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NAME ABbuilder - DFO data organization tool SYNOPSIS ABbuilder <options> where <options> are: --raw-dir directory containing raw data --cal-dir directory containing calib data --cal-ldir directory containing symbolic links to calib files --cal-list mcalib list --vcal-dir directory containing virtual products --pro-dir where pipeline products are created --ab-dir where association blocks are created --oca-rul file containing OCA rules --instrume instrument --date YYYY-MM-DD --mode { CALIB | ...
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2. Recreating Einstein Level One Processing Exposure Masks and Background Maps in
... This paper describes the main algorithms used by the Einstein Level One processing to create the exposure masks and the background maps for Einstein IPC images, and how these algorithms were recreated in the IRAF environment. Our goal was to recreate the algorithms used by the Level One Processing to create exposure masks and background maps for Einstein Image Proportional Counter (IPC) data (cf. sections 2.5 and 2.7 of Harnden et al. ...
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3. The File Life Cycle
The File System . This section describes how you can create new files, copy existing files, and delete obsolete files. ... RENAME to change the name of a file. ... Files can be created in several ways: text can be entered from the keyboard via the CREATE command, an editor can create a file, as can a running program, and files can be copied from other directories. ... To delete obsolete files, use the DELETE command followed by a file name or file name template (wildcards). ...
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4. Removing directories created with the ln command
. To remove a directory that is a symbolic link that points to another directory use the command: rm directory_name . Notice that the directory does not need to be empty and you do not have to use the rmdir command. You are not really removing a directory, just a named symbolic link that points to the "real" directory.
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5. *tprint* - Reading a Table File Created by imcnts
... Table files like the ones created in the section on imcnts can be displayed, printed and manipulated using the tasks contained in the stsdas.ttools package. ... sp> tables # Load the relevant package ta> tprint rp90_cnt prpar=yes # .tab extension assumed # the hidden parameter prpar is set to display the header # as well as the data ta> tprint rp90_cnt # Displays only the data info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prdata- prpar+ # Displays only the header info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prparam=yes | ...
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6. casacore: casa::SymLink Class Reference
... Classes . Files . ... casa . casa::SymLink . ... The default constructor creates a SymLink with path "." SymLink (const Path &name) . ... SymLink (const File &name) . ... create (const Path &target, Bool overwrite= True ) . ... copy (const Path &target, Bool overwrite= True ) const . ... The class SymLink handles SYMbolic LINKs in the file system. ... An exception is thrown if the path exist and is no symbolic link or if it does not exist, but cannot be created. casa::SymLink::SymLink . ...
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7. OptInt PmWiki : PmWiki / File Permissions
OptInt PmWiki : Pm Wiki / File Permissions . ... uploads/ directory to save uploads. ... Thus, in a standard installation, the account holder manually creates the wiki.d/ and uploads/ directories, and sets the permissions on the directories to be world-writable in order for PmWiki (running as the webserver account) to be able to create files there. $ pwd /home/pmichaud/public_html/pmwiki $ mkdir uploads $ mkdir wiki.d $ chmod 777 uploads wiki.d $ ls -ld . ... Cookbook:Directory and file permissions . ...
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8. LEDA documentation: homogenisation
... LEDA has been the first Extragalactic Database. ... select pgc, objname, al2000, de2000 where de2000 > 76 and al2000 < 1 . select pgc, galaxy_name, al2000, de2000 where de2000 > 76 AND al2000 < 1 . ... For each parameter the method of the calculation (or the definition) is given in the Third Reference Catalogue (de Vaucouleurs et al., 1991) and/or in Paturel et al. (1997) and/or in some additional references given below. ... de Vaucouleurs et al., 1991, 1997 . ... 1995 ; Paturel et al., 2000 . ...
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... The Boolean object is an object wrapper for a boolean value. ... JavaScript 1.3: added toSource method . ... If value is omitted or is 0, -0, null, false, NaN , undefined, or the empty string ( "" ), the object has an initial value of false. All other values, including any object or the string "false" , create an object with an initial value of true. ... For Boolean objects and values, the built-in toString method returns the string "true" or "false" depending on the value of the boolean object. ...
