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1. SAO RSDC Home Page - RRA - HRI
... The ROSAT Consortium (the Max-Planck-Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik, the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Leicester University, and the Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam) announces the release of the completed source catalogs of all ROSAT pointed observations. ... Detailed information about the catalog and methods of access to the catalog and data products can be obtained from the ROSAT Results Archive web pages in Germany, in the US, and in the UK:...
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HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE DAILY REPORT #1452 PERIOD COVERED: 0000Z (UTC) 08/10/95 - 0000Z (UTC) 08/11/95 Daily Status Report as of 223/0000Z 1.0 ACTIVITIES SCHEDULED AND ACCOMPLISHED: 1.1 Completed GHRS/1 5866 (NLTE Spectral Analysis of PG1159 Type Stars) The High Resolution Spectrograph (Side One) was used to make a NLTE spectrographic analysis of STAR-0130 to study the GW Vir instability strip and the photospheric parameters and composition. ... Both photometric and narrow-band filters were used. ...
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... The task accepts two sources lists: the observation source list and the exposure source list. ... List of selected sources. This le contains a table, called SRCLIST, with the following columns: Name Type Description SRC NUM Integer Source ID from observation source list RA Double RA from exposure source list DEC Double Declination from expoure source list RATE Real Count rate from observation source list COUNTS Real Number of source counts, from exposure source ...
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4. The SRON-HeaD Data Analysis System
Next: Three-dimensional Data Analysis in IRAF and ZODIAC+ . ... A data analysis system has been developed at SRON, which has been designed to allow rigorous control of the quality of its processed data products. ... This means recording all parameters of all steps which lead to the establishment of the final data products (Figure 1 ). ... Figure: A processing pipeline is a sequence of tasks with several input/output files and parameters, which pass data from one task to the next. ...
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5. PPEUC Programme - Cosmic Microwave Background Workshop
... Primordial theory review : Dick Bond . Defects and the CMB review : Andy Albrecht . ... Gravitational wave contribution to CMB anisotropies : V.B. Lukash and E.V. Mikheeva . C_l from cosmic strings : Lloyd Knox . Some aspects of CMB anisotropies induced from topological defects : Mairi Sakellariadou . ... CMB anisotropies from scaling sources : Ruth Durrer . ... SZ observations I : Sarah Church . ... Holes in the microwave sky? ... Detecting cosmic strings in the CMB : James Robinson . ...
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6. mod_session_crypto - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . ... Session encryption support . ... session_crypto_module . ... The session will be encrypted with the given key. Different servers can be configured to share sessions by ensuring the same encryption key is used on each server. ... The SessionCryptoPassphrase directive specifies the keys to be used to enable symmetrical encryption on the contents of the session before writing the session, or decrypting the contents of the session after reading the session. ...
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7. User Parameters - Continuum Source-finding CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation
... CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation . ... Only continuum source-finding is done at this point - spectral-line source-finding will be added in the future. The source-finding applies a spatially-varying signal-to-noise threshold, and fits 2D Gaussians to detected islands to create a component catalogue. At this point, only a limited set of Selavy?s possible parameters are made available through these scripts. ... nsubx ( Selavy Basics ) . ... User Parameters - Mosaicking Continuum images . ...
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8. The main observational parameters
... Column 1 gives the object name from the Case or Markarian catalogs. ... For Markarian galaxies the errors of coordinates usually lie inside 2'' (Lipovetsky [ 1983 ]). Column 4 gives the eye-estimated apparent blue magnitudes according to the same sources. ... Other names of a galaxy we give in column 7. ... In column 3 we cite the original emission-line code of the galaxy for the strength of [O III ] doublet according to the Case catalog (s - strong, m - medium, w - weak). ...
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9. Main research and development work completed in 2009 and ready for
... Space Research Institute . ... Main research and development work completed in 2009 and ready for implementation . ... Development of the Northern Eurasia land cover map based on medium spatial resolution satellite data. ... The research and development has been completed of the first in Russia and in the whole world high-speed digital streams decoder for space and satellite channels with extremely high noise levels. ... Main research and development work completed in 2008 and ready for...
