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1. Leopard finder and autofs
... With autofs, you do not get (or even have the option of getting) browsable icons for the mount point of each automount map. ... The more major problem is that after going to one of those mount points by hand (command-shift-g), you can see a nice list of mountable directories (yay!), but when you click on them they don't mount; instead you get an error message. ... If the user has a hard drive they'll know about it, and look for it in a directory full of mounted volumes. ...
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2. Plug-and-Play-HOWTO : Introduction
... program; Dell PCs: "Plug and Play Configuration Error", clarity on telling BIOS if your OS is PnP, "Intro to PnP" had truncated sentence, routing IRQs on PCI clarified, Change of emphasis in entire doc: Linux is now a PnP OS (sort of), PCI has almost replaced ISA v1.04 March 2002 finding a device driver, PCI serial ports, v1.04 March 2002 finding a device driver, PCI serial ports, alias example in modules.conf, PnP needed for linmodems v1.03 August 2001: error messages, boot-prompt parameters . ...
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3. Errors
... Meta Index / Home Page This section documents warnings and errors generated by this task (if any). ... The eboxdetect task failed to find any sources in the image accumulated from the input event list. ... Less than two reference sources have been selected. ... The source detection procedure has failed to uniquely find the user-selected reference source in a newly accumulated image. ... The task has failed to uniquely identify the user-selected reference sources in a newly accumulated image. ...
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4. Planet Finder Options I: Linear Nulling Arrays for Studying Earth-Like Planets
... Planet Finder Options I: Linear Nulling Arrays for Studying Earth-Like Planets . ... Missions . ... Future Missions and . ... Missions Office . ... This paper shows options for configuring a symmetric linear nulling array as a Planet Finder. Of special interest are linked in-line pairs of identical sub-arrays with a quarter wave phase shift between them and staggered by half an element spacing. ...
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lbw gain and turret position . ... A 2 deg turret step (2*.75= 1.5 arc minute on the sky) was used (about .5 beam widths). ... The green, blue, and dark red lines are all at about the same gain so the measured best position is at least .57 degrees above the surveyed position (it probably wouldn't hurt to redo this since we didn't go over the other side of the gain vs turret position curve). processing:x101/020401/ The cband beam width at 5 Ghz is about 60 asecs. ... step Used . ...
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6. Guider Image Controller Overview
... Finding Stars . ... Handling Bad Pixels . ... The guide camera image controller can control one or more guide cameras. ... Each time the camera is read, the image is automatically saved to a fits file on a shared disk. ... Cameras that have bad pixels require "bad pixel maps" in order to find stars, centroid or even compute statistics for the image. ... View this image (for instance in NIH Image) and determine an upper and lower cutoff; pixels whose values are outside of this range are considered...
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7. My OS/2 Activities
Besides contacting me via e-mail (see address below), you can usually find me in newsgroups like comp.os.os2.programmer.* Note that I am NOT a Team/OS2 member, I don't think I must be organized in some user group to do useful things for OS/2. I am also not affiliated in any way with IBM . XF86 Support device driver ( FTP latest version 1.511 ) . ... Aurora's KEE32 API Documentation . Dos32Profile API . Dos32QuerySysState API . ... This page was accessed times since Jan 7th, 1998 . ...
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8. Tools - Software - SoFiA
... Tools . ... SoFiA (from Greek ????? = wisdom), the So urce Fi nding A pplication, is a new H i source finding pipeline for finding and parametrising galaxies in three-dimensional H i data cubes. The software is still under development, and the latest version of SoFiA can be obtained from GitHub . ... SoFiA test data set (14.3 MB) . ... While SoFiA comes with its own, built-in user manual available through the graphical user interface, we also generated a printable PDF file for convenience: . ...
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Next: ANALYSE/ROMAFOT Up: The Interactive Path Previous: The Interactive Path . FIND/ROMAFOT frame [cat_tab] . This command works exactly like SELECT/ROMAFOT and therefore needs no detailed explanation. The only difference is that FIND/ROMAFOT , designed to select many stars, stores the positions of the objects in a catalogue table which has a different structure than then the intermediate table created by SELECT/ROMAFOT . This table serves as as input for the command ANALYSE/ROMAFOT . ...
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10. Finding Your Way in the Milky Way | Astronotes
... Milky Way . ... Map of the Milky Way (based on data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope) showing its two major stellar arms and central bar. ... ТљIn written science fiction, one often encounters another navigational convention, where towards the Galactic Centre is described as т??Corewardт??, away from the Centre towards the rim of the Milky Way is т??Rimwardт??, objects in the direction of the Galaxyт??s rotation are т??Spinwardт??, while objects in the opposite direction are т??antispinwardт?? ...
