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1. Introduction to XPA
A brief introduction to the XPA messaging system, which provides seamless communication between all kinds of Unix event-driven programs, including X programs, Tcl/Tk programs, and Perl programs. ... A program becomes an XPA-enabled server by defining named points of public access through which data and commands can be exchanged with other client programs (and users). ... An XPA name server program, xpans, through which XPA access point names are registered by servers and distributed to clients. ...
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... The XPA messaging system provides seamless communication between many kinds of Unix programs, including X programs and Tcl/Tk programs. It also provides an easy way for users to communicate with XPA-enabled programs by executing XPA client commands in the shell or by utilizing such commands in scripts. ... A program becomes an XPA-enabled server by defining named points of public access through which data and commands can be exchanged with other client programs (and users). ...
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3. Interfacing the Tk Toolkit to ADAM
... Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon OX11 0QX, U.K. љ This paper describes how Tcl and the Tk toolkit have been extended to send and receive Adam inter-task messages, and how it has been used to build graphically-oriented user interfaces for various data reduction tasks. ... The user interface uses the message system to control the task. ... adam_init . ... The user interface sends messages to the relay task using the Adam message system, which forwards them to the Adam tasks. ...
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4. Screen Layout
Next: Summary Up: Design Previous: Logical View . The screen design is part of the user interface development, and is a result of the storyboarding described in Section . ... This provides a good overview of how the user interface development had to be broken down to meet the design requirements. The Menu Bar is located at the top of the screen, and provides access to several functions available throughout the design session. ... The Palette of Objects is located in the upper right. ...
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5. Archive of Discussion of the 'duchamp' source-finding package Majordomo List
ATNF Home . ... About ATNF overview . ... Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Staff list | ... Email discussion lists . ... Australia Telescope Online Archive (ATOA) . ... Arch | ... Duchamp . ... CSIRO ATNF Data Archives . ... . ... . ... This email is sent partly to the duchamp-users exploder, and partly to my own list of people who've been in touch with me in the past about Duchamp. ...
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6. HTML Tag Reference
... Invoking a CGI Program . ... To open a document in your browser, use a URL that specifies an absolute or relative location for the document. An absolute location has the form: . ... To open a local file in your web browser, use a URL that has the form: . ... mailto: address For example: . ... To specify a URL that invokes a CGI program, specify the location of the CGI program, followed by a query string which contains the arguments for the program. ...
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7. pdev_software
The pnet, prun, psrv suite of programs . ... pnet -> prun -> psrv -> disc . ... It can forward commands from pnet to psrv and pass back the replies. prun starts the data taking, gets the data from the spectrometer, and passes it via a socket to the psrv program running on the file server. ... There is a psrv task for each prun task (one for each subband on a spectrometer box). prun starts psrv via xinetd by connecting to the well known port address. psrv accepts commands from pnet via prun. ...
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... Cheers, -Mike Data Providers (e.g., data centers, archives) Provider Name: NOAO Collection: High Resolution Atlas of Arcturus Spectra - 0.92-5.36 microns Characteristics: 310 ASCII tables of wavenumber vs flux Storage Format: Text tables Available online: Comments: Tables contain three flux values (arcturus spectrum, telluric spectrum and ratio) for both summer and winter observations. ... Linelists also available as text table ...
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9. Digital and Fortran 90
Digital Equipment Corporation has announced DEC Fortran 90/High Performance Fortran, which is a native Fortran 90/HPF compiler that includes support for parallel execution. ... For parallel execution, a package including DEC Fortran 90 V2.0 together with Digital's PSE is available for Alpha systems running Digital UNIX (OSF/1). For serial execution, DEC Fortran 90 V2.0 is available for Alpha systems running either Digital UNIX (OSF/1) or OpenVMS. ... DEC Fortran 90 V2.0 (for Digital UNIX) . ...
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MRO Delay Line Socket Initialisation Protocol for Delay Line Computers E. B. Seneta rev 1.0 13 October 2006 Cavendish Laboratory JJ Thomson Avenue Cambridge CB3 0HE UK Objective To describe the protocol by which network connections are to be made and broken between delay line computers. Scope This document describes how to make and break network connections for the purpose of sending and receiving delay line command, command data, status and telemetry messages. ...
