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21. Mirror packages are available, but that's not really enough
... Re : Need easy way to download whole KHG . ... For now, you can use web mirroring packages to create your own local mirror and read from there. Several such packages are available, and since I don't use any of them, I don't have details like names: can someone else who knows please post details? For the future, it would be nice if someone is interested enough in mirroring to write scripts for the KHG that allow you to read it off-line, but also allow you to respond. ...
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Computers become more and more popular nowadays. That means that the amount of people who are able to work with computer programmes and play computer games has increased. In many cases computer games are the only thing that a person is accustomed to. ... As a result of this epidemic "homo playing" may put on the isoreality helmet which makes a person, crazy about games, forget about food, slumber and all other components of real life: "homo playing" becomes isolated from community. ...
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23. How filters work in Apache 2.0 - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . ... Filter Types . ... It is important to make the distinction between a protocol and a resource filter. ... If you are writing a filter and you want to know if it is resource or protocol, the correct question to ask is: "Can this filter be removed if the request is redirected to a different resource?" ... So, instead of starting from scratch, we simply point the front of the resource filters for the sub-request to the front of the protocol filters for the old...
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24. ESO - Real Time Control for Adaptive Optics Workshop
... Science . ... Science Users Information > Science and Technical Meetings > Conferences 2012 > Real Time Control for Adaptive Optics Workshop . ... ESO Data . ... The 3 rd Edition of the Real Time Control for Adaptive Optics Workshop is scheduled for spring 2014. The real-time control system (RTCS) is a crucial component for any astronomical adaptive optics (AO) system. ... As such, the workshop is aimed at real-time control specialists, instrument scientists and adaptive optics engineers. ...
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25. Boston Globe Online: Print it!
... New round of star wars . Entrepreneurs battle over celestial naming rights . ... The International Astronomical Union says that only its organizationis allowed to name anything in the sky, and that the star-naming business is a scam that real astronomers refuse to recognize. ... The International Star Registry even places star names in a book and locks it in a Swiss bank. ... Actor Billy Baldwin even named a star after John F. Kennedy Jr. when he died, according to the International Star Registry. ...
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26. Laboratory of Real Structure of Crystals (LRSC)
... About ISSP . RAS members working in ISSP . Laboratories . ... Tel: 2-82-72, e-mail: . ... Nonlinear dynamics and micromechanisms of nucleation of topological defects in ordered structures. Investigation of elementary remagnetization in exchange-bound nanocomposite magnetic structures. ... 8(496)52 219-82 . ... Fax: +7(496) 522 8160 . 8(496) 522 8160 . ... Scientific Secretary WWW: . ... ISSP RAS 2004 - 2010 All rights reserved. ...
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27. Robbe & Berking Besteck Dante Вилка сервировочная для рыбы 150 Грамм, покрытие
... title='Robbe & Berking Besteck Dante Вилка сервировочная для рыбы 150 Грамм, покрытие серебром - Robbe & Berking - Robbe & Berking' border='0' align='left' width='120' style='margin-right: 20px;' hspace='7' vspace='5'/> . title='Кольцо с фианитом, топазом из серебра - Эстет' border='0' align='left' width='120' style='margin-right: 20px;' hspace='7' vspace='5'/> . ...
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28. Using the finger command
. You can find out someone's username and whether they are logged in with the finger command. finger name_of_person[@remote_host] . "name" can be a first or last name, or a username. finger Wilson Login name: helper In real life: Arthur Wilson . Mr Wilson's username is "helper". You may also finger users at remote sites if the remote host has been set up to allow this. finger [] Login name: stephens In real life: Stephen Salmon .
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29. History of Astronomy and Space Physics Department
Astronomy Department was found in Kyiv University in 1834 together with other twelve departments of the Faculty of Philosophy. ... At that time V.Struve was a World famous astronom, and helped V.Fedorov in creation of Kyiv University Astronomical Observatory. ... M.Khandrikov successfuly modernized the Observatory. ... Researches of the history of Kyiv Observatory say about an important contribution into development of orbits theory made by the famous Kyiv astronoms I.Illinsky and I.Putilin. ...
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30. Natural Satellites Service. Mutual occultations and eclipses of the major
Natural Satellites Service. ... Mutual occultations and eclipses . of the major satellites of Uranus . ... We present the ephemerides and circumstances of the mutual occultations and eclipses of the major Uranian satellites in 2006-2010. ... In 2006-2010 about 190 mutual occultations and eclipses will occur. ... The ephemerides of the mutual occultations and eclipses of the major satellites of Uranus in 2006-2010 are presented in four tables according to four periods of visibility of Uranus. ...
