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1. The AstroStat Slog Blog Archive [ArXiv] Recent bayesian studies from astro-ph
... In the past month, I?ve noticed relatively frequent paper appearance in arxiv/astro-ph whose title includes Bayesian or Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) . ... astro-ph:0708.2340v1] Bayesian Galaxy Shape Measurement for Weak Lensing Surveys -I. Methodology and a Fast Fitting Algorithm by L. Miller et. al. [astro-ph:0708.1871v1] Dark energy and cosmic curvature: Monte-Carlo Markov Chain approach by Y. Gong et. al. in addition to the previous posting in this slog, [ArXiv] Bayesian Star Formation Study. ...
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2. Bias-Free Parameter Estimation with Few Counts, by Iterative Chi-Squared
... We demonstrate through numerical simulations that model parameters estimated with our technique are essentially bias-free, even when the average number of counts per bin is 1. ... The IW technique avoids such biases by estimating through successive iterations, where for each iteration, j, , and the best-fit parameters are determined by minimization of . ... In our sample, we find that the minimum values and best-fit parameters converge after about 6 iterations. ...
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3. Parameters
... A list of spectrum files from a set of observations, referring to one RGS instrument and one spectral order. These spectra files must be produced using the attstyle=user and associated parameters from a call to rgsproc . ... A list of accompanying event list files, in the same order as the spectra files. ... If this parameter is set to yes, the spectra files of the input lists will be combined to produced a combined spectrum file each for both spectra and background spectra files. filermf . ...
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4. Model Fitting
Next: Simulations Up: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Previous: Introduction . The properties of an ensemble of faint galaxies can be defined by the distribution of the parameters of the models that best fit each individual object. ... The model also includes instrumental parameters, such as the sky background (estimated locally) and amplitude of the noise. ... The probability of the observed value is then computed for each pixel using the adopted error distribution. ...
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5. THE SCHED INPUT FILES (Includes parameter lists)
Next: The Schedule File Up: THE SCHED USER MANUAL Version Previous: Satellite Tracking Contents . This chapter covers the main input files that SCHED reads. ... See the SCHED Input and Output Files section of this manual for brief descriptions of the files and pointers to the standard versions. ... Summary List of SCHED Parameters . ... List of Frequency File Parameters . Setup Files . Standard Setup Files . ... Summary List of Setup File Parameters . Details of Setup File Parameters . ...
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6. HAWK-I Exposure Time Calculator
... Calculated exposure times do not take into account instrument and telescope overheads. ... The exposure time calculator consists of two pages. ... An instrument description for HAWK-I is available on the instrument page . ... begin{equation} \mathit{FWHM}_{\text{IQ}} = \sqrt{\mathit{FWHM}_{\text{atm}}^2(\mathit{s},x,\lambda)+\mathit{FWHM}_{\text{tel}}^2(\mathit{D},\lambda)+\mathit{FWHM}_{\text{ins}}^2(\lambda)} \end{equation} } \) . ... F_{\text{Kolb}} = \frac {1}{1+300 {\text{ }} D/L_{0}}-1$$ . ...
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7. SPUTNIK home page
... Average resolution at altitude H=668 km . ... Swath width at H=668 km and inclination of beginning of swath 20.48 degrees . ... Resolution at H=668 км . ... Наименование параметра . ... 1 канале . ... Полоса обзора при H=668 км . ... 1-5 спектральной зоне, не более . ... 1 спектральной зоне . 0,48-0,52 мкм . ... 0,915-0,997 мкм . ... 1-4 канал . ... 1-4 каналов . ... Спектральные характеристики каналов (по уровню 0,5): . ... For more information send a mail to: . ...
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8. DUST: dustiface.h File Reference
... dust_AbsXSec . Absorption Cross section. typedef void . ... Calculates the equilibrium temperature given the absorption cross section and a radiation field. double . ... Calculates the absortion cross section of a species/size of dust grain . ... The grain absorption cross section . ... The absorption cross section of the grain . ... Calculates the equilibrium emission at wavelength lambda from a (large) grain at temperature T and with absorption cross section xsection. double dust_EquiT . ...
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9. Linear polarization: wavelength dependence
... Fitting the observed dependence includes calculations of the polarization cross-sections averaged over particles orientation and size distribution, their normalization and the comparison of obtained dependencies with Serkowski's curve representing observational data for a chosen star. ... Variations of the polarization factors with wavelength are shown in Fig. 16 for homogeneous spheroidal particles with PF orientation. ... The distinction between prolate and oblate spheroids is also clearly seen. ...
