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1. Standard Patterns for Substepping and Background Measurement
... This table shows how each STEP-PATT pattern measures the background for a science exposure. Listed are the STEP-PATT number, the number of spectrum bins for which substepping occurs, the number of background bins measured, the diodes used to measure the background, the fraction of the total time spent measuring flux on the science diodes, the gratings for which the STEP-PATT is appropriate, and the shortest exposure that can be used for that pattern. ... Table 8.3: - STEP-PATT Specifications . ...
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2. WAPP Signal Processing Page
The Wideband Arecibo Pulsar Processor Signal Processing Page . ... Raw Correlation . ... The WAPP uses custom digital hardware to create estimates of correlation functions from sampled data. The digital hardware used to estimate correlation function uses quantization to represent input . After creating an estimate of input correlation functions, the Wiener-Khintchine Theorem is applied to create estimates of input Power spectral density (PSD) and Stokes parameters . ... 3 Level . ...
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3. Channel Selection, Averaging and Doppler Correction - UV Linetypes
... Many Miriad tasks support on-the-fly selection and averaging of the channels to be processed. ... Channel-0' data (data formed by averaging all spectral channels together) are also treated as continuum data. ... For the spectral data, if the channel number does not correspond reasonably directly with velocity ( e.g. if Doppler tracking was not used), then it might be desirable to resample the spectral data at equal increments in velocity. ... channel . This gives raw or averaged spectral channels. ...
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These are very prominent absorption lines is most all galaxies. ... These pair of absorption lines will appear in all the spectra and they should be your principle source for determining the redshift. ... When this applet opens you will see an iconic representation of galaxies in the left hand side of the applet and a target area in the right side of the applet. ... Note: What you are doing in this excercise is identical to what Hubble did in the 1920's and you are using the same galaxies. ...
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5. Correction of the energy scale in specific pixels
... Ideally, this map contains the energy offset for each pixel (expressed in analog-to-digital units, adu). ... High-energy particles hitting the EPIC pn CCD during the offset map calculation may cause the affected pixels to get offset values which are incorrect by a few adu. ... Due to the specific method of deriving the offset map onboard, the affected areas occur often in blocks of four consecutive pixels along readout direction. ... The affected pixels usually get an offset which is too small. ...
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... A theory suggests that a certain sub-class of gamma-ray bursts all have the same absolute magnitude. ... The author claims that this absolute magnitude is so different from that in the previous sample that this must belong to a new sub-class of gamma-ray bursts. ... To do this, there needs to be some feature in their spectra which correlates with their absolute magnitude. ... Consider a telescope which is continually monitoring a star, looking for transits due to planets orbiting this star. ...
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7. The AstroStat Slog Blog Archive Differential Emission Measure [Eqn]
... Archives . ... Magnitude [Eqn] . ... Differential Emission Measures (DEMs) are a summary of the temperature structure of the outer atmospheres (aka coronae) of stars, and are usually derived from a select subset of line fluxes. ... is called the Differential Emission Measure and is a very useful summary of the temperature structure of stellar coronae. ... Tags: DEM , Differential Emission Measure , EotW , Equation , Equation of the Week , stellar coronae . ... Comment ( RSS ) | ... Chandra Blog . ...
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Microsymposium 34, MS058, 2001 ANOMALIES OF THE MOON'S THERMAL EMISSION IN THE IR SPECTRAL RANGE (10.5 - 12.5 micron). ... Sternberg State Astronomical Institute, Moscow, 119899, Russia, Summary: New satellite measurements of the lunar-surface radiation temperature were used to construct the spatial angular function of thermal radiation of the Moon in the infrared (10.5-12.5 micron) spectral range. ... These thermal anomalies are observed only in the limited range of phase angles. ...
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Application of X-ray Crystallographic Detector to Whole Breast Digital Mammography . ... Our system is composed of modules in which a gadolinium oxysulfide phosphor is deposited directly onto a fiber optic taper which is bonded to a CCD. ... We present measured MTF and light output data from Gd2O2S:Tb phosphors of various thicknesses, and discuss implications for the developmental breast imaging detector. ... The measured module MTF is significantly poorer than that of its phosphor alone (Figure 1). ...
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10. Interactive Fitting of EUVE Emission Line Spectra
... An interactive IRAF task for the analysis of Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer ( EUVE ) emission line spectra is presented. The line flux in extracted spectra may be measured by multiple techniques, including fitting individual lines. ... To aid in identifying lines, the positions of known lines may be marked on the spectrum during the fitting process. Also, model EUVE spectra may be constructed and overlaid using plasma emissivities and source emission measures supplied by the user. ...
