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"Space technologies - to serve the society"
Kyiv, Khreschatik street, 2      24-28 August 2001
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NAME: International Exhibition "Space Technologies to Serve the Society".

PERIOD: August 24, 2001 - August 28, 2001

ADRESS : Kyiv, Khreshchatyk street, 2, Arts Palace 'Ukrainskiy Dim'.

SPONSOR : National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU)

REASONS: International Exhibition "Space Technologies to Serve the Society" is being carried out according to the President of Ukraine Decree ? 73 dated February 6, 2001 On Measures Supporting the Use of Space Technologies for Innovative Development of the State's Economy and to both Presidents of Ukraine and Russia Joint Authoritative Statement dated February 12, 2001.


  • Ukrainian space activities popularization,
  • development and strengthen of hi-tech sphere interdepartmental and interregional liaisons ,
  • intellectual and productive potential consolidation of the Ukrainian space industry,
  • strengthen of the space industry enterprises' positions and ptoducts' manufacturing for domestic market needs,
  • assistance in creation of hi-tech civil products manufacturing with space technologies application at the space industry enterprises to meet domestic market demands and for exports,
  • attracting investment for Ukrainian space industry enterprises.

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