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10. Biosphere: Analysis of Value Parameters
... Публикации и издания Публикации профессорско-преподавательского состава СГАУ Издания проф. Сосниной Т.Н. Biosphere: Analysis of Value Parameters . ... Besides, the ways of saving the use value and value properties of biosphere are analyzed. The expediency of transformation of two-criterion theory of value into the three- criterion theory of the balance of value, where the ecologic component performs the function of the key criterion has been founded. ... BIOSPHERE USE VALUE OF THE PRODUCT: MAIN . ...
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11. Meade Instruments - Telescopes, Solar Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes
STEP INTO THE BLUE - MEADE INSTRUMENTS PRODUCT GUIDE . ... Telescopes . LX850 Series . ... Superb optical performance coupled with time proven computerized pointing and tracking has made the LX200 ACF series a best-seller in the high-performance telescope class. ... Meade's revolutionary LS LightSwitchтДв series of telescopes use advanced technologies to do what no other consumer telescopes have done before: take all the hassle out of using a telescope. ... Coronado€о Solar . ... Spotting Scopes . ...
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ESO Phase 3 Data Release Description Please start from this template when preparing the documentation for your ESO Phase 3 data release. ... Finally, the release description will be published as submitted - without further editing by ESO - to support the user community in utilizing the data. ... Please indicate if this is a catalogue data release. ... Data Reduction and Calibration Please address the following questions for scientific catalogue data, particularly in case of source catalogues: . ...
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13. Correlator Products
Next: Mission Operations Data Transfer . ... VLBI Tape Management . VLBI Tapes . ... When: As soon as the correlator is satisfied with the correlator output. back to top . ... What: Each correlator will maintain a data base including the status of all VLBI tapes under its control. ... The correlators will distribute tapes to mission elements based on the Observation Summary File produced by the RSOG ( Observation Summary File ) to ensure each element has enough tapes to support SVLBI observations. ...
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14. IAA EOP Service
... IAA VLBI Analysis Center . ... First IAA SLR EOP submission to IERS Annual Report . ... Beginning of operational processing of SLR observations . ... We use several program packages for analysis mostly developed at the IAA: GROSS for processing of the SLR observations and analysis of EOP and coordinates time series, OCCAM/GROSS for computation of EOP, station coordinates, and troposphere parameters time series from the VLBI observations, GRAPE for processing of GPS observations. ...
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15. Getting Started in Actor Prolog. Analyzing Web Sites.
In this chapter we will consider two very simple but useful Web agents that I have written on Actor Prolog for my own needs. ... Let us start the Web agent. Fig. ... Start of the Web agent. The Context diagram consists of three blocks: "Logic Programming Sites", "Edit", and "Check". ... Some Web sites that are linked with the logic programming and Prolog are listed in the pulldown list (these addresses are transferred to the "Edit" block from the "Logic Programming Sites" block). ...
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Please enter the lightcurve file name and period search parameters: . Lightcurve file: . ... Apply the Heliocentric correction and convert all dates to Terrestrial Time (TT)? ... Also, the Heliocentric correction cannot be applied to such lightcurves. ... This period search service is also available at the mirror sites: Mirror 1 , Mirror 2 , Mirror 3 , Mirror 4 . You may download the latest source code distribution and install the period search service at your own web server. ...
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... In electron-positron colliders, effect of the lattice modification by opposing bunch focusing on the equilibrium radiation emittance is important at high values of the space charge parameter, so one should correctly evaluate this dynamic radiation emittance of the weak beam, which may differ a lot from the nominal emittance, already in the linear beam-beam force model. ... The linearized beam-beam force is equivalent to focusing insertion in linear lattice of the collider. ...
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Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VII ASP Conference Series, Vol. ... The IUE Archive at Villafranca M. Barylak and J. D. Ponz ESA Villafranca P.O. Box 50727, 28080 Madrid, Spain Abstract. ... The IUE Final Archive (IUEFA) project will generate a high quality and uniform spectral archive during the final phase of the mission (when specialized knowledge on the instrument and calibration procedures are still available), and maintain it so that it is accessible to the scientific community. ...
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20. Smart Basketweaving
A new smart basketweave observing mode that can start and stop anywhere in a lambda depending on a given RA range of the map has been implemented. ... The track file is updated by CIMA when a smart basketweave track is observed. ... The smart basketweave will start observing at the start RA at the start LST. ... Restarting the smart basketweaving either from the observing menu or by restarting it in the command file will force CIMA to continue observing the same track. ... track number . ...
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