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1. SAI Virtual Observatory Project
... SAI CAS . ... Catalog Access Services . ... This site is about the Virtual Observatory project at the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University ( SAI MSU ). We provide a public access to the growing set of astronomical services developed by the SAI RVO development team in accordance with the Virtual Observatory standards. ... We provide access (programmatic and interactive) to the all major and biggest astronomical catalogs (about 4 billions objects total) as well as other web-services. ...
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2. Zen: CAS
Hide Zen home . ... SAI RVO . SAI CAS . ... CAS stands for Catalog Access Services . It is the set of different interfaces and services to access and work with the large astronomical catalogues - Web site . ... Motivation - Phase 0 . ... The read-only git repository of the SAI CAS project is located at github . The outdated read-only Subversion repository of the SAI CAS project is located svn:// , and the (outdated) web interface to the repository here . ...
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