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... SAO Summer Intern Program . ... Back to SAO Summer Intern home page . ... 2) I'm a very bright high school student. ... To top of page.. ... The Summer Intern Program staff charged with evaluating and contacting students work hard to fill the internships as quickly as is possible, given the need to coordinate with students who are scattered around the globe. ... Minority students may elect to apply to the SAO Summer Intern Program through the Smithsonian Institution Minority Awards Program . ...
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2. ASP: National Astronomy Education Projects
home education > resources . SEARCH ASP SITE: Match ALL words Match ANY word . ... Planetarium Education Activities . ... is a listing of astronomy research and education experts available to assist planetarium educators in devising their programs and outreach activities. ... This is the umbrella group of all the amateur astronomy clubs in the U.S. They sponsor a range of national and local educational programs; see their newsletter The Reflector, or their web-site at . ...
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