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10. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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11. In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy - an Astronomy Net God Science
God Science Forum Message . Forums: . ... God and Science ћ SETI ћ Software ћ UFO ћ XEphem . ... God and Science | ... In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy . ... I am beginning to believe that Genesis creation is about the creation of prophecy as much as it is a statement that God is the creator. ... So I ask, are you (anyone) willing to consider Gen 1 2 as stories of prophecy or are you determined that it is either about science or a literal 7-day creation? ... . ...
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12. (Untitled)
I. Installation . ... AMPLE package distributive (created with program InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++) has been downloaded on FTP server of IAA RAS as archive ... Note: If the window "file download" appears, select Open... switch button, then press OK button. ... The shortcut for AMPLE will be linked with this folder, and auxiliary files will be created here during AMPLE work. ... When running AMPLE all auxiliary and new configuration files are created in the WORK folder. ...
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13. SciSim MOS simulation and analyse
SciSim home . ... This thread contains a step-by-step recipe to simulate MOS SciSim data and how to procede to analyze this data using SAS. ... For tcsh shell execute: source $SCISIM_DIR/setup . ... In this example, we are explaining how to proceed in order to run a MOS simulation, so we have to load the Telescope-1 default configuration, if we want to simulate MOS1 and RGS1. ... Select the Source menu and the Edit... option. ... To create a source, hit the New button at the bottom dialogue. ...
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... CREATE FULLTEXT DICTIONARY -- create a dictionary for full-text search . CREATE FULLTEXT DICTIONARY dictname LEXIZE lexize_function [ INIT init_function ] [ OPTION opt_text ] ; CREATE FULLTEXT DICTIONARY dictname [ { INIT init_function | ... CREATE FULLTEXT DICTIONARY will create a new dictionary used to transform input word to a lexeme. If a schema name is given (for example, CREATE FULLTEXT DICTIONARY myschema.dictname ... ) then the dictionary is created in the specified schema. ... INIT . ...
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15. Getting Started in Actor Prolog. 3D Web Site.
The first persistent Web agent that we have created on Actor Prolog is a program that collects information about research groups that develop Prolog and projects in the field of logic programming. The agent looks through a given list of Web sites and calculates some attributes of the sites: the date of recent modification, total size, the number of figures, the number of outside links, the number of error links, the number of given keywords, etc. ... . ...
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16. SSAU scientists have created an unique simulator for pilots and drivers
... Scientists of Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) have created an unique mobile platform for the production of training and gaming simulators. ... Such mobile platforms also known as the Stewart platforms became widespread in the world primarily as simulators for training of highly-qualified military pilots and drivers. ... For example, the Rocket and Space Centre Progress is going to test level sensors for residual fuel in the fuel tanks of the rocket carrier on this mobile platform. ...
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17. Asteroid Impact
... In some of the shots the Sun creeps into view - particularaly during the sunset sequence. ... The dust halo takes up a lot of rendering time so it is usually deactivated - it would be nice to have it enabled during the final descent and impact but the number of light sources required would make this unfeasably slow. ... There are two orbiting cameras in different planes - one to show the earth and the other to show the sun being eclipsed by the asteroid. ... Last sunset for the asteroid . ...
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18. Apache module mod_vhost_alias
This module provides support for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting . ... Source File: mod_vhost_alias.c . ... For simple name-based virtual hosts you might use the following directives in your server configuration file: UseCanonicalName Off VirtualDocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/vhosts/%0 . A request for will be satisfied by the file /usr/local/apache/vhosts/ . ... Module: mod_vhost_alias . ...
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19. Dynamic HTML in Communicator
... To run the <LAYER> version of the example, select: flower.htm . ... However, if the page had several layers with absolute positions, and you wanted to place another layer in a relative position to one of the existing layers, you could use inline JavaScript to calculate the value for LEFT or TOP . ... In this example, there is really no need to use inline JavaScript to position the last flower layer, since you could just let the TOP value default to its natural value, as in the other flower layers. ...
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20. Astrophysical Research Consortium - Apache Point Observatory
... How do have my images go into a different directory? To put your images into a directory other than the standard /export/images you MUST create the directory from the dryrot prompt. ... Create the directory with the following command dryrot: mkdir /export/images/ your directory Now when you set up the directory in spicam you need to type spicam: path /export/images/ your directory This will now put the images into your directory. ...
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