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1. Version, UI, and Status Information
... This chapter describes the functions that allow a plug-in to display a message on the status line, get agent information, and check on the current version of the Plug-in API and Communicator. ... Displaying a Status Line Message . ... The Communicator and Plug-in API major version numbers represent code release numbers, and their minor version numbers represent point release numbers. ... Differing version numbers may mean that the current Plug-in API and Communicator versions are incompatible. ...
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2. About this Book
... JavaScript is Netscape's cross-platform, object-based scripting language for client and server applications. This book explains everything you need to know to begin using core and client-side JavaScript. ... JavaScript Versions . ... Each version of Navigator supports a different version of JavaScript. ... The following table lists the JavaScript version supported by different Navigator versions. ... Each version of the Netscape Enterprise Server also supports a different version of JavaScript. ...
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3. Description of the RadioAstron project, english version
Status of the RadioAstron project development . The engineering model of the Space Radio Telescope (SRT) was assembled in Lavochkin Association (LA) in the configuration consisting of 10-m parabolic radio astronomical antenna made of carbon-fiber, F ocal and Device cabins of the scientific payload and on-board and ground complex of high data rate up-down radio link (VIRK). ... Then,radio astronomical tests were conducted using real radio sources. ... Space Radio Telescope . ... Data Processing . ...
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4. Modelling absorption and emission of radiation by interstellar dust
... OOF . ... OOF Index . ... OOF software . ... Current version: V1.0.1 . Version V1.0 . This page contains a description and links for download of software that may be used for modelling various aspect of absorption and emission of radiation by interstellar dust. The initial version of software was produced in support of my PhD thesis (see the publications page ). ... Calculation of absorption and scattering cross section of silicate and graphitic spherical grains using Mie theory. ...
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5. SciSim Version 3.0.0
... Though the input data files of previous versions may seem similar to the current one, they can not be processed with this version of SciSim. ... Source code is modified such, that it is now possible to run SciSim on an Compaq Alpha running Tru64 (formerly known as Digital Unix) . Go to top of the page . SciSim is ported to Qt 2 library . The fonts used in SciSim 2.0 series were not available on every platform. ... Extra tool to convert a sources file into an ODF compliant FITS file. ...
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6. Release Guide: Versions, Version Tracking, etc GPI Data Pipeline 1.0
... GPI Data Pipeline 1.0 documentation . GPI Data Pipeline Developer?s Guide . ... Release Guide: Versions, Version Tracking, etc . ... Creating a New Release Version . ... This page contains working notes for making new release copies of the pipeline. ... This needs to be changed in two places. shell> vi backbone/ shell> vi documentation/ shell> svn commit backbone/ documentation/ -m "increased version number to XX.YY" . ... pipeline ? ...
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7. comedi_get_version_code
Comedi Documentation . ... comedi_get_version_code -- Comedi version code . ... int comedi_get_version_code (comedi_t * device); . Returns the Comedi kernel module version code. A valid Comedi device referenced by the parameter device is necessary to communicate with the kernel module. ... This function is of limited usefulness. ... If the application needs to know of the existence of a particular feature, an existence test function should be written and put in the Comedilib source. ...
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8. Document Title
... The acquisition data base of meteorological temporal data including systematic and chronologic cataloque for Global Tropical Cyclogenesis (on the whole of World Ocean's aquatorium) for 1983-1992 time interval is developed and based on personal computer IBM PC/AT. ... The data base consists of the following units: 1. ... This data base offers a unique opportunity to analyze macro- and synoptic-scale temporal features of global tropical cyclogenesis as indivisible physical process. ...
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... In addition, Aladin can now parse VOTables from various origins. ... Compatibility with VO standards The emerging VO standards are already implemented in Aladin, allowing users to access VO image and data servers, immediatly available in Aladin by describing these servers in the GLU registry. ... VOTable VOTable has been the first IVOA standard. ... It allows to access various servers of astronomical catalogues, as well as metadata descriptions such as SIA and IDHA servers (see below) 2.2. ...
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10. zen
... description: . ... product: . ... vendor: . ... version: . ... capabilities: . ... physical id: . ... Intel Corp. physical id: . ... clock: . ... bus info: . ... bus_master system:1 UNCLAIMED . ... bus_master display:0 UNCLAIMED . ... vga bus_master cap_list . ... uhci bus_master . ... ehci bus_master cap_list . ... pci normal_decode bus_master pcmcia . ... pcmcia bus_master cap_list . ... bus_master cap_list . ... bus_master cap_list mii autonegotiation 100bt-fd 100bt 10bt-fd 10bt ethernet physical...