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11. Writing a parport Device Driver
... One purpose of parport is to allow multiple device drivers to use the same parallel port. ... Operations on the parallel port can be carried out using functions provided by the parport interface: struct parport _operations { void (*write_data)( struct parport *, unsigned int ); unsigned int (*read_data)( struct parport *); void (*write_control)( struct parport *, unsigned int ); unsigned int (*read_control)( struct parport *); unsigned ...
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12. Finder Documentation
... How to get going with finder and DIMMWIT in a big hurry! Users Manual . How to use finder and DIMMWIT in more depth. ... The inner workings of finder and DIMMWIT. ... How to fix finder and DIMMWIT's (ahem) more well known ailments. ... David Schmenk (Original Linux driver author) . Arcom (embedded Linux single board computer supplier) . NOTE: For documentation on our single board computers please refer to our Arcom developers kit CD-ROM. Datasheets (PDF format): . ... As PDF . ...
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13. Астротоп 100 России
... Вход в Астротоп + Напомнить пароль + Блог + ЗАРЯ + Exit . ... Поиск сайтов в нашем каталоге (по части: адреса/названия/авторства): . ... Назад, на титульную страницу AstroTop-100 . ... Все замечания и предложения по поводу работы проекта AstroTop of Russia Вы можете оставить в гостевой книге . ... Вольф Александр , ему слать все замечания по идеологии и содержанию проекта. Программирование: Самодуров Владимир, Вольф Александр . ... Александр Вольф . ... AstroTop of Russia Гостевая книга . ...
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15. The XTE Data Finder (XDF)
... Table of Contents - Index - PS reprint - PDF reprint . ... All RXTE telemetry will be archived in a hierarchical database consisting entirely of FITS Binary Tables. We describe an interactive tool, the XTE Data Finder (XDF). ... Our basic design contains a three level hierarchy: Master Index, Subsystem Index, and Data Table. ... The Master Index acts as an observation catalog with references to Subsystem Indices, while the latter contain configuration information and references to the Data Tables. ...
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16. Would it be possible to find a moon around an extrasolar planet? If so, how? |
... Tonight's Sky . ... SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS, JUPITER SATURN . ... Moon . ... Observing . ... Astronomy for Kids . ... Observing springtime deep-sky objects with a large telescope . ... Would it be possible to find a moon around an extrasolar planet? ... Get instant access to subscriber content on! ... If you are already registered on, please log in below. ... Receive news, sky-event information, observing tips, and more from Astronomy's weekly email newsletter. ...
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17. Galileo Finds Giant Iron Core in Jupiter's Moon Io
Jupiter's volcano-pocked moon Io has been found by NASA's Galileo spacecraft to have a giant iron core that takes up half its diameter, scientists report in today's issue of Science magazine. The spacecraft also has detected a large "hole" in Jupiter's magnetic field near Io, leading to speculation about whether Io possesses its own magnetic field. ... Galileo scientists also are trying to determine the cause of the hole they found in Jupiter's magnetic field when the spacecraft was closest to Io. ...
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18. ingestProducts
... how to ingest general calibration products . ... enabled for ingestion of master calibs produced with phoenix 2.0 (transparent for normal operations) . ... log files list_ingest and list_qc1update in $DFO_LST_DIR . ... T he tool is enabled to ingest IDPs (internal data products, being science products generated by QC through the phoenix process). ... It must be checked that files have been successfully ingested. ingestProducts -m CALIB -d 2004-10-12 ingest master calibrations for that date . ...
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19. Checking filesystem integrity with fsck
Next: Checking for disk errors Up: Filesystems Previous: Mounting and unmounting . ... A filesystem's correctness and validity can be checked using the fsck љ command. ... This allows e2fsck љ (the version of fsck љ for the ext2 filesystem) to avoid checking the filesystem if the flag indicates that the unmount was done (the assumption being that a proper unmount indicates no problems). ... Use fsck љ manually to check other filesystems, e.g., floppies. ...
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20. ASP: Why Do People Strive To Develop Science?
... Why Do People Strive To Develop Science? ... Sometimes it is hard to imagine why anybody could find satisfaction from science. There are so many unanswered questions, and, for every one question that is answered, an uncountable number of new questions arise. ... If our only purpose were to find ways to stop boredom, we would be...well...bored! ... Where frontiersmen moved west in a developing America to open up new country and find a place with fewer people, we are exploring science to find more. ...
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