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21. Dnepr Cluster Launch Preparations Nearing Completion at Baikonur
... Comments, Opinions Publications Dnepr Program . Dnepr launch record 17 August 2011. Cluster Launch of Dnepr LV 22 August 2013 KOMPSAT-5 Launch 21 November 2013. Dnepr Cluster Mission 2013 19 June 2014. Dnepr Cluster Mission 2014 6 November 2014. ... Mission profile SHM configuration Reliability Dnepr LV Performance Launch Sites . Baikonur Cosmodrome Yasny launch base Downloads . ... Preparations for the Dnepr-DubaiSat-1 launch are well progressing at Baikonur Cosmodrome. ...
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22. Astronaut Bio: Jay Apt 06/1997
... Jay Apt (Ph.D.) . NASA Astronaut (Former) . ... PUBLICATIONS: Dr. Apt shared his images and knowledge in the publication Earth in Orbit : NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth , written in conjunction with NASA scientists Michael Helfert and Justin Wilkinson and published by the National Geographic Society. ... From 1976 to 1980 he was a staff member of the Center for Earth & Planetary Physics, Harvard University, supporting NASA s Pioneer Venus Mission by making temperature maps of Venus from Mt. ...
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... The original pro of used the fact that () any two such embeddings are related by isotopy and crossing changes, where edges are allowed to pass through each other. ... Lemma 5 is obviously false as stated: the sum should be over all unordered pairs of disjoint edges, i.e. it should be fact (), and this is what is assumed in the pro of. In the earlier argument, at the top of p.4, this do esn't matter because here, edges e and e that share a vertex automatically have lk (e, e ) = 0.) ...
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24. Release of 1 Aug. 1997
Next: Release of 10 Feb. ... Add some items to SAVE in tpsch to keep from having problems with tape change time warnings. ... Set proper S2 default tape speeds. ... Remove complaint about more than 2 drives (triggered by S2) and chech tape initialization NDRIVES against max given in catalog. 24mar97 RCW. ... Add OKMODES routine and MODETEST input to discourage, but allow in special cases, the use of untested Mark IV and VLBA recording modes. ... Add blank default for FORMAT. ... 18 July 1997 RCW. ...
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25. Armagh Planetarium: Discover Primary Science | Astronotes
Astronotes Armagh Planetarium's Stellar Blog! ... 2011 saw 472 Irish primary schools showcase excellence in science and maths. ... The Discover Primary Science and Maths programme recognises the achievements of primary school children and teachers in the application of science and maths.€а Schools registered on the Discover Primary Science and Maths programme can apply for an Award of Science and Maths Excellence after they have met certain criteria for science and maths related activities. ...
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26. How Directory, Location and Files sections work
The sections <Directory> , <Location> and <Files> can contain directives which only apply to specified directories, URLs or files respectively. Also htaccess files can be used inside a directory to apply directives to that directory. ... The order of merging is: . ... If multiple <Directory> sections apply to the same directory they are processed in the configuration file order. ... Using the options in question is only possible inside a <Directory> section (or a .htaccess file). ...
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27. Astrophysics Group Admissions Procedures
... The submission of a formal application to the Board of Graduate Studies for admission as a graduate student in the University of Cambridge in Physics. ... Your application must be completed and submitted to the Board of Graduate Studies as soon as possible; students who are applying for admission in October 2016 should make sure it arrives sufficiently early that we can assess it at the same time as we receive our internal Astrophysics Group application form (i.e. by March 2016, see below). ...
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28. Overview
This web site can be used in many ways: ...look up one of the 8 summary files below. Each is linked to 3-6 detailed files, telling a more complete story, and those in turn may have other links, including history sections which tell about the related history. ... You can also link here to a self-contained overview of the early history of magnetism...note that links to all files are given in their proper order on the home page, linked here and also at the end of any "Exploration" file. ...
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29. Grants
Our completed projects . Russian Foundation for Basic Research . ... P.I. - V.Klochkova . ... P.I. - Panchuk V.E. The team: Panchuk V., Aliev A., Tavolganskaya N., Yushkin M. Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) + GFEN . ... The team: Chentsov E., Panchuk V., Tavolganskaya N., Yushkin M. Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) . ... P.I. - Panchuk V.E. The team: Panchuk V., Ermakov M.V., Najdenov I.D., Tavolganskaya N., Yushkin M. Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) . ...
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Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics Manuscript Draft Manuscript Number: ATP1021 Title: comment on the paper by Dalin , Pertsev and Romejko