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1. Examples of changing environment variables: Korn shell
To change to using another printer for the current login session: PRINTER=ps2 . ... To change to using another editor for the current login session and inform (export) this value to other programs which use it: EDITOR=vi export EDITOR . This changes the user's default editor to vi and exports this value to other programs - such as electronic mail - which make use of it. To change to using another pager for viewing files the user adds the following lines to their .profile file. ...
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2. Tour of VMS for First-Time Users
... This section is a brief tutorial for first-time VMS users. Commands introduced here will not be described in detail--more involved discussions will be left to later chapters. ... For example, if you type SHOW without an argument, the system will respond with _What: If you forget the form of a command, type HELP command . ... PRINT JUNK.TXT To get rid of a file you don't need, use the DELETE command followed by the complete file name--including file type and version number. ... Commands . ...
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3. VLBI Wiki | EXPReS / CommandSet
... During eVLBI the JIVE correlator control software issues the following commands from the Mark5A command set to the Mark5 at the station: . ... m5data 2630/tcp # Mark5 data . ... Used to set the output data rate of the Mark5 at the station. It's probably safe to ignore this command, but there might be problems if you send data at a higher data rate than the Mark5 on our end expects. ... Expected response: . ... Used to make the Mark5 stop playing if it was playing back data from disk. ...
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4. Doug Burke's Perl/S-Lang pages: Structure examples
... Doug's Home Page . ... S-Lang structures are converted to hash references in Perl , as shown below. ... n\n ; print Structure contents:\n ; # you can treat $s as a reference to a hash array in most respects, except: # - the order of the keys in the array matches that of the # original S-Lang structure # while ( my ( $ key , $ value ) = each %{$s} ) { print key $ key \t has a value of $ value \n ; } print \n ; $$s{afield} = 'a changed field value '; print ...
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5. Writing programs that use comedi and comedilib
Comedi Documentation . ... Right to the source: #include <stdio.h> /* for printf() */ #include <comedilib.h> int subdev = 0; /* change this to your input subdevice */ int chan = 0; /* change this to your channel */ int range = 0; /* more on this later */ int aref = AREF_GROUND; /* more on this later */ int main(int argc,char *argv[]) { comedi_t *it; lsampl_t data; it=comedi_open("/dev/comedi0"); comedi_data_read(it,subdev,chan,range,aref,&data); printf("%d\n",data); return 0; } . ...
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6. MIDAS System Control
Next: Tape Input and Up: Commands Grouped by Previous: Commands Grouped by . Execute a MIDAS procedure . ... CHANGE/DIRECTORY Change the default (current) directory for MIDAS . ... CONNECT/BACK_MIDAS Connect "command syntax" to another MIDAS . ... CREATE/DEFAULTS Create special defaults for MIDAS commands . ... DELETE/COMMAND Delete a user defined command . DELETE/DEFAULTS Delete special defaults for command . ... DELETE/LOG Delete log file . ... SHOW/COMMANDS Display MIDAS commands . ...
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7. Actor Prolog User Guide. Residents.
In Actor Prolog a resident is a special mechanism that helps processes to inspect state of other processes. A resident observes the state of a specified (target) process and if the state of the process changes (for instance, after message handling) it proves a specified predicate of the process. ... Work of the resident. ... Any change of the list of target processes or arguments of resident function results in activation of the resident and repeated collection of information in the target worlds. ...
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8. pdev_software
The pnet, prun, psrv suite of programs . ... pnet -> prun -> psrv -> disc . ... It can forward commands from pnet to psrv and pass back the replies. prun starts the data taking, gets the data from the spectrometer, and passes it via a socket to the psrv program running on the file server. ... There is a psrv task for each prun task (one for each subband on a spectrometer box). prun starts psrv via xinetd by connecting to the well known port address. psrv accepts commands from pnet via prun. ...
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9. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions
... Bad Astronomy . ... I think I will break from my usual format of Bad Astronomy/ Good Astronomy by saying that the way we define seasons currently is not strictly bad, but I feel (in my opinion!) that it could be better. The definition of when the seasons begin is at the moment of solstice or equinox; that is, winter (in the north) starts on December 22 nd and summer starts on June 22 nd . ... Now imagine breaking up the Sun's 46 degree up-and-down yearly swing into 1 day intervals. ...
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10. mod_ext_filter - Apache HTTP Server
... Directives | ... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . ... ext_filter_module . ... mod_ext_filter directive to define a filter # to HTML-ize text/c files using the external # program /usr/bin/enscript, with the type of # the result set to text/html ExtFilterDefine c-to-html mode= output \ intype=text/c outtype=text/html \ cmd = /usr/bin/enscript --color -W html -Ec -o - - Directory /export/home/trawick/apacheinst/htdocs/c # core directive to cause the new filter to # be run on ...