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11. Command line options
... Common options . All SAS tasks support the following command line options: . ... If the task uses the ODF Access Layer ( oal ) the following command line option is recognized as well: . ... odf odf . ... odf can be the name of an ODF summary file as created by the task odfingest or merely the name of a directory containing one. ... All tasks may have additional parameters in a parameter file, that can be set on the command line (more information can be found in package param ). param = value . ...
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12. Miscellaneous Options
... This command specifies the default delay to be used under these circumstances. ... This command configures a trap receiver at the given host address and port number for sending messages with the specified local interface address. ... While such monitor programs may also request their own trap dynamically, configuring a trap receiver will ensure that no messages are lost when the server is started. setvar variable [ default ] . This command adds an additional system variable. ...
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13. Deleting mail messages
. To delete a message (or messages) from the mail folder that you are currently reading, enter the command: d message list . Messages are not deleted until you quit using the mail program. If you exit the mail program they are not deleted. Examples . Undeleting messages .
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14. The C Preprocessor
... Preprocessor Compiler Control . ... This directive includes a file into code. ... include <file> or #include ``file'' . ... As another example if running program on MSDOS machine we want to include file msdos.h otherwise a default.h file. ... This is most often used with programs that translate other languages to C. For example, error messages produced by the C compiler can reference the file name and line numbers of the original source files instead of the intermediate C (translated) source files. ...
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... The general­purpose data reduction package FIGARO is now available to be run from the IRAF CL, and more Starlink applications will follow in due course. ... A system has been developed to enable packages written for the Starlink Software Environment to be run from the IRAF CL so that an IRAF user can mix and match application tasks from the two environments as required to process data, all under the control of the IRAF CL. ... Mixing IRAF and Starlink Applications -- FIGARO under IRAF 179 3. ...
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16. Project METI@home: Messages to ETI from home
... SETI@home consists of a receiving Arecibo antenna, a professional team (PT), and a two-way Internet connection between the PT and an army of S@h users, who load from the S@h server special software for digital signal processing. ... Thereby, METI@home will consist of several originators, which may load via Internet from a M@h server special software for the creation of analog and digital messages. ... ETI as a Source of Information . ... Main Internet Server . ... ETI as a Customer of Information . ...
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17. UFO-USSR - an Astronomy Net UFO Forum Message
UFO Forum Message . ... UFO-USSR . ... It is an in-depth history of UFO (and USO) sightings in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and post-communist Russia. ... Petrozavodsk to Dalnegorsk, Ladoga, Orenburg,Voronezh, Tallin, Vashka, Sasovo, Stavropol and many more; from the secret Soviet spaceports to secret research centers to the secret Ministry of Defense UFO research programs. ... Soviet and Russian military research of paranormal phenomena . ... . About Astronomy Net | ...
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18. TUI:TUI Menu:Log Windows
Log windows display messages from all "actors" (instruments, the TCC, the hub...) and allow you to send commands. Controls along the top allow you to filter out unwanted garbage or highlight messages of particular interest. ... Regular Expressions . ... The entry field for "+ Actors" and "+ Commands" filtering accept space-separated regular expressions . ... If you plan to send many messages to a particular actor, you may select the actor from the menu next to the command entry field. ...
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19. ESO - Science Data Products Forum
... Science Users Information > Data Handling and Products > Science Data Products Forum . ... Science Software . ... Science Data Products Forum . ... The ESO Science Data Products Forum is a platform for sharing ideas,methods, software and data to assist with the production of science data products from ESO telescopes. ... Software, calibration data or documents up to 100MB in size can be attached to any post.This forum is not meant to distribute scientific results or data products to the community. ...
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20. httpd - Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol Server - Apache HTTP Server
Modules | Directives | ... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.4 > Programs . ... httpd is the Apache HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server program. ... Starting Apache httpd . Stopping Apache httpd . ... Process the configuration directive before reading config files. -c directive . ... Questions on how to manage the Apache HTTP Server should be directed at either our IRC channel, #httpd, on Freenode, or sent to our mailing lists . ...
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