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1. Heliophysics, Internal structure and seismology
This home page belongs to small group of scientists working at . Sternberg Astronomical Institute which is a part of Moscow State University . ... Электронная библиотека научно-технической и художественной литературы (доступна только из ГАИШ) . ... Local staff . Dr. Edward Kononovich (konon -at-, Associate Professor . ... Dr. Sergey Ayukov (asv -at-, Research Fellow, Webmaster of the group . ... Joint seminar of Solar Studies Structure Group and Solar Photometry Group . ...
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2. The FTPdig Project
Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University The idea behind this project is rather simple: using CGI scripts as processing tools and WWW browser as user interface, display the structure and content of typical anonymous FTP server in a convenient, easily navigated form. ... search through file/directory names, descriptions and README files; . ... The current goal of FTPdig project is to build University-wide network of ftp servers unified by the same interface and database. ...
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