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... Chapter 14. ... Data consist of numbers, of course. ... In the following sections, you will repeatedly encounter the following paradigm: § apply some formula to the data to compute a statistic § compute where the value of that statistic falls in a probability distribution that is computed on the basis of some null hypothesis § if it falls in a very unlikely spot, way out on a tail of the distribution , conclude that the null hypothesis is false for your ... 603 604 Chapter 14. ...
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... Satellite data ] . SMIS ] . The program is designed to process the specific AVHRR instrument data for calculation and analysis of temperature fields on the sea surface and upper level of clouds. It performs brightness correction for visible channels with regards to clouds altitude. ... The program features a wide variety of classification algorithms (including two-dimensional histogram analysis) and enables to construct personal procedures for classification. ... Back to SMIS Home Page . ...
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12. Low Surface Brightness Galaxy Gallery
In this gallery are many images of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies which have recently been discovered and analyzed. ... The central surface brightness of this galaxy is 24.28 . Malin 2 This galaxy is another huge disk galaxy with a scale length of 15 kpc and a redshift of 15000 km/a. The high surface brightness knot in one of its spiral arms actually has the same color, luminosity and H-alpha equivalent width as the entire Large Magellanic Cloud . ... Truly it is a Low Surface Brightness Galaxy. ...
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13. Spectral energy distribution
... In brief: the frequency-dependent radiative transfer equation is solved for a dust under assumption of spherically-symmetric geometry for its distribution taking into account particle size distribution and quantum heating effects for the very small dust particles. ... Table: Model parameters for IRAS04296+3429. ... parameter . ... hot dust shell) . ... The best fit to the spectral energy distribution of IRAS04296 is shown by heavy solid line (see Table2 for details concerning parameters of the model...
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14. Initial Distributions of Binary Parameters
Next: Star Formation Rate and Up: No Title Previous: Calculation of Evolutionary Tracks . To start calculations, we choose the distributions of the initial binary parameters: the mass of the primary ZAMS component, , binary mass ratio, , orbital separation a . ... whereas the mass ratio distribution is not. ... The zero assumption often made is that the mass ratio distribution has a flat shape, that is binaries with a high mass ratio occur as frequently as those with equal masses. ...
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15. Echelle Spectra
Next: Echelle Reduction Method Up: No Title Previous: Example . This Chapter provides the basic information necessary to understand the echelle љ package implemented in MIDAS . ... Tutorial examples are available in the system (command TUTORIAL/ECHELLE ) and are also included in the Appendix so that users without previous experience in MIDAS could become familiar with the calibration procedures. ... The methods described here are generally sufficient to cover a wide range of echelle formats. ...
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16. Building and Installing the Distribution
Following are instructions to build and install the programs in this distribution. Make sure that you have all necessary tools for building executables. ... The automatic build process expects a configuration file called Config.local . ... The configuration file specifies the directory in which to install the binaries, as well as control over the generation of debugging code and reference clock support. ... Cleans out object files, programs and temporary files. make distclean . ...
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17. List of currently available KP AZ.
Orbital data : INTERBALL AZ GSE and GSM cartesian coordinates, GSE cartesian velocity (once per 10 minutes). ... Magnetic field data from IMAP experiment. Magnetic fileld absolute value and magnetic field index (the difference between absolute value and model value), status flag. ... Counts of H+ and O+ ions are accumulated during one spin period by detectors D6 (antisunward looking), D8 (spin plane), D10 (sunward looking) of TRICS2 subsystem (1.0-30 keV). ... TRICS1, TRICS2, TRICS3 subsystems: . ...
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XmCCD ----- The programs provided here offer a Linux graphical user interface to astronomical and scientific CCD cameras. SBIG has provided the library used here. It is essentially the same library used by commercial software for control of their cameras under Windows. ... This distribution includes source code to utilize the Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) shared library with a Motif-based graphical user interface program to control SBIG astronomical CCD cameras. ...
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19. Multipoint correlations of the solar wind parameters observed by several
The problem of solar wind data correlation for the observations onboard several spacecraft is very important for three points of view: . ... This problem is studied now in detail by systematic determination of ion flux and ion velocity data correlations by INTERBALL-1 (IKI group), WIND and IMP 8 (both - MIT group). ... Solar wind plasma correlation lengths from IMP 8, WIND and INTERBALL-1. ... Correlation of solar wind observations onboard several spacecraft: INTERBALL-1, IMP 8 and WIND data. ...
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[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 5.6 Кб -- 21.01.1997
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20. sfit help file
... SFIT is a general-purpose code designed to optimize theoretical stellar spectra to an observed spectrum. ... While the programme expects input from "stdio", it is more natural to save commands in a file (eg "sfit_input") and run the code simply by . ... If the spectra to be fitted have a filename "star_spectrum", then the best fit spectrum will be written out, together with the renormalized input spectrum, to a file called "". ... sets up model spectrum grid (and for 2nd star) . ...
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