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1. SNe related preprints
A comparative study of type I and type II supernovae . ... Sternberg State Astronomical Institute, Moscow, U.S.S.R. (Received 26 November, 1985) . ... No significant difference between SNe I and SNe II has been found in their radial distribution and frequency of outbursts in spiral galaxies. ... The radial distribution of type Ia SNe in spiral galaxies is only slightly steeper than the one for SNe II, while SNe Ib/c are more concentrated towards the central regions. ...
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2. The State of the Gas and the Relation between Gas and Star Formation at Low
We compare atomic gas, molecular gas, and the recent star formation rate (SFR) inferred from HЮБ in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). ... This allows us to disentangle conversion factor effects from the impact of metallicity on the formation and star formation efficiency of molecular gas. ... At a fixed total gas surface density the SMC has a 5-10 times lower molecular gas fraction (and star formation rate) than large spiral galaxies. ...
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3. Relations
... Mindful of these biases, I can now explore the relations between the measured rotation periods and various other observables. The hypothesis behind monitoring stellar variability is that active stars have asymmetric spot distributions on their photospheres. ... They found that only stars with rotation periods greater than seven days show variations greater than 0.4 magnitudes at I. Bouvier et al . ... 1993a) demonstrated a relation between X--ray flux and spectral type in ZAMS stars. ...
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4. Related Solar-Terrestrial Physics Servers
International Service of Geomagnetic Indices (ISGI) of the IAGA . ... World Data Center C1 for Geomagnetism (WDC-C1), . Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division in Copenhagen, Denmark . ... Sodankyl Geophysical Observatory Geomagnetic and Ionospheric Data . Space Physics Text Book (Oulu): Magnetic activity indices . ... Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC) . ... Mauna Loa Solar Observatory Analysis Center of HAO/NCAR in Boulder, Colorado . ... Neutron Monitor Server , University of Chicago . ...
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5. Related Programs
... Up: INSTALLING, AND RUNNING SCHED Previous: Distribution of Schedule Files Contents . This section briefly describes other programs that may be of use when using SCHED. ... That leaves only the geodetic scheduling program SKED which is still the primary tool for scheduling geodetic project. ... Originally the scheduling program for Mark III, SKED is now the standard program for scheduling geodetic VLBI observations. It produces SKED or drg files that are converted to snap files by DRUDG. ...
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6. The Echelle Relation
Next: Estimating the angle Up: Wavelength Calibration Previous: General Description . The wavelength calibration involves a physical equation, the echelle relation and regression analysis to achieve estimates of the dispersion relation. Provided that the echelle dispersion is performed with a grating, any echelle spectrum can be calibrated usually with four lines used as pre-identifications and a catalog of laboratory wavelengths associated to the calibration lamp. ... Echelle Relation) . ...
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7. Instructions for Uploading Images and Video Related to the Columbia Accident
Instructions for Uploading Images and Video Related to the Columbia Accident . For anyone who has recorded video or taken photos that they believe may be of aid in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, NASA has established a special location on the Web where Internet users may upload their media files to be reviewed by NASA. ... Image file: johndoe_020203_0415pm.jpg . ... If you have any problems uploading your files, please e-mail Mike Koester . ...
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8. Vladimir Marsakov Abstracts
... From the uvby photometry and proper motions for about 5500 nearby F stars we have found the following: (i) F stars , taken in narrow ranges of metallicity , show at [fe/H] 0 rather distinct cut-off in their distribution along the Main Sequence (MS) at the blue side, which is suggested to be an indication for the MS turn-off in stellar groups of fixed metallicity ; (ii) the corresponding turn-off age from theoretical isohrones strongly correlates with the ...
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9. A universal physical relation for quasars
... A universal physical relation for quasars . ... Harvey Tananbaum and his collaborators have first observed a relation between the soft X-ray and the optical/ultraviolet emission in AGN in 1979. Such relation is nonlinear, and it is usually parameterized as dependence between the logarithm of the monochromatic luminosities at 2500 †Е ( L 2500†Е ) and 2 keV ( L 2keV ) . ... Yet, the dispersion along the L 2500†Е тАУ L 2keV relationship is found to be rather high, typically ~0.35тАУ0.4 in log units. ...
