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... 13th European VLBI Network Symposium . and Users Meeting . on September 20-23, 2016. ... 13th European VLBI Network Symposium and Users Meeting on September 20-23, 2016. ... Year book "Ephemerides of Minor Planets for 2016" on-line . ...
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2. Баллистический центр Института прикладной математики им. М.В.Келдыша РАН
... Институт прикладной математики им. М.В.Келдыша . БАЛЛИСТИЧЕСКИЙ ЦЕНТР . О Центре . ... Баллистический Центр Института прикладной математики им. М.В.Келдыша РАН . Баллистический центр (БЦ) ИПМ им. М.В. Келдыша создан по предложению С.П. Королева и М.В. Келдыша в 1965 году. На него были возложены работы по баллистико-навигационному обеспечению (БНО) управления полетом пилотируемых кораблей и автоматических космических аппаратов научного и народно-хозяйственного назначения. ...
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3. Designated Observatory Application
The Astronomical Society of Australia has been asked by STANDARDS AUSTRALIA to compile a list of "designated" optical observatories that are valuable resources for (i) research, (ii) education and (iii) community use. The ASA is the final arbiter of whether any particular observatory is so designated. ... Upon receipt of your application form, your observatory will be entered on a list of "Pending Designated Observatories" on the ASA Home Page. ... It will be emailed for you. ... Email . ...
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4. *qplintran* -- Apply linear transformation to a qp file through filter
... Transforms a qpoe file according to the specified parameters. ... Any type of filtering can be applied to the input qpoe file, including region filtering. In addition, the size of the output event record can be different from the size of the input event record. Of course, usually one makes the output record equal to or smaller than the input. If the output record size is made greater than the input record, a warning is issued and the ``extra'' part of the record is undefined.) ...
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5. Moon Phases - Interactive Application - an Astronomy Net Education Forum...
Astronomy Discussion Forums . ... Atm ћ Astrophotography ћ Blackholes ћ Blackholes2 ћ CCD ћ Celestron ћ Domes ћ Education . ... Moon Phases - Interactive Application . ... Post Message | ... I've done an interactive application for understanding the phases of the Moon. ... Thanks. . ... . ... Forum posts are Copyright their authors as specified in the heading above the post. "dbHTML," "AstroGuide," "ASTRONOMY.NET" & "VA.NET" . ...
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6. Chapter 11. Specifying OpenGL Environment Variable Settings
Chapter 11. Specifying OpenGL Environment Variable Settings . ... Several antialiasing methods are available and you can select between them by setting the __GL_FSAA_MODE environment variable appropriately. ... To see the available values for __GL_FSAA_MODE along with their descriptions, run: nvidia-settings --query=fsaa --verbose . The __GL_FSAA_MODE environment variable uses the same integer values that are used to configure FSAA through nvidia-settings and the NV-CONTROL X extension. ...
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7. attsys
... User Guide ] Task: attsys Purpose: Do various operations with Tsys values. Categories: uv analysis ATTSYS can apply or remove the Tsys weighting from correlation data, reapply Tsys based on a specified IF, or scale the the Tsys values (leaving the data unchanged) Key: vis The names of the input uv data sets. No default. ... Key: tsysif The IF numbers used to provide the Tsys correction values. ... Key: factor Scale factor to apply to the Tsys values recorded in the data. ...
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8. OptInt PmWiki : PmWiki / Available Actions
OptInt PmWiki : Pm Wiki / Available Actions . Default actions . ... Cookbook actions . Page actions are applied to wiki pages, as a query string appended to the URL . ... displays dialog for setting/changing password of the specified page or group of pages, see passwords , see also $EnablePostAttrClearSession if you do not want to have the session cleared after validating change General use of passwords . ... display the specified page (default action if no ?action= is present) . ...
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9. Remote Windows
Motif and X-Windows . It is possible to execute a Motif application on a computer around the corner or around the world and redirect the input and output for the application to your workstation. There are files located on the Science Cluster to help you position and display windows from a remote VMS system. ... Copy two command files: . ... From one of the workstation windows, have the remote system execute the x command file and create the display on your workstation by using this command: . ...
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10. Gnome Application Checklist
GTK+ / Gnome Application Development . ... Use the Gnome autoconf macros, or the gnome-config script, to reliably locate the Gnome libraries and header files. ... Include the standard INSTALL file describing how to compile and install the package; change the standard file to reflect anything specific to your application. ... Install a .desktop file so your application will appear on the Gnome desktop's menus. Install help files along with topic.dat files so the Gnome help browser can locate them. ...