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11. Version 9.0
Next: Version 8.1 Up: Old Releases Previous: Version 9.2 Contents . ... Many parameters default to sensible values for non-VLBA correlators but must be set by the user for the VLBA correlators. ... Vex is not allowed with non-recording schedules, with configuration tests, and with recording scans on planets or satellites (VLBA pointing scans are ok - they simply won't appear in the Vex file). ... Set the minimum FFT size for DiFX to 256 (for smaller spectra, will channel average) Jul-Oct 2009 RCW . ...
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12. Manual Page: rotatelogs - Apache HTTP Server
NAME rotatelogs - rotate Apache logs without having to kill the server SYNOPSIS rotatelogs logfile rotationtime [ offset ] DESCRIPTION rotatelogs is a simple program for use in conjunction with Apache 's piped logfile feature which can be used like this: TransferLog | rotatelogs /path/to/ logs /access_log 86400 This creates the files /path/to/ logs /access_log.nnnn where nnnn is the system At the end of each rotation time (here after 24 hours) a new log is started. ...
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... It's an IBM EWS software included into the long gone IBM OS/2 Developer Connection. Proposed directory for placement: /pub/os2/apps/graphics/cad Your name: Mentore Siesto Email address: Program contact name: Alan C. Warren Program contact email: none Program URL: none Would you like the contact email address included in listings? yes Operating System/Version: OS/2 2.1 Additional requirements: Replaces: /pub/os2/apps/graphics/imagepro/ ...
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14. Australian Currency
Here are some images of Australian currency. ... Some of the notes below are printed on paper, others are printed on a thin, flexible polymer (i.e. plastic). The polymer notes are fairly new - The Australian Mint is currently in the process of replacing all paper money with polymer. ... The front design features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of England, who is Australia's Head of State. ... This note is printed on paper, and is due to be replaced by a newly designed polymer note in 1996. ...
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... Unlike clients such as Shout and IceDJ this permits the broadcast of live audio, rather than prerecorded mp3's. LiveIce was developed after the appearance of IceCast to provide the Real Time streaming functionality which makes it a viable solution for broadcasting. It is based on the guts of 2 of my previous works - Mp3Serv, the first mp3 broadcasting system & Mp3Mixer, a toy which allows the user to 'Mix' with mp3 streams. ... LiveIce XMMS sourcecode is available here . ...
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... Summary of reduced ISAAC fields . ... This data release includes eight fully reduced VLT/ISAAC fields in J,H,K s bands covering 50 arcmin 2 of the GOODS region in the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS). ... 8 ISAAC fields) . ... The 8 ISAAC fields which are part of this data release are superimposed onto a SOFI image (J+K) (part of a previous EIS data release). ... In one case (GOODS field 11/J-band), for which not enough standard stars were available, the ZP was boostrapped from previous SOFI/EIS data...
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17. LED Sign Info
If you were using a Java-enabled browser, you would see a scrolling text sign instead of this paragraph. ... Wiggle your mouse cursor over the applet, you should notice the sign speed up. ... Then, if you go back to the LED page and try it again, Netscape will give you a "NullPointerException" error. ... Everything you see the sign displaying is run entirely by a script. ... The size, size of border, color of border, and even the font that the sign uses are all configurable. ... More on fonts . ...
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18. The film version of the UKST surveys, completely trashed. Like the books in the
... The film version of the UKST surveys, completтАж . ... Title: The film version of the UKST surveys, completely trashed. Like the books in the library, these crumbled to fine ash when touched . ... The film version of the UKST surveys, completely trashed. Like the books in the library, these crumbled to fine ash when touched NOTE: All images and movies are copyright and must not be reproduced or mirrored in any form without written permission. ...
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19. BQ-8006G Java Белый, Wi-Fi, 4Гб, 3G - BQ - BQ A Child's Garden Of Verses
... BQ-8006G Java Белый, Wi-Fi, 4Гб, 3G Белый, Wi-Fi, 4Гб, 3G... ... Perhaps one of the most popular of Stevenson's works, A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSES, first published in 1885, is regarded universally as an outstanding example of the greatest recollections of childhood in verse. ... Gerber предлагает фруктовые пюре из нескольких компонентов. ... Фруктовое пюре Gerber Яблоко, абрикос, банан приготовлено из натуральных фруктов, богато витаминами, органическими кислотами и пектинами. ... Пюре . ...
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20. Ionosonde PARUS. Software: Version 4.0
... Software: Version 4.0 . ... ПРОЦЕССОР ИОНОГРАММ (программа IonPro.exe). ... ПРОЦЕССОР ИОНОГРАММ позволяет просматривать исходные Ионограммы, производить Обработку результатов зондирования в интерактивном режиме, используя встроенный Графический Редактор Ионограмм, генерировать Стандартные Графики и Отчеты, создавать Архив ионограмм, работать с Базами Данных, осуществлять Мониторинг Ионосферы, восстанавливать Профиль электронной концентрации. ... ИОНОГРАММА . ... 2004 IONOSONDE PARUS ...
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