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1. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Evolution
... Stellar Evolution is driven entirely by the never ending battle between Pressure and Gravity . As imbalances are reached, the star is driven to find a new Energy source. ... Pressure and gravitational forces are equal, the star is stable and its core is sufficiently hot to fuse Hydrogen into Helium More about main sequence stars . ... The luminosity generated by the core fusion of Helium into Carbon is far greater than the shell luminosity associated with the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium. ...
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2. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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3. FADPS - Flexible Astronomical Data Processing System
... The reduction system of observations FADPS (description in Russian) (Flexible Astronomical Data Processing System) for data of wide-band receivers of the first observation cabin of the radio telescope RATAN-600 had been created under the Unix-like operational system DEMOS for computers of the SM-1420-type (PDP/11) in 1987 for observation analysis and estimates of coordinates and flux densities of radio sources. ... FADPS: flexible astronomical data processing system at RATAN-600 in UNIX environment....
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... Unlike clients such as Shout and IceDJ this permits the broadcast of live audio, rather than prerecorded mp3's. LiveIce was developed after the appearance of IceCast to provide the Real Time streaming functionality which makes it a viable solution for broadcasting. It is based on the guts of 2 of my previous works - Mp3Serv, the first mp3 broadcasting system & Mp3Mixer, a toy which allows the user to 'Mix' with mp3 streams. ... LiveIce XMMS sourcecode is available here . ...
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5. Designated Observatory Application
The Astronomical Society of Australia has been asked by STANDARDS AUSTRALIA to compile a list of "designated" optical observatories that are valuable resources for (i) research, (ii) education and (iii) community use. The ASA is the final arbiter of whether any particular observatory is so designated. ... Upon receipt of your application form, your observatory will be entered on a list of "Pending Designated Observatories" on the ASA Home Page. ... It will be emailed for you. ... Email . ...
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6. Previous RGS source list.
... The task rgssources can either modify a previously-created source list or create a new one, depending on the value of the parameter filemode . If filemode =`create', the name of the newly created file is read from parameter srclist . If on the other hand filemode =`modify', the name of the existing file to be edited must instead be supplied to srclist . ... If filemode =`create', the name of the RGS instrument must be supplied via the parameter instexpid . ...
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7. Creating Your Source Tree
GTK+ / Gnome Application Development . ... Overview of a Gnome Source Tree . ... Almost all Gnome applications use the same build system based on the GNU tools automake , autoconf , and libtool . ... Beginning with this chapter and continuing throughout Part 2 of the book, a sample application called GnomeHello will be used to demonstrate Gnome features. ... Together, these tools are used to create a portable shell script called configure ; configure is distributed to users with your software package. ...
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8. Recipe Editor GPI Data Pipeline 1.0 documentation
... GPI Data Pipeline 1.0 documentation . ... Recipe Editor . ... Saving and Executing Data Reduction Recipes . Data Parser . ... The Recipe Editor is a graphical tool for editing recipe files: changing the input files, the data processing steps, their order, or the various function parameters. ... The Recipe Editor will attempt to guess an appropriate reduction template based on the FITS headers of the loaded files (for instance, checking if they are darks or flats or science data). ...
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9. A prototype build system for CASA using SCons Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329)
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... Building CASA . ... Introduction to SCons . I have designed a prototype implementation of a build system for CASA based on the SCons tool. ... This system is experimental and not the official way of building CASA. ... The main version of the code for this build system is contained in a bzr branch, together with the remainder of the CASA system. ... Build: . ... To debug the SCons build process: . ... A prototype build system for CASA using SCons . ...
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10. Third: Create a session on elleba, and associated processes
... ATNF Home . About ATNF . ... About ATNF overview . ... Governance overview . Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Australia Telescope User Committee . ... Our people overview . ... Parkes radio telescope . ... Parkes | ... Visiting Parkes radio telescope . ... Parkes radio telescope webcam . ... Next: Fourth: Controlling the S2 Up: Starting up correlator control Previous: Second: Create a session б  Contents . Use the pop-up menu to create an elleba window ``Xterm - elleba''. ...
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11. Actor Prolog User Guide. SADT.
Actor Prolog is well adapted for implementation of different methods of visual programming. ... To create a source SADT diagram it is possible to use any diagram tools with IDL format support (like BPwin (TM) PLATINUM technology, Inc. or Design/IDEF (TM) Meta Software Corporation). ... Consequently, Actor Prolog has to create two processes and guarantee the capability of message transmitting between them. ... class 'Receiver': -- entry_i1; value_i1; -- con; -- [ goal:-!. -- show ( _ ) :-!, con ? ...
