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1. IKI IPL home page
You can also see this page in Russian with using KOI8 (X Windows) or CP1251 (MS Windows) Cyrillic coding. The Laboratory supports the space TV experiments, mainly in the planetary exploration missions. ... Image Co-registration . ... PHOBOS mission - Martian satellites investigations. Phobos on the Martian limb, the image from Phobos-2 probe from 02/28/89. ... Russian Space Bulletin. ... Last modified at June,26 1997 Alexey Kuzmin: . Back to IKI home page ...
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2. S.P.Korolev RSC Energia - LAND LAUNCH SYSTEM
... LAND LAUNCH . ... March 15–29, 2008 . Prelaunch processing of Block DM-SLB №1TL within the Zenit-3SLB ILV. ... April 2–5, 2008 . ... Assembly and nominal processing of Ascent Unit №1L. Nominal prelaunch processing of launch vehicle Zenit-2S №1L within the Zenit-3SLB ILV. ... State Committee accepted a decision on the Zenit-3SLB ILV roll-out to LC for ILV further processing for the Amos-3 SC launch planned for April 24, 2008. ... 1-st launch day. ... Official WEB-site of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia . ...
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3. QA rules: DFS commissioning
... The Quality Assurance rules applicable to DFS commissioning : . The DFS commissioning process is a whole of activities marked out by 5 milestones, all mandatory : . the Commissioning Kick-off. the Integration Kick-off. the Integration Acceptance. the Installation Kick-off. and the Commissioning Acceptance. Then, at the level of every DFS components updated for the commissioning, there is another sub-process to perform . ... Template for defining a Commissioning Plan : to be defined. ...
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4. Extended time series of Solar Activity Indices
Extended time series of Solar Activity Indices (ESAI) is database including observational, synthetic and simulated sets to study Solar magnetic field variations and their influence on the Earth. ESAI extend the ordinary lengths of some traditional indices of solar activity: sunspot areas, Wolf numbers (equatorial component of magnetic field of the Sun), polar faculae numbers (polar component), mean latitudes, N-S asymmetry of hemispheres (location of activity). Series . ...
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5. Signal Processing and Telecommunications
... Non-linear dynamics of optical and spin waves in magnetically ordered layers and layered structures. ... Magneto-optics: interaction of propagating light and spin waves in ferromagnetic films and layered structures (including non-linear waves). ... The technology of these components utilises recent physical achievements in the fields of spinwave and vibration processes in solid state layered structures. ... Telecommunications. ... Physics Department, Joule Laboratory, Salford University, UK . ...
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6. Thermal History of the Universe
The above process keeps the # of protons and the # of neutrons in the early Universe constant. This is extremely important and will result in a testable prediction later. Remember, a free neutron (one that is not bound in an atomic nucleus) will decay into a proton + electron (+ anti-neutrino) in about 900 seconds. ... During this epoch, the proton-to-neutron ratio is 1.0 . ... The Universe consists of protons, neutrons and electrons plus a photon background and a neutrino background. ...
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... Moscow, Russia E-mail: Notes: · · The Monte Carlo method (s) is also called the statistical test method An innumerable number of processes can be listed the outcome of which is not determined and has probabilistic nature, but these processes obey statistical laws, so to obtain the result we have to make multiple similar tests, i.e. to use the MC method Because probabilistic processes are widely spread in nature, the MC ...
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8. The AstroStat Slog Blog Archive [ArXiv] component separation methods
... Archives . ... The PCA and ICA is used for separating mixed components with some assumptions. ... The need of source separation methods in astronomy has led various adaptations of decomposition methods available. ... I rarely come up with a paper which gathered and summarized component separation methods applicable to astronomical data. In that regards, the following paper seems useful to overview methods of reducing dimensionality for astronomers. [arxiv:0805.0269] . ... Chandra Blog . ...
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9. Observation Process
Next: Prior Models Up: Prior Models and the Previous: Bayesian Paradigm . The observed image differs from the true brightness distribution in having been blurred and encountering statistical noise in the recording process. ... Let us describe the noise models. ... This model can be approximated, at least for high brightness values, by the Gaussian distribution . ... The noise model we will use in this paper is Poissonian; see Molina and Ripley (1989) for the use of robust Gaussian noise models. ...
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10. "STP Data" STP Data
... Minute Values of Geomagnetic Field Components . ... AA 1868 - Present (3 hourly and daily) (monthly) (yearly) (Lists and histograms of geomagnetic disturbance and Solar Sunspots) KP_AP 1932 - Present (3 hourly and daily) (Lists and histograms of geomagnetic disturbance and Solar Sunspots) AE_HV 1957-75, 78-88 (hourly) AE_MIN 1978-881-6;198903;1990-94 (minute) DST 1957 - Present (hourly) PC 1975 - Present (15-minute) AMANAS 1959 - Present (3 hourly and daily) KMKNKS 1983 - Present (3 hourly) . ...
