that they can communicate with each other. ... Most basic services--filesystems, printing, backups, etc--can be done over the network. ... However, this book merely glances at networking; see the Linux Network Administrators' Guide for more information, including a basic description of how networks operate. ... Sun May 4 14:08:43 EEST 1997 ...
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4. Welcom to CONPAS workshop
... Dr. Ravil Nazirov is the head of the workshop, and Andrew Ananjev is the secretary of the workshop. ... The workshop is used to be held in the last decade of the month, preferably on Tuesdays. ... The next session will take place October 29, 1996 . ... There is "CONPAS" mailing list which you can join to discuss issues of problem solving and to be automatically notified of important dates and decisions with respect to the coming sessions. ... Secretary of the Workshop: Andrew Ananjev . ...
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5. Re: Network Device Drivers
... Re : Re: Network Device Drivers ( Paul Gortmaker ) . ... I've just recently been looking at the network device driver interface, and I read your stuff and this part confused me, since all the code I was looking at (dummy, loopback, slip..) refers to this as "init", rather than "probe". (which may sound a bit nit picky, but there were other routines called "probe" that I studied for a while, thinking they were the important ones (they turned out to be used for module initialization only) :-). ...
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6. Connecting to the STScI Visitor Network
STScI . Connecting to the STScI Visitor Network . ... Colloquia . ... The Space Telescope Science Institute provides a dedicated local area network for visitors who may require Internet access. ... To use the STScI visitor network, create a new wireless profile on your computer. ... Any computer connecting to the STScI visitor network is required have virus protection enabled. Use of the STScI visitor network is subject to and implies acceptance of the STScI Network Connection Policy (II-F-6). ...
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7. ASP: Project ASTRO National Network
Each Project ASTRO? National Network site represents a strong commitment on the part of a community or region to support improved science teaching and learning through astronomy. Each site is composed of a Lead Institution and a Local Coalition of supporters. ... As mentioned above, each Project ASTRO National Network site is managed by a Lead Institution, which appoints a project Director and Coordinator. ... Project ASTRO National Network Site Map (Click on image to see a larger version) . ...
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8. Automated Spectral Classification Using Neural Networks
Next: Methods for Structuring and Searching Very Large Catalogs . ... We have explored two automated classification methods: supervised classification using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and unsupervised classification using Self Organized Maps (SOM). These methods are used to classify IUE low-dispersion spectra of normal stars with spectral types ranging from O3 to G5. This paper describes the application of automated methods to the problem of the classification of stellar spectra. ...
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9. Space Research Institute Network Activity.
... Space Research Institute LAN Workshops and seminars Homepage . Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences is a leader in networking and communications in Russia through its networking projects and cooperations. ... Space Research Institute Interconnect Network Operation Centre staff monitors and maintains SPACENet. ... Space Research Institute Interconnect Network Operation Centre staff assists European Space Agency (ESA) technical and operation staff in supporting ESAnet connections. ...
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10. Joint Academic NETwork
. The system you are using is probably linked to nearby systems by a local network. This network, together with many others, may be linked to another larger network. For example, the Joint Academic NETwork (JANET), is a national network linking togther networks in Universities, Colleges and Research Institutes within the United Kingdom. The JANET network is part of the Internet, which brings regional, enterprise and national networks together to form a worldwide network.
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11. network info
Network switch location and connectivity . ... The file info is: . ... megs (ultra10) megs2 (3.2 Ghz linux) were getting slow performance. I did some rough measurements using ftp, sftp,and scp. Megs: connects to els0 port 12 thru a switch in phils room . Megs2 100mbit: connects to els0 port 12 thru sam switch in phils room. ... 340 kb/sec . ... sftp or scp . on same 100 mbit . switch in room. megs2 . ... switch in room . ... megs still on 100 mbit. ...
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12. Inhomogeneous Cellular Neural Networks: Possibility of Functional Device Design
... Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Cellular Neural Networks and their Applications, Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany, October 14-16, 1992 , pp. ... A possibility of designing functional devices for various applications in terms of unified technology on the basis of CNNs is discussed on examples of an associative memory device, complex oscillations generator, devices for chaotic memory scanning and pattern recognition. ...
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