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1. Bright Supernovae - 2010.
. Bright Supernovae - 2010 . This data comes from IAU Circulars and occasionally more data will be provided on IAU 's Astronomical Headlines page. An archive of the 2010 updates to this page is available. This is a list of the SN discovered in 2010. Please look at the main page for the latest data. Note that Extra galactic Novae have been moved to a special Extra galactic novae page . For more information, you can look at the following Supernova Catalogs: . IAU List of Supernovae since 1885 . Mike
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2. Bright Supernovae pages - Updates 2009
Please note that this is an archive of the changes made on the Bright Supernovae pages and that this page is not maintained. ... Created entries for 2009nl, 2009nm (Mag 18.7 CSS supernovae), 2009nn , and 2009no . Added images of 2009mf , 2009nn , and 2009no 2009/12/30 . ... Updated the entries for 2009mz (Type Ia), 2009na (Type Ia), and 2008iy (Radio detection) . ... Created a web page for 2009mf images and 2010 supernova (currently blank, but we need to anticipate things to come) 2009/12/09 . ...
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