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HIGH RESOLUTION IONOSPHERIC MASS SPECTROMETER P-11 . ... Onboard mass-spectrometric equipment for study of neutral and ionized components of Earth upper atmosphere. Mass-spectrometer P-11 is one of P-series modifications of the on board radio-frequency monopole spectrometers. ... The instruments of P-series have passed successful approbation in space experiments aboard geophysical rockets MP-12, launched for investigation of Earth upper atmosphere (Ref. ... Measured mass number range, AMU - 1.. ...
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12. PS_obj.html
... Shematovich, V.I . ... Shematovich, V. I. ; Bisikalo, D. V.; Marov , M. Ya . ... Shematovich, V.I., Bisikalo, D.V., and Gerard J.-C. Superthermal particles in the planetary atmosphere. ... Shematovich, V.I., Bisikalo, D.V., and Gerard, J.-C. The thermospheric odd nitrogen photochemistry : role of non-thermal N(4S) atoms (abstract) . ... Geophys ., ... Gerard, J.C., Shematovich, V.I., and Bisikalo, D.V. Effect of hot N( 4S) atoms on the NO solar cycle variation in the lower thermosphere (abstract) . ...
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Remote Visualisation System Server User Guide Last Modified: 02 March 2005 Introduction This document is a guide to running the RVS Server. ... These components are as follows. ... The $RVS_HOME/bin/ script is used to start the RVS Server components. ... Stopping the RVS Server The following command can be used to stop all components executed using the ' start' command. shell% $RVS_HOME/bin/ stop NOTE: This command DOES NOT stop processes started using the rvs-*.sh commands. ...
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14. Chromospheric Modelling
Gerry Doyle's homepage . Watch this space!
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XMM­Newton CCF Release Note XMM­CCF­REL­10 RGS Background Data C. Erd September 8, 2000 1 CCF components Name of CCF VALDATE List of Blocks changed CAL VERSION XSCS flag RGS1 BACKGROUND 0001 1998­01­01T00:00:00 PARTICLE --- NO RGS2 BACKGROUND 0001 1998­01­01T00:00:00 PARTICLE --- NO RGS1 CALSOURCEDATA 0001 1998­01­01T00:00:00 CALSOURCEREGIONS --- NO RGS2 CALSOURCEDATA 0001 1998­01­01T00:00:00 CALSOURCEREGIONS --- NO 2 Changes BACKGROUND The background data are implemented with dummy zero values. ...
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16. Medium
The space between the planets is far from empty. It contains: electromagnetic radiation (photons); hot plasma (electrons, protons and other ions) a.k.a. the solar wind ; cosmic rays; microscopic dust particles; and magnetic fields (primarily the Sun's). While the Sun 's radiation is obvious, the other components of the interplanetary medium were not discovered until very recently. ... Except near some of the planets, interplanetary space is filled with the Sun's magnetic field. ... Sun .. ...
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17. The Chandra Automatic Data Processing Infrastructure
... The requirements for processing Chandra telemetry are very involved and complex. ... Standard Data Processing is accomplished by dozens of ``pipelines'' designed to process specific instrument data and/or generate a particular data product. ... The Automatic Processing system (AP) polls its input directories for raw telemetry and ephemeris data, pre-processes the telemetry, kicks off the processing pipelines at the appropriate times, provides the required input, and archives the output data products...
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18. Radioastrophysical Observatory ISTP RAS SB
RADIOASTROPHYSICAL DEPARTMENT • INSTITUTE OF SOLAR-TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS RAS SB . General information Main characteristics of the Radio telescope Observing programs General view of the antenna array Main research areas Principle of generation of radio images Radio telescope 's beam Receiving systems Main characteristics of the base receiving-recording complex Calibrations Data archive and databases Publication SSRT - Siberian Solar Radio Telescope . ...
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19. Research Activity
... Assistant Professor, INAF Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, Florence Italy . ... My research is mainly concentrated on the studies at the boundaries between Particle Physics and Astrophysics. ... IтАЩm involved in the activity of the High Energy Astrophysics Group at the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, of the Theory Group at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory and of the Gran Sasso Science Institute an international PhD school on Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Social Sciences. ...
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20. Other parameters of the evolutionary scenario
Next: Parameters of the starburst Up: The Model Previous: Initial parameters of compact . ... If the rate of accretion from one star to another is sufficiently high (e.g., the mass transfer occurs on a timescale a few times shorter than the thermal Kelvin-Helmholz time for the normal companion) or the compact object is engulfed by a giant companion, the common envelope (CE) stage of the binary evolution can set in (see Paczynski 1976; van den Heuvel 1983). ...
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