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The 3rd International School and Conference
  Saint Petersburg, St Petersburg Academic University
  Starts 28.03.2016 , end 30.03.2016

The Third Lem Reading Conference
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 24.03.2016 , end 26.03.2016

'Nonlinear Waves - 2016'
  Nizhny Novgorod, Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  Starts 26.02.2016 , end 04.03.2016

III All-Russian Research and Application Conference 'Actual Issues of Research in Avionics: Theory, Service, Development' - 'AVIATOR'
  Voronezh, Air Force Academy named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky and Y.A.
  Starts 11.02.2016 , end 12.02.2016

All-Russian Youth Scientific Reading Conference named after S. P. Korolev
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 27.01.2016 , end 29.01.2016

XI International Forum 'Optical Systems and Technologies - OPTICS- EXPO 2015'
  Starts 25.11.2015 , end 26.11.2015

II All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation 'Universities of Russia in a dialogue with time'
  Starts 17.11.2015 , end 20.11.2015

The International Youth Scientific School 'Materials science and high-energy processing'
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 14.09.2015 , end 22.09.2015

IV International science and technical conference METAL PHISICS. Mechanics of Material and deformation processes ('METALDEFORM-2015')
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 14.09.2015 , end 17.09.2015

Summer School 'High Technology Management (HTM)' in SSAU
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 03.08.2015 , end 08.08.2015

VI International Conference "Problems of Modern Machines Mechanics"
  the city of Ulan-Ude, recreation camp "Rovesnik"
  Starts 29.06.2015 , end 04.07.2015

The XI International Summer Space School 'Future Space Technologies and Experiments in Space. From mission idea to project of nanosatellite'
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 22.06.2015 , end 03.07.2015

The First Russian Symposium on Nanosatellites with International participation "RusNanoSat-2015"
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 02.06.2015 , end 04.06.2015

"Sealing Materials and Technologies" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Doctor in Technical Sciences Natalia Borisovna Baranovskaya
  Moscow, All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials
  Starts 19.05.2015 , end 19.05.2015

International Scientific and Technical Conference "Cybernetics and High Technologies of XXI Century
  the city of Voronezh, the city of Voronezh
  Starts 13.05.2015 , end 15.05.2015

International Scientific and Technical Conference "Advanced Information Technologies AIT-2015"
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 28.04.2015 , end 30.04.2015

VI International Youth Scientific Conference "Civil aviation: XXI Century"
  Starts 09.04.2015 , end 10.04.2015

Functional Materials for Aircraft Noise Reduce in the Cabin and in the Environment
  Moscow, All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials
  Starts 12.03.2015 , end 12.03.2015

The Second All-Russian Research and Practical Conference 'Actual problems in Avionics Research: Theory, Service, Developments'
  Voronezh, Military town club No. 1
  Starts 11.02.2015 , end 13.02.2015

International Conference "Scientific and technological experiments on automatic space vehicles and small satellites"
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 09.09.2014 , end 11.09.2014

  Miass, Chelyabinsk region
  Starts 09.09.2014 , end 11.09.2014

The 10th International Summer Space School 'Future space technologies and experiments in space'
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 24.08.2014 , end 07.09.2014

International Scientific Conference "Perspective Information Technologies - 2014"
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 30.06.2014 , end 04.07.2014

XII National meeting on management problems
  Moscow, Institute of Management named after VA Trapeznikova Sciences
  Starts 16.06.2014 , end 19.06.2014

The 8th International Navigation Forum
  Moscow, Expocentre
  Starts 23.04.2014 , end 24.04.2014

International scientific conference "Perspective information technologies (PIT-2013)"
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 04.12.2013 , end 06.12.2013

VXIII National scientific conference of students, young scientists and specialists
  Ryazan, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
  Starts 13.11.2013 , end 15.11.2013

The XII International Conference "Aviation and Space 2013"
  Moscow, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)
  Starts 12.11.2013 , end 15.11.2013

IX International forum "Optical systems and technologies"
  Moscow, 57 Hall, All-Russian Exhibition Centre
  Starts 12.11.2013 , end 15.11.2013

Seminar "Using pulsed laser deposition and cutting the production and recovery of aircraft surfaces of the parts"
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 07.11.2013 11:00, end 07.11.2013 14:00

VI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Science and Education in Transport"
  Samara, Samara State University of Railway Transport
  Starts 05.11.2013 , end 07.11.2013

VII Baltic Education Forum
  Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
  Starts 20.10.2013 , end 31.10.2013

Academic Council of the University
  Samara, SSAU
  Starts 18.10.2013 09:00, end 18.10.2013 12:00

X National conference on problems of new technologies
  Starts 15.10.2013 , end 17.10.2013

Scientific and practical conference "Systems of government and corporate governance in the united industrial corporation"
  Perm, Russia, Perm
  Starts 02.10.2013 , end 02.10.2013

6th National Multiconference on Control Problems
  Gelendzhik, place
  Starts 30.09.2013 , end 05.10.2013

2-nd International scientific and practice conference "Reducing the cost of maintenance and repair of technological equipment of metallurgical production"
  Yalta, place
  Starts 30.09.2013 , end 04.10.2013