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21. IPACMAN V2.4 Integration Test Plan
... IPACMAN V2.5 Test Plan (or more) . ... Anyway, results given hereafter are related to one plaform only (the one mentioned on the top). ... specific testcases The following testcases correspond to the minimum set of tests to be run on every new IPACMAN release (alpha, beta, final, .. ... 1/ START IPACMAN . ... Expected result . ... Verify IP: select an IP on disk and run Reports>verify IP . ... IP Diff: select two IPs on disk, and run Reports>IP Diff and check manually the results: verify the . ...
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22. OH_maser
The potential of masers to act as probes of their environment has long been recognised, but to date has proven very difficult to realise. ... 2001, Sutton et al. 2001). Masers are variable on timescales of weeks to months and one of the major limitations in previous attempts at multi-transition analysis has been the uncertainties introduced by combining observations made over many years using a variety of instruments with differing spectral and spatial resolutions and polarisation properties. ...
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23. APOD: 2011 April 18 - Visual Effects: Wonders of the Universe
... Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2011 April 18 . Visual Effects: Wonders of the Universe . ... Explanation: What visual effects are depicted in this video? ... Please help create a companion explanation for the video by contributing to APOD's discussion page . ... About APOD | ...
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24. MAGION-4 Spacecraft (C2-X)
... The spacecraft of Magion type have been selected as the subsatellites of the Interball project: Magion-4 (C2-X) for the Tail Probe and Magion-5 (C2-A) for the Auroral Probe. ... Magion-4 was produced in the Czech Republic in collaboratrion with Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and has onboard scientific instruments and sensors designed and built in Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovak Republic. ... Plasma flow detector VDP-S (Czech Republic, Russia) . ...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 8.5 Кб -- 30.08.1999
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 8.5 Кб -- 30.08.1999
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25. S.P. Korolev RSC Energia - International Space Station
... S.P. KOROLEV ROCKET AND SPACE CORPORATION ENERGIA . ... OAO RSC "Energia" . ... Company's History . ... History . Brief History of Rocket and Space Technology . ... Flights Chronology . ... Project History . ISS Russian Segment . ... History of flights . ... Investigation of impact of space factors on the state of the "microorganisms - substrates" system as applied to the problem of ecological safety of space technology and planetary quarantine. ... 2015 JSC "S.P. Korolev RSC "Energia" . ...
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26. Rules and regulations for a participant
Rules and Regulations for a participant of the Olympiad . ... Don't write the conditions of problem in rough copy or clean copy. ... Rough copy. If you haven't time to rewrite solution (or a part of solution) in your clean copy, please make a note 'see rough copy' in Russian or English by accurate printed characters . ... In particular if solutions in clean copy and in rough copy are different, then clean copy is evaluated only. ... To write solutions of tasks in clean copy in arbitrary sequence. ...
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27. Wavelets and Green's functions
. IMA Conference on Multiscale Stochastic Processes Analyzed using multifractals and wavelets, Cambridge UK, March 29-31, 1993. Unpublished. The main results appear in appendix to my `Hamiltonian' paper . Jacques Lewalle,
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 3.2 Кб -- 12.04.1998
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. Mars was imaged in great detail in 2005. New research indicates Earth's core formed under different conditions from those that existed on Mars. One possible explanation for this is the difference in mass between the two planets. With Earth being eight times larger than Mars, the pressure of core-formation could be higher. Different silicate phases also may have been involved. NASA/JPL/USGS
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... 18941904; Bespalov P.A. Effective saturation of absorption in a plasma magnetospheric maser. In book: Nonlinear Space Plasma Physics, R.Z. Sagdeev -Editor-in-Chief, American Institute of Physics, 1993, p.339-346]. Magnetospheric plasma maser [Bespalov P.A, Trakhtengerts V.Yu., ... In a magnetospheric plasma maser (MPM) the relatively dense magnetised plasma and the conjugate ends of a magnetic trap form a quasioptical resonator for electromagnetic waves. ...
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30. Appendix B
Appendix B: The Effects of Thermal Changes on the "Absolute" Position of the Secondary . ... I will use the same nomenclature for the rod forces here as I used in Appendix A. In Appendix A, the axial force balance equation at the horizon was shown to be . ... The quantity that we really wish to derive is , where is the rod elongation at some initial epoch (i.e. when the rods were first tensioned) and where is the rod elongation at some later time after the rod temperatures had changed. ...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 12.3 Кб -- 29.03.2003
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31. Scientific Directions Achievements
... the radiative transfer equation (RTE) for the randomly-irregular magnetized plasma has been derived on the base of general grounds of the multiple scattering theory . ... Solutions of several absolute tasks of the scattering theory have been obtained (on the optical depth of the ionospheric plasma layer, on the value of radio wave anomalous attenuation, on anomalous refraction, on the backscattered signal intensity for the source being placed within a plasma layer). ...