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12. Plasma source [Oulu]
... There is no question about the source of ionospheric plasma , since it is created from the ambient neutral atmosphere by ionization. However, the source of magnetospheric plasma is a much more complicated question: although it seems obvious that both solar wind and ionosphere feed it, the relative importance of these two sources is unclear. ... Protons (H + ) are the primary ions in solar wind and one of the major components in ionospheric outflows, and thus not good indicators of their source. ...
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13. ASP: Astronomical Pseudo-Science: A Skeptic's Resource List
home education > resources . SEARCH ASP SITE: Match ALL words Match ANY word . ... Resources . ... Astronomy Education Bibliography . ... Astronomical Pseudo-Science . ... Black Holes: An Introductory Resource List . ... Astronomy . ... Space Science Education Resource Directory . ... . National Center for Science Education: Best web site for keeping up with issues in this area, with many articles, resources, and links. . ...
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14. list of DFS Department documentation templates
... ESO copyright, division, department . ... Any document produced by the DFS Department has to apply the official ESO document template: MSWORD format (ZIP compressed) , Latex format as compressed tar file (courtesy of Ralf and Pascal), or StarOffice format . ... Template for Test Plan and Test Report : as HTML page (for complete testing - to be edited with DreamWeaver, as Twiki page (for basic testing) Any HTML page produced by the DFS Department has to apply the official DFS web page template . ...
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15. *tprint* - Reading a Table File Created by imcnts
... Table files like the ones created in the section on imcnts can be displayed, printed and manipulated using the tasks contained in the stsdas.ttools package. ... sp> tables # Load the relevant package ta> tprint rp90_cnt prpar=yes # .tab extension assumed # the hidden parameter prpar is set to display the header # as well as the data ta> tprint rp90_cnt # Displays only the data info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prdata- prpar+ # Displays only the header info ta> tprint rp90_cnt prparam=yes | ...
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16. Server-Wide Configuration
This document explains some of the directives provided by the core server which are used to configure the basic operations of the server. ... Process Creation . Network Configuration . ... User . ... A single control process is responsible for launching child processes which listen for connections and serve them when they arrive. ... The User and Group directives are used to set the privileges of the Apache child processes. ... The child process creates multiple threads to serve requests. ...
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17. The INTEGRAL Science Data Centre
... INTEGRAL Science Data Centre, Chemin d'?cogia 16, CH-1290 Versoix, Switzerland . ... The INTEGRAL Science Data Centre, implemented by a consortium of scientific institutions, is the part of the ground segment which deals with the interface between the scientific community and the INTEGRAL data. ... This has led to the concept of the INTEGRAL Science Data Centre (ISDC). This centre is the interface between the INTEGRAL data and the users' community. ... 200 housekeeping records per instrument . ...
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18. AstroImageJ (AIJ) - ImageJ for Astronomy
... AstroImageJ (AIJ) .. ... Reads and writes FITS images with standard headers . ... Provides a time and coordinate converter tool with capability to update/enhance FITS header content (AIRMASS, BJD, etc.) ... Creates color images and with native ImageJ processing power . ... AstroImageJ_Updater . Update operation now updates AIJ version number in Info.plist CFBundleVersion and CFBundleShortVersionString (MacOSX only) . ... AstroImageJ is ImageJ with astronomy plugins and macros installed. ...
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19. Data bases of Natural Satellites. Documentation. Structure
Databases (NSDC) of the Natural Planetary Satellites. ... NSDC: Database of astrometric observations of Natural Planetary Satellites . ... They are thoroughly looking for observations in different sources, creating their owndatabases which are then mostly inaccessible to other researchers. ... In the file "content" with explications, the reference is given to the data source as well as the bibliographic reference. ... Data sources. ... Why a specific bibliographic database for Natural satellites? ...
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Application of IVOA software tools for radio sources investigation Zhelenkova O., Kopylov A., Chernenkov V. The interrelationship between the objects of astronomical catalogs in the different ranges of electromagnetic spectrum and their association into the real astrophysical source has obvious scientific interest. ... We used NVSS as the reference coordinate catalog. ... For 60% of radio sources identified with the objects of the radio catalogs we discovered optical candidates in SDSS survey. ...
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[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 5.3 Кб -- 24.02.2010
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