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1. SAS package check list
... Check a package against all these points before delivering it. files should be -rw-r--r-- or -r--r--r-- . ... should contain only the files ChangeLog DEPEND Makefile VERSION DISTRIBUTION . ... ChangeLog should contain a list of open SPRs including their number. ... If the package contains a task, DEPEND must contain taskmain. For each library in USEDLIBS statements in all Makefiles in the package, the corresponding package should be listed in DEPEND . ... Makefile should contain TEXDOCS=task . ...
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2. Directories and Paths
The working directory can be changed by typing ESC D . Hermes then prompts the user for a new directory like this: . This directory will then be used for tasks started after the change. ... The working directory can also be set in the Hermes defaults file . The task path can be changed with ESC T . Upon the prompt that follows one or more directories separated by blanks can be specified. ... If it is not in one of the specified directories, Hermes tries to find the task in $gip_exe . ...
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3. Directories
The File System . A directory is a collection of files within a user's account (actually, it's a logical structure of files anywhere on the system, but we will focus here on how directories are used in your own user area). ... Typing DIR at the system prompt will list all the files in the current directory. ... DIR ). ... A directory can be deleted using the DELETE command, just like you would delete a file, except that the directory must be empty (no files in it) and the protection on the . ...
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4. OptInt PmWiki : PmWiki / Backup and Restore
OptInt PmWiki : Pm Wiki / Backup and Restore . ... Uploads administration > . ... Your wiki installation contains some unique data in the following directories: . ... The following *nix command, executed from the parent directory of your wiki's directory, will put a complete backup archive of your site in your home directory. tar -zcvf ~/wiki-backup-`date +%Y%m`.tar.gz wiki/ . ... If your site doesn't have uploads, just visit your site once so the wiki.d/ directory will be created. ...
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5. Apache module mod_auth
This module provides for user authentication using text files. ... Available after Apache 1.3.20] The supplied username and password must be in the AuthUserFile database, and the username must also match the system's name for the owner of the file being requested. ... Available after Apache 1.3.20] The supplied username and password must be in the AuthUserFile database, the name of the group that owns the file must be in the AuthGroupFile database, and the username must be a member of that group. ...
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... The default display type is Auto (ScanDisk ; adjusts to the current display). ... ScanTimeOut Determines whether ScanDisk should detect disk timeouts ; while performing a surface scan. ... Surface Determines whether ScanDisk will perform a surface scan: ; Never (Default) Does not perform a surface scan. ... The Prompt value causes ScanDisk to prompt you for a disk. ... The next five settings accept any of the following values: ; Prompt Causes ScanDisk to prompt you before fixing this problem. ...
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NAME ABbuilder - DFO data organization tool SYNOPSIS ABbuilder <options> where <options> are: --raw-dir directory containing raw data --cal-dir directory containing calib data --cal-ldir directory containing symbolic links to calib files --cal-list mcalib list --vcal-dir directory containing virtual products --pro-dir where pipeline products are created --ab-dir where association blocks are created --oca-rul file containing OCA rules --instrume instrument --date YYYY-MM-DD --mode { CALIB | ...
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8. The /etc directory
Next: The /dev directory Up: The root filesystem Previous: The root filesystem . The /etc љ directory contains a lot of files. ... See the chapter on init љ for further information. /etc/passwd љ . ... Lists the filesystems mounted automatically at startup by the mount -a command (in /etc/rc љ or equivalent startup file). ... etc/issue љ . ... See the magic љ and file љ manual pages for more information. /etc/motd љ . ... Files executed at login or startup time by the Bourne or C shells. ...
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9. Removing linked directories that contain links
... Look at this example: pwd (print the user's working directory ) /home/tom/reports ls ../tmp/ drafts (list the contents of this directory ) expenditure targets ln -s $HOME/tmp/ drafts quarterly (use a symbolic link to make the directory ) cd quarterly (change directory to this linkname ) ln $HOME/accounts/ expenses (link a file to this linkname ) ls (list the contents of the linked directory ) (the linked file is listed) ...