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11. Thomson's method of spectral estimation
... Thomson's multiple window method of spectral estimationthomson provides a very good estimate of the power spectrum by measuring the energy contained within a collection of rectangular shaped frequency intervals. ... Often, much of the fine structure of a spectral estimate is due to noise. It should be stressed that while other methods of spectral estimation (such as the Welchoppenheim method) exist, the Thomson method is particularly noteworthy for its precisely defined rectangular frequency bins. ...
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12. IBIS - Installation
... The black line shows the spectrum from the Jungfrau atlas, while the redline shows the average spectral profile measured from a single spectral scan. ... Right: The residual line center positions averaged over all twenty spectral scans, showing the horizontal stripes due to spectral variations in the fringe pattern that are uncorrected due to the lack of flat fielding. ... The line center positions determined for each spectral line also show random fluctuations of approimately the same magnitude. ...
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13. TUI:Scripts:Built In Scripts:Telescope:Pointing Data
The Telescope:Pointing Data script takes set of pointing error measurements of pointing reference stars across the sky. ... To retry measuring the star, fix the problem (e.g. by adjusting focus, exposure time or offset) and press Continue . ... For each point in the az/alt grid the script will find and slew to a nearby pointing reference star, measure the star, write the pointing error to a data file whose path is displayed, and correct the pointing error. ...
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14. XWare > APOD
... The Space Shuttle Docking Ring . ... Glowing across the electromagnetic spectrum, the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is thought to be home to massive stars, rotating gas rings, and a massive black hole. ... Dust and Gas Surrounding Star R Coronae Australis . ... Clementine's star tracker camera image reveals (from right to left) the Moon lit by Earthshine, the Sun's corona rising over the Moon's dark limb, and the planets Saturn, Mars, and Mercury. ... Cassini Spacecraft Approaches Jupiter . ...
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15. Additional Parts of Theoretical Astrophysics
Stationary Shock Waves. ... Influence of Medium Ionization on Shock Wave Propagation. Shock Waves with Decays. ... Results of Classic Theory of Radiation of the Electron Moving in Ion Field. ... Classification and Physical Features of Galaxies. X-Radiation of Coronae of Elliptical Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies. ... Methods of Obtaining of Information about Physical Conditions and Components of Interstellar Medium. ... Ionization Fronts and Shock Waves in the Interstellar Medium. ...
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16. Methods and instruments to measure/monitor major site properties
... The Science Operation Department is composed of Astronomers, Telescope Instruments Operators(TIOs) and Data Handling Administrators(DHAs). ... Astronomers have proposed several methods to quantitatively measure the amount of turbulence above the telescope, which the most common ones is Differential Image Motion Monitor (DIMM). In optical testing, the Hartmann test is the common method to test the quality of optical components. ... Hartmann mask consists of 48 lenses. ...
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... RADIATION AND ECOLOGICAL MONITORING . ... OF MEASURING CHANNELS . Parameters of ecological fields measured by ARES . Parameter measured, . ... Volumetric activity of gases radionuclides in the air, Bq/m 3 : . ... of inert gases . ... Volumetric activity of a- and b-active aerosols, Bq/m 3 : . ... Concentration of nitric oxide NO, mg/m 3 . ... Meteorological parameters measured by ARES . ... 0.5 + 0.05 V), where V - measured wind velocity . ... Official WEB-site of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia . ...
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18. Measuring Internet Access
... A measure of the success of the web-site is the annual number of distinct e-Visitors (DEVs) to Armagh, in fact the number of distinct hosts served by the Observatory's web-site. ... During 2003, the numbers of successful page requests (i.e. `hits') to files of all types on each of the three web-sites listed were 3,983,000 (7-month's data), 890,000, and 675,000 respectively, whilst an estimated 470,000 Distinct e-Visitors visited the three web-sites during the year. ... 80,000 . ... 134,000 . ...
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19. APOD: 2000 October 19 - The Farthest Explosion Yet Measured
... 2000 October 19 . The Farthest Explosion Yet Measured . ... What is known is that satellites across our Solar System reported on 2000 January 31 a tremendous explosion of gamma rays had occurred towards some previously uninteresting direction. ... The VLT not only recorded an optical counterpart , shown above , but also was able to estimate that the cosmologically-induced redshift was an astonishing 4.5 -- placing GRB000131 farther across the universe than any explosion so measured. ...
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20. Detector of hydrogen isotopes (ISIV)
Detector of hydrogen isotopes (ISIV) . ... Measurements of hydrogen isotopes content in surface layer of a solid (provided that the content is more than 0.01 %). ... Content of hydrogen isotopes of a sample is measured by nondestructive technique of direct measurements in the surface layer. ... Measurable hydrogen isotopes content   ~0.01 wt. ... Area surface of sample                                         ~10 cm 2 . ... G. Dolnikov +7(495)333-25-66, . ...
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[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 5.9 Кб -- 02.10.2006
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