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10. Scaling relations for molecular gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud
... We have studied scaling relations (virial mass versus CO luminosity, luminosity versus size, linewidth versus size) for molecular clouds in the 30 Dor and N 159 regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud. ... The study of molecular clouds in the Galaxy has resulted in a number of scaling relations between global cloud properties such as mass, density, luminosity, size and velocity dispersion (e.g. Larson (1981) , Scoville & Sanders (1987) , Solomon et al. ... Elmegreen B.G., 1989, ApJ , 338 , 178. ...
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11. Galactic distribution and absolute magnitudes
... The distribution of galactic RCB stars is controversial. Several authors have argued that they belong to a thick galactic disk, and are thus old Population I stars. However, they may alternatively belong to the even older galactic bulge (Population II). ... In either case, the populations are sufficiently old that RCB stars must have relatively low masses ( ). ... These are the only RCB stars for which a distance is known and hence for which an absolute magnitude can be deduced. ...
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12. Links to Sites Related to Solar Physics
Links on this page are to sites that hold information on the Sun , our nearest star . ... Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) , California, USA. Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) , Hawai'i, USA. ... Space Environment Center, Current Solar Images , Boulder, Colorado, USA. ... Solar Data Analysis Center, Latest Images , at GSFC, Maryland. ... NSSDC - National Space Science Data Center, Solar Physics (at GSFC). ... NSSDC - National Space Science Data Center, Space Physics (at GSFC). Back to Links ...
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13. Previously understood that magnetic fields were directly related to rotation,
... SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS, JUPITER SATURN . ... Mars . ... Previously understood that magnetic fields were directly related to rotation, so when I read that Mars, like Venus, didn't have one, my understanding crumbled. What exactly causes magnetic fields in planets? ... RELATED TOPICS: MAGNETIC FIELD . Planetary magnetic fields are definitely related to rotation, but directly not so much. ... Get instant access to subscriber content on! ...
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14. Housekeeping related keywords
... The task also issues a number of housekeeping related messages and values and also writes several keywords to the EXPOSURE extension (the information is usually CCD-dependent and it is thus important that it is kept and propagated through the event file processing chain). ... Filter: the filter wheel position is derived from the position sensor potentiometer (housekeeping column F1122 contained in the main periodic housekeeping file PNPMH1 , HK mnemonic H_CE_FWSPOT). ...
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15. MAO NASU :: Topic: The third-order space-by-time relation (1/1)
... Recent Topics . ... MAO main . ... The third-order space-by-time relation . ... Тема: The third-order space-by-time relation . ... The mass m experiences a gravity force toward the sun and . ... will experience the Coriolis force or Coriolis acceleration. ... differentiated space-by-time twice and discovered equation2. ... time differentiation of space-by-time. ... to be described by differentiated forces. ... third-order space-by-time relation. ... understand the third-order space-by-time relation....
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Do LIRGs follow the Tully-Fisher relation? ... For a small we can say majority of investigate i Conclusion number of galaxies in our sample, that the T-F relation holds. ... The purpose of this research was to study the LIRGs (Luminous Infrared Galaxies) and see if they follow the Tully-Fisher relation. The LIRGs are different to normal galaxies in the fact that they emit 90% of their light in infrared. ... The faster the galaxy rotates, the wider is the emission line in velocity. ...
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17. Frequency/duration relation.
... The concepts of Fourier frequency and wavelet duration are obviously related. ... Among many sensible definitions, we chose to require that the peak of the wavelet mean spectrum should be matched with the singularity of the Fourier transform of the cosine wave. Then, it can be shown that the frequency of the cosine is related to the wavelet duration by the relation . ... The ambiguous definition of the duration of an event is common to the sizing of any object of irregular shape. ...
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19. ULXs
... Ultraluminous X-ray sources (ULXs) are located in external galaxies, their X-ray luminosities (10 39 - 10 41 erg/s) are thousand times greater than those of brightest black holes in the Galaxy. ULXs may be supercritical accretion disks around black holes of stellar masses (~10 Solar masses) like that in SS433, or they may be a hypothetical intermediate-mass black holes (hundreds - thousands Solar masses) with standard accretion disks. ... 2) The ULX progenitors were ejected from the star clusters. ...
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20. Bright Supernova Bright Supernova
. Please standby and you will be automatically connected to the new location of the unframed Supernova page. Or, click on the link above. If you have questions or problems, please email me at David Bishop . Last modified: Mon Aug 27 12:40:15 EDT 2001
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