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... National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center SPACE CENTER ROUNDUP Volume 45 · Number 8 AUGUST 2006 Roundup was highlighted by three productive, action-packed spacewalks. ... NASA S121E06583 Space Cen ter Roun d up The Roundup is an official publication of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, and is published by the Public Affairs Office for all Space Center employees. The Roundup office is in Bldg. ... It's real. ...
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32. IUM10 conference: I.Shchepochkina
. To the IUM main page . We describe real simple Z-graded Lie superalgebras of vector fields with polynomial coefficients. Unlike the nonsuper case some simple complex Lie superalgebras of vector fields have more than one real form or have no real forms at all. We show that the number of real forms also depends on the Z-grading: one can not consider real forms of just an abstract vectorial Lie superalgebra! One has to indicate a grading preserved.
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33. SETI - know more
... In August Russian scientists will send radio message to one of the extraterrestrial planets. ... Additional information about SETI METI . SETI Institute - - Search for new life forms in space.. ... HUNT FOR LIGHT FLASHES FROM EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE" . ... Information for sure! ... SETI at home SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). ...
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34. SSAU scientists will help Swiss jewellers
... Pre-university education . ... Vladimir Glushchenkov, SSAU professor and the Head of the Research Laboratory of Advanced Technological Processes of Plastic Deformation held a seminar on magnetic pulse technology and their scope in the Swiss city of Neuchatel. ... So, Swiss jewellers showed their interest in new technologies. ... For decades Aerospace University scientists are engaged not only in researches in this direction, but also in production of the relevant industrial equipment. ...
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... Tire snow chains (put then on before you get stuck ) Coolant system (-20 deg F as a minimum) Windshield wipers (just replace them) Heater and defroster (visibility is a must) Place ... to/from work will be in darkness) Place 2 bags of salt or sand in the trunk (added weight and traction supplement for when you get stuck ) Tomorrow: Place the following inside your vehicle (not in trunk, these should be accessible without getting out of the ... Use the shovel if able to dig your vehicle out...
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36. SpaceDTP-2015 - Background Information
The Youth Space Center of Bauman Moscow State Technical University conducts the workshop for space enthusiasts (only students) every year to provide participants with an opportunity to discuss the results of the year passed in space focusing on Russian and International programs, see and touch the real space hardware and meet people working on the front edge of space science and technology. ... You will go to Mission Control Center and see how the International Space Station is controlled. ...
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37. Altas Aerospace space travel agency offers a real commercial space flight
... Space flight . ... Space camp . ... And now it's a high time for everyone not only to take use of the satellite communication, but also to fly into the real space without being a professional cosmonaut. ... My flight into space is not a walk, it is fulfillment of my life-long dream", - said Dennis Tito prior to take-off. ... ATLAS aerospace company is privileged to offer you a real flight into space - the most unbelievable and challenging adventure. ... Services / Space flight: General description ....
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... HELD BETWEEN THE FIRST VISITING CREW (VC-1) AND JOURNALISTS . ... question to Tito): . You stated that you intend to go into business in space tourism. ... D. Tito: . ... Question to Tito): . ... Question to the combined crew): . ... As to any new cosmonaut we should explain certain things which a person cannot feel on the ground. ... All crew members treat me well and do everything so that I feel well aboard the International Space Station. ... Official WEB-site of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia . ...
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39. Uses of Package ij (ImageJ API)
... Class . ... Classes in ij used by ij . ... Plugins that implement this interface are notified when an image window is opened, closed or updated. ... This is an extended image class that supports 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit (real) and RGB images. ... This class represents an expandable array of images. ... Classes in ij used by ij.gui . ... This class represents an array of disk-resident images. Classes in ij used by ij.macro . ... Classes in ij used by ij.measure . ... Classes in ij used by ij.plugin . ...
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Star Party Reports There were so many good reports of star parties this month supplement. ... As can be seen fro m school children really do appreciate our Morey School Star Party Over 100 school children, grades 1st thru 4th, enjoyed the the fifth annual Morey School Star Party on Tuesday, February 15th. ... Jack Drobot Butler Middle School Star Party We finally got a break with the weather to participate at the Butler Middle School Star Party on Wednesday, March 30th. ...
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