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11. Long description for change bar example
... The changebar (represented by two hyphens in the image) appears in the 10px space to the left of the paragraph. The illustration shows a vertical line that represents the left edge of the paragraph's containing block. ... The change bars (two red hyphens) appear to the left of the word "THIS", which begins the fourth line of text. The following PRE element simulates the example. Vertical bars represent the left containing block edge. ... to the left of the line containing | ...
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12. OptInt PmWiki : Url Approvals
OptInt PmWiki . ... PmWiki . ... This page explains how to discourage "link spamming" on your wiki site using PmWiki's urlapprove.php script. ... allowing you to limit the number of unapproved links that may be added to a page. ... The reason for this is that the approve mechanism only approves links on the current page. ... To see what link is to be approved without editing the page a tool tip can be displayed when the cursor hovers over the (approve links) link that displays the URL. e.g. Example . ...
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13. Examples
... espfilt (espfilt-1.0.3) [xmmsas_20080701_1801-8.0.0] . ... The default min and max channels will be 2500eV and 12000eV respectively. espfilt eventset =''file1 file2 file3'' withsmoothing= yes smooth=25 this command will cause espfilt to loop through the 3 individual files listed, and change the default smoothing from 60 to 25. espfilt eventset =''MOS2S002.fits'' withspecranges= yes specminchan=500 specmaxchan=12000 this command will change the ...
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14. Electronic version of Russian Bulletin
... Corresponding authors will receive an e-mail with a PDF file of paged proof for checking and correction. The file can be read and edited using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 9 and higher) which can be free downloaded via the Internet ( http://get.adobe.c om/reader/ ). ... You can use text correction tools to make corrections (after selecting the necessary text fragment). ... For users of Adobe Reader 9: . ... to insert text without replacing the existing text, use the "Insert text at cursor" tool. ...
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15. (Untitled)
I. Installation . ... AMPLE package distributive (created with program InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++) has been downloaded on FTP server of IAA RAS as archive ... Note: If the window "file download" appears, select Open... switch button, then press OK button. ... The shortcut for AMPLE will be linked with this folder, and auxiliary files will be created here during AMPLE work. ... When running AMPLE all auxiliary and new configuration files are created in the WORK folder. ...
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16. Meade Instruments Corporation - Pictor Manual Part 3
... Meade Instruments Corporation . ... Section 3: File Menu . ... Displays the dialog to open an existing image: . ... Saves the current image as a new file name or new file type, or both. ... This can be useful to prevent having 20 or more images open at once, and saves having to close them manually. ... This is done by creating a text file with the same name as the image file. ... Note that Image Information is saved within the FITS file, so there will not be a text file to accompany these files. ...
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17. Keeping Bibliographies using ADS
... Previous: Literature and Catalogs in Electronic Form: Questions, Ideas and an Example: the IBVS . ... Astronomers can use the ADS to maintain their publication lists; a simple http link can bring a current bibliography at any time. ... For example the following links to Martha Hazen's bibliography.,m. &aut_syn=YES&nr_to_return=all . ... To have a complete bibliography via ADS one needs but to add the missing articles into ADS. ...
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18. GOCG Pre-Observation Products
Next: Navigation Pre-Observation Products . ... SRT (Space Radio Telescope) Schedule (SRS) File . ... What: GOCG generates the Space Radio Telescope (SRT) schedule file, or SRS file, from current GSTS file. The SRS file has more precise time stamps than long-term schedules, and also designates which GTS will be used when. ... The SRS file also serves as the antenna pointing schedule file, as it describes the planned orientation of the spacecraft (and solar panels) as a function of time. ...
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19. TUI:TUI Menu:Preferences Window
The Preferences window allows you to specify various application preferences (surprise!) It is brought up by selecting Preferences from the TUI Menu. ... Each preference may be edited by clicking on it. If the value is changed to anything other than the current value then an exclamation mark is shown between the name and the value. ... Seq By File : controls whether whether images are numbered in the order taken (unchecked) or are numbered separately for each image name (checked). ...
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20. The Face on Mars
The Face on Mars . ... The Raw Images . Table 1: List of Viking Orbiter Images of the "Face on Mars" . ... Processing the Face Images . Table 2: Dimensions of Mercator Projected Images of "The Face on Mars" . Map Projected Images . ... Processing the "Face on Mars" Images . ... This page will provide interested persons with both the raw Viking images, transformed to GIF format, and a brief tutorial (with examples) of image processing techniques applied to create "better looking" images. ...
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