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... SiD workshop, Fermilab, April 9-11 2007 April 9, 2007 Nick Sinev, SiD design Workshop, Fermilab 1 Topics 1. ... What and how was simulated What and was One column clusters effects Accepted background density Hit reconstruction efficiency Hit efficiency How to improve efficiency Conclusions April 9, 2007 Nick Sinev, SiD design Workshop, Fermilab 2 What is this April 9, 2007 Nick Sinev, SiD design Workshop, Fermilab 3 Marty's idea Shift charge in neighboring columns in opposite directions. ...
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TOOLS OF TEST GENERATION FOR SATELLITES CONTROL PROGRAMS Andrey Tyugashev, Ekaterina Myasnikova, Elena Sopchenko S.P. Korolyov Samara State Aerospace University (National Reseach University) The paper presents a research in the field of test automation for testing spacecraft control programs. ... Programmers or designers of spacecraft systems write tests manually. ... Tests are carried out by issuing the control actions on the spacecraft and condition monitoring systems parameters of the spacecraft. ...
[ Текст ]  Ссылки -- 161.6 Кб -- 04.08.2015
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34. Practical Astrophysics
Subject, Object and Problems of Astrophysics. Practical and Theoretical Astrophysics. ... Visual Telescope; Problems Which Are Solved with the Its Help. ... Resolution of Telescopes. ... Effectiveness of Telescope in Respect of Resolution. ... Optical Power of Telescopes for Star-like and Extensive Objects. Boundary Magnitude. Reasons of Light Dissipation in Telescopes. ... Spectral Instruments in Astrophysics. ... Basic Photometrical Ideas, Magnitudes and Their Measurement. ...
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35. Cosmic rays [Oulu]
... The high energy particles (mainly protons and alpha particles) found in the interplanetary space constitute what is called cosmic rays. ... galactic cosmic rays (GCR) originating far outside our solar system . ... anomalous cosmic rays" (ACR) originating from the interstellar space beyond the heliopause . ... The anomalous cosmic rays are most likely produced by neutral atoms in the interstellar space, which . ... The anomalous cosmic rays differ from others by their composition. ...
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36. Space Scientific and Education project of Lomonosov Moscow State University
... Research objects and scientific purposes . Space scientific program includes development and launch of two supersmall spacecrafts "Universitetskiy" and "Kompas-2" intended for monitoring of radiation conditions near the Earth. ... All the studies conducted in the near-Earth space are characterised by strong radiation fields. ... The circular polar orbits, which cover all the near-Earth space, are the most favorable for comprehensive studies of the radiation conditions near the Earth. ...
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Dynamic Routing; Configuration of Overloaded Interacting Servers N.D. Vvedenskaya, Moscow, I ITP We consider a symmetrical network with k servers and l Poisson input flows. The proto col uses dynamic routing: each flow is assigned to a subgroup of m servers, up on its arrival a message is directed to the least busy of these servers. ... 6 One server. ... Therefore it is sufficient to consider the equal overload of m , k m m servers caused by the equal overheat of several flows. ...
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Estimations of dome seeng by results of optics quality tests with Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor. ... Measurements on AZT-22 Telescope diameter: 1000 mm F/7.7 Effective subaperture: 37.5 mm Exposure time: 100 ms Time between exposures: 5 s Individual image with tilts in X direction AZT-22 tower The spatial spectrum evolution (top) and wind direction in measurements processes . AZT-22. ... ZTSH dome Zeiss-1000 dome The spatial spectrum evolution (up) end wind direction through time. ...
[ Текст ]  Ссылки -- 522.6 Кб -- 31.10.2010
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39. VISTA ETC - Exposure Time Calculator
... Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) . ... ESO - Public Surveys . ... the recommended values to use for DIT, . ... Detector on-chip integration (DIT): seconds. to your chosen value - a separate page gives recommended values to use for DIT - for modes 1 and 2 below you may wish to start with the maximum recommended values as these will minimize the effect of read noise (a total object exposure of Y secs with DIT=X secs will produce Y/X lots of read noise) and give you a lower limit on the time needed. ...
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THE PARAMETERS INVOLVED IN HAPKE'S MODEL FOR ESTIMATION OF THE COMPOSITION OF THE EJECTA LUNAR TERRAINS. ... In the previous papers we were estimated the surface roughness of the ejecta lunar terrains by means comparison of the local phase function and the average integrated lunar indicatrix. ... The Hapke's theoretical model of the lunar surface reflection. ... For THE PARAMETERS INVOLVED IN HAPKE'S MODEL: S.G. Pugacheva, V.V. Shevchenko a low-albedo lunar surface parameter Bo = 1. ...
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