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1. Laboratory of spectroscopy and photometry of extragalactic objects :MOUSER
... MOUSER Over View . The design of a new generation fast spectrograph MOUSER (Multi Object Universal Spectrograph for Extragalactic Research) to be installed at the 6 m telescope is proposed. ... photometric observations in broad and narrow spectral bands with a 6'x6' field of view and an image scale of 0".30/pixel; . ... The spectrograph is to be installed on the field rotator of the 6 m telescope prime focus without a standard field corrector. ... Back to Laboratory Home Page . ...
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2. Spectrograph Interface Control
Slithead identification (which slithead is installed?) will be sensed and reported by the on-board spectrograph computer. ... Observer's software to handle spectrographic observations will be written by JHU and installed on the Fermilab supplied observatory workstation. ... UW will be responsible for the slithead latch-down control. ... Database computer at APO: The observer's software will query the observatory database for information on the currently installed fiber cartridge. ...
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... BOM2 and the basic block of solar limbograph including pointing and control systems ? ... Fine tracking platform (FTP) for Sun tracking by the sight axis of the limbograph; . ... Tracking system frequency ? ... Controller of the control system and solar fine tracking of the sight axis of the limbograph; . ... The basic relative construction of the elements and instrumental blocks of the "Astrometria" space experiment is shown on the block diagram of units within the complex of SL-200 solar...
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4. NSSC-I Hardware
SIC has two redundant NSSC-Is, only one can be on at a time . SIC has two redundant STINTs (interface units), paired with the NSSC-Is . Redundant unit has been off since launch . SIC has 8 memory units, each with 8k 18 bit words . Either NSSC-I can access full complement of memory . Gathers science data from SIs and forwards on to spacecraft for recording or downlink . Gathers and formats engineering data from SIs and forwards on to NSSC-I and spacecraft . ... Previous slide . ...
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5. Meade Instruments - Telescopes, Solar Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes
STEP INTO THE BLUE - MEADE INSTRUMENTS PRODUCT GUIDE . ... Telescopes . LX850 Series . ... Superb optical performance coupled with time proven computerized pointing and tracking has made the LX200 ACF series a best-seller in the high-performance telescope class. ... Meade's revolutionary LS LightSwitchтДв series of telescopes use advanced technologies to do what no other consumer telescopes have done before: take all the hassle out of using a telescope. ... Coronado€о Solar . ... Spotting Scopes . ...
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6. Elements of osculating planetary orbits. Explanation for Computer Ephemeris.
. Computer Ephemeris. Elements of osculating planetary orbits. Explanations. Each row contains at 0h of Time Dynamical Terrestrial of specified date in system of mean equator and ecliptic J2000.0 the ecliptic osculating elements of heliocentric orbit: inclination of orbital plane (degrees), longitude of ascending node (degrees), argument of perigelion (degrees), semimajor axis (astronomical units), mean motion (degrees per day), eccentricity (dimensionless), mean anomaly (degrees).
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7. A Spectroscopy Exposure Time Calculator for IRAF
... Up: Iraf Packages . ... IRAF Group, NOAO 1 , PO Box 26732, Tucson, AZ 85726 . This paper describes a new IRAF spectroscopy exposure time calculator. ... SPTIME takes an input source spectrum, either a reference blackbody, power law, or a user spectrum, a background ``sky'', observing parameters such as exposure time, central wavelength, seeing, airmass, and moon phase, instrument parameters such as aperture sizes and detector binning, a description of the spectrograph, and desired output. ...
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8. Recording Systems Control
Next: MARK5 and EVLBI Up: Recording Systems. ... These are specified in the SCHED station catalog with the paramters CONTROL , DAR , RECORDER and DISK . The first element is the control system -- what software (and hardware) is used to control the recording system. The options that SCHED can handle for wide band VLBI observations are VLBA and VEX. ... The new control system will initially just control the new data aquisition system and recorder. ...
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9. Hardware sector, archive 2001
... It allows observations of extended and starlike objects in different modes: CCD photometry, panoramic spectroscopy with the Fabry-Perot interferometer, spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry with a "long-slit", slit-free spectroscopy, multi-object spectroscopy. ... Digital servo drives that were installed have improved the reliability of the complex, extended the range severalfold, and reduced the telescope's speed control step. ... A software and hardware set for the BTA control system was implemented...
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FLAMES is the multi-object, intermediate and high resolution spectrograph of the VLT. Mounted at UT2, FLAMES can access targets over a field of view 25 arcmin in diameter. ... GIRAFFE allows the observation of up to 130 targets at a time or to do integral field spectroscopy, with intermediate resolution (either R ~ 25000 or R ~ 10000). ... Questions related to service mode observations and proposal preparation should be addressed to the User Support Department. ... Instrument Operation Team . ...