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11. ESO - Applications ERC Starting Grants Hosted at ESO
... Science . ... Science Users Information > Science Publications > Science Announcements > Applications ERC Starting Grants Hosted at ESO . ... Observing Facilities . ... ESO welcomes applications from qualified researchers wishing to conduct their frontier research at ESO with the support of one of the prestigious European Research Council ( ERC ) grants in the Starting Grant category. ... The ESO application serves as a preliminary step to grant the host approval that is required by the EU. ...
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12. International Astronomy Olympiad: Application to be ANRAO
According to the # 7.1. of the Acting Statutes/Regulations on the International Astronomy Olympiad there should be an Authorized National Representative (Astronomical) Organization (ANRAO) in every participating state: A national astronomical society, a department (section) of the EAAS or IAU in the state, a leading observatory, an astronomical department of a leading university, a ministry of education or another appropriate competent institution. ...
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13. MAO NASU :: Topic: Call for applications to the PhD program of the API/GRAPPA,
... Recent Topics . ... MAO main . ... Call for applications to the PhD program of the API/GRAPPA, Amsterdam . ... Тема: Call for applications to the PhD program of the API/GRAPPA, Amsterdam . ... We are now advertising the Call for Applications to the PhD Program of the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy (API) and the Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA) Centre, at the University of Amsterdam. ... Applications need to be submitted on or before December 11th, 2014. ... MAO NASU ...
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14. Applying Kepler's Third Law
... Kepler's 3rd Law . 21a.Applying 3rd Law . 21b. Fly to Mars! (1) . 21c. Fly to Mars! (2) . ... For circular orbits around Earth, we found . ... The distance of a satellite from the center of Earth in meters is an inconveniently big number, even before we raise it to the 3rd power. ... The ratio r' = (r / R E ) is the orbital distance measured in units of the Earth's radius. ... 25 638 838) = 5063.5 From this . ... This is the practical form of Kepler's 3rd law for Earth satellites. ...
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15. How Directory, Location and Files sections work
The sections <Directory> , <Location> and <Files> can contain directives which only apply to specified directories, URLs or files respectively. Also htaccess files can be used inside a directory to apply directives to that directory. ... The order of merging is: . ... If multiple <Directory> sections apply to the same directory they are processed in the configuration file order. ... Using the options in question is only possible inside a <Directory> section (or a .htaccess file). ...
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16. Description
... This is done by taking in all input files the extension whose name is specified by the maintable parameter (called 'merged extension' in what follows) and merging the columns into a single output extension of the same name. ... Its contents is taken from the CCDID keyword (and QUADRANT for EPIC PN). ... To propagate other column specific keywords, they must be specified manually via the extensionchecks , mainattributes , maxattributes and minattributes parameters (see above). ...
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17. Applying Public Access Programming Techniques To SAOimage
... This paper describes our application of the X Public Access ( XPA ) interface to the new version of SAOimage . XPA allows an Xt program to define named public access points through which data and commands can be exchanged with external programs. ... It provides a high-level image display programming interface as well as low-level access to gterm-image widget functions. ... When a new file name is sent to SAOtng , the appropriate header access program is run to gather the overall image dimensions. ...
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18. Application materials
... Fill out the Application form . Attention: In the very unlikely case that you do not receive our reply within three business days after your form was sent, please check your spam folder and contact us at . ... Please note that if you are applying for a scholarship (including AMS-NSF scholarships) you have to fill out the application form on the corresponding website and to provide recommendation letters and other required documents independently of the application process here. ...
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19. Кнопки <Load>,<Apply>,<Cancel>, <Ok>.
Next: Окно информационных сообщений TVguide Up: Oписание окна просмотра и Previous: Панель Bgd. Общими для всех панелей являются кнопки, расположенные в нижней части окна: . кнопка <Load> - загрузка параметров из файла. Все, описанные выше, параметры можно записать в файл конфигурации и загружать их при помощи этой кнопки. ... кнопка <Apply> - ввести в программу измененные параметры; . кнопка <Cancel> - убрать окно TVguide Options ; . ... Apply> и <Cancel> . ...
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20. Ratan-600 application form
... The Large Telescopes Program Committee of Russian AS . ... Executive Secretary, e-mail: . Telescope RATAN-600 Time Request deadline: I half-year (Jan. ... Program title .. ... Principal investigator .. ... Request status .. ... Retarded applications and ones not conforming to form will not be accepted by the Committee. ... In some exceptional cases the Program Committee Secretary can accept a request after deadline with permission of the Chairman of Committee or director of SAO RAS. ...
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