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10. PULSARS 705
CATS home ] [ Back to CATS list ] [ ftp ] . ... 529Taylor, Manchester Lyne The pub/ catalog directory contains the following files : Makefile UNIX makefile to compile the catalog software README The file you are now reading ascat1.dat Machine-readable version of the pulsar catalog ascat1.def Include file for rdascat1.f bincat.f Converts catalog to binary for faster reading cra.f Some utility subroutines psrcat.tar.Z Compressed tarfile containing all the other ...
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11. IDL programs
... This program was created for correlating chosen regions in the series of fts images. ... Chosen regions' . ... In this section the program counts the integral for each region of the grid for each image. ... As a matter of fact, the integral is total brightness of the region and it is counted by 'int_tabulated' IDL function. ... In addition, the program will show the count of the regions which correlate with the corresponding region (the brighter region means the bigger count) and its contour. ...
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12. Software Develpment: ST-ECF IRAF Package
Software Development: ST-ECF IRAF Package : Installation instructions . ST-ECF quit 2) Create a directory to contain the STECF external package files. ... 3) Log in as IRAF and edit the extern.pkg file in the hlib directory to define the package to the CL. From the IRAF account, outside the CL, you can move to this directory with the command: % cd $hlib Define the environment variable stecf to be the pathname to the stecf root directory. ... Maintained by Richard Hook ...
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13. About this Book
... JavaScript is Netscape's cross-platform, object-based scripting language for client and server applications. This book explains everything you need to know to begin using core and client-side JavaScript. ... JavaScript Versions . ... Each version of Navigator supports a different version of JavaScript. ... The following table lists the JavaScript version supported by different Navigator versions. ... Each version of the Netscape Enterprise Server also supports a different version of JavaScript. ...
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14. ASCII files description
... Co-ordinate systems description . Directories structure . The file names' construction . The file set description . ... The orbital information for each month is presented in the separate directory. The INTERBALL orbital data are located on the STDA server, for each month in the separate subdirectory, which name consists from the year (YYYY) and month (MM) numbers. The Parent Directory of the Tail Probe orbital data is . ...
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15. Adding Variables to CONFIG.SYS
README for XFree86 on OS/2 : Adding Variables to CONFIG.SYS . ... ETC . Set to an ETC directory. Normally, this is already set to the ETC directory of the TCP/IP code, such as SET ETC=C:\TCPIP\ETC For Warp 4 and later, this may point to the \MPTN\ directory. ... Normally you will set this variable to the same value as the HOSTNAME variable and simply add a :0.0 after it, such as SET DISPLAY=myhost:0.0 Read the X11 man page on the exact meaning of these postfixes and other options. ...
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16. How to Use a BDF font with X11
Before you start, it would be good to know if you already have a font directory in your home directory. ... I suggest a directory called "fonts" in your home directory. Depending on your X11 version and configuration, you may need to make this directory world-readable. prompt: cd prompt: mkdir fonts prompt: chmod 755 fonts prompt: cd fonts Next, move the bdf file(s) into the fonts directory. ... By editing a file called fonts.alias in your fonts directory, you can give any font another name. ...
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17. Index of /~akarakas/model_data
... reference to the following paper: Karakas Lattanzio (2007, PASA, submitted) Each file contains: 1) pulse number 2) the core mass , Mcore ( Msun ) 3) maximum mass of the intershell convection zone, M_csh ( Msun ) 4) duration of intershell convection , t_csh (years) 5) mass dredged into the envelope, D_dredge ( Msun ) 6) lambda 7) lambda_dup defined by Goriely Mowlavi (= lambda x (DMh/Mpulse) where Mpulse is the maximum ...
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18. File Access and Directory System Calls
... This basically involves calling appropriate functions to traverse a directory hierarchy or inquire about a directories contents. int chdir(char *path) -- changes directory to specified path string. ... There are many system calls that can applied directly to files stored in a directory. int access(char *path, int mode) -- determine accessibility of file. path points to a path name naming a file. access() checks the named file for accessibility according to mode , defined in #include <unistd.h> : . ...
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19. Astrophysical Research Consortium - Apache Point Observatory
... How do have my images go into a different directory? To put your images into a directory other than the standard /export/images you MUST create the directory from the dryrot prompt. ... Create the directory with the following command dryrot: mkdir /export/images/ your directory Now when you set up the directory in spicam you need to type spicam: path /export/images/ your directory This will now put the images into your directory. ...
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20. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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