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11. The AstroStat Slog data mining
... Posts tagged ?data mining? ... Posted by hlee . ... Book] The Elements of Statistical Learning, 2nd Ed.? Tags: book , Brieman , cigar , Clinton , data mining , Friedman , Hastie , KDD , light curve , machine learning , SCMA , shaking hands , SN , statistical learning , Supernova , Tibshirani . ... Thanks to a Korean solar physicist [ 1 ] I was able to gather the following websites and some relevant information on Space Weather Forecast in action, not limited to literature nor toy data. ...
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12. Configuring DIMMWIT Computers
This note outlines how to configure the computers needed to run DIMMWIT. ... dimmwit : ICE (single-board computer in a box) that runs the Starlight Express CCD camera, to which it is connected by a USB interface. dimmwithost : displays the finder application via the X protocol (finder actually runs on dimmwit). Acts as a file server; both the finder software and the DIMM data are stored on dimmwithost. ... mkdir -p /data/oberon/data/finder . chown coast:coast /data/oberon/data/finder . ...
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... AMPLE (Adaptable Minor Planet Ephemerides) is integrated software package to deal with a number of problems concerning minor planets with the aid of IBM-type personal computer. ... compiling a list of all numbered minor planets which can be seen at certain moment within specified sky region and visualization of their mutual positions; . ... As AMPLE is able to reproduce virtually any table of "the Ephemerides of Minor Planets" , it may be considered as computer version of the EMP. ...
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Distributed Software for Observations in Near Infrared V. Gavryusev 1 and C. Baffa Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri E. Giani Dipartamento di Astronomia, Universit`a di Firenze Abstract. ... The processes denoted for control of hardware (telescope and other instruments) should be executed currently on PC dedicated for this task under DESQview/X, while all other components (user interface, tools for the data analysis, etc.) can work also under Unix. ... 1993, Di Giacomo et al. 1993). ...
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15. The AO Optical Laboratories National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (Arecibo
NATIONAL ASTRONOMY AND IONOSPHERE CENTER . ... Astronomy . ... Visitor Center . ... Optical . Lidar . At Arecibo we have a variety of optical instruments that we use to study terrestrial airglow emissions. ... This equipment is located in our Optical Laboratory, which is on site about 1000 feet from the center of the incoherent scatter radar. ... The various observational modes that are available are described in supplementary documentation for the Arecibo Observatory Optical Laboratories. ...
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17. RadioAstron Mission Element Overview
Next: RSOG Pre-Observation Products . ... Mission Elements . ... The main mission elements (ME) are: . The RSOG, based at ASC, which is responsible for the science operation of the RadioAstron Mission. ... The Main Ballistic(Navigation) Center (MBC) belonging to Lavochkin Association coordinates preparation and exchange of orbit determination and orbit reconstraction ptoducts. ... Experiment codes of five characters are used in naming GRT related files. ... RSOG . ... Corr (GTS?) ... Corr (RSOG?) ...
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18. S.P. Korolev RSC Energia - International Space Station
... S.P. KOROLEV ROCKET AND SPACE CORPORATION ENERGIA . ... OAO RSC "Energia" . ... ISS Russian Segment . Steps of ISS Assembly . ... Five new devices of the total mass of ~42 kg (instead of 6 devices of the total mass of ~101 kg) are installed in the guidance, navigation and control system of the new series vehicle. ... liquid thermostatting of GN OC devices is provided by installation of three cold plates in the vehicle instrument module (IM); . ... 2015 JSC "S.P. Korolev RSC "Energia" . ...
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19. Computer Lab
... To introduce you to the Python programming language, and its Visual module (VPython), which allows 3D simulation. The computer labs are held in room BOZO 112, not in the usual physics lab. ... This lab will use the Python programming language. ... Click on the Windows button in the bottom left, select "Programs", then the "A-Z" list of programs. ... Later in the course you will need to write your own VPython programs for assessment - this lab is your chance to make sure you can do this. ...
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XMM-Newton Science Analysis System Page: 1 rgsbkgmodel July 2, 2008 Abstract Compute a model background spectrum from RGS background templates 1 Instruments/Modes Instrument Mode RGS Spectroscopy 2 Use In the interactive environment. pipeline processing no interactive analysis yes 3 Description The aim of this package is to compute a model spectrum of the RGS background applicable to a given observation from a combination of observations of empty elds. ... Model background spectra (OGIP-compliant). ...
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