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... Using LiveIce . ... Alternatively the newest versions of LiveIce will be available via anonymous CVS on the Icecast server. ... As mentioned previously you will need a seperate encoder, so before you try compiling and running LiveIce it'd be a good idea to decide which encoder you'd like to use. ... You need a version later than 3.01 to be able to use it within LiveIce . ... Blade Encoder - it may be the most popular free encoder, but sadly it's no use to you budding DJ's... ...
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2. The Linux MP3-HOWTO
... This document describes the hardware, software and procedures needed to encode, play, mix and stream MP3 sound files under Linux. ... 7.4 Streaming Servers . ... By Lee,So-min <> . ... Linux System Administrators Guide By Lars Wirzenius. ... Fluid Streaming Server is a program for streaming media over networks and in its current form using the mp3 format. (old site) (new site) . ...
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