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ASRAS board members

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ASRAS Board Members

ASRAS board members

Become an ASRAS Board Member !

Want to REALLY make a difference and contribute to ASRAS ?
The best way to do that is become an ASRAS board member.
Board members enjoy a host of extra benefits from ASRAS including :

- The ability to help shape the future direction and purpose of ASRAS
- Get YOUR special interest or contribution recognized and expanded by ASRAS members.
- Work alongside highly motivated, dedicated, and friendly astro-lovin people just like yourself.
- Hear about unique opportunities before they are formalized and announced to ASRAS members.

ASRAS Board Positions

The ASRAS board has several positions that may be a match for your interests and talents :
President -
The President of ASRAS is obviously the top position. The president has many responsibilities like running monthly meetings, running the monthly board meeting, representing ASRAS at local events like star parties, planetarium events, RMSC events, the monthly newsletter presidents message, etc ...
HOWEVER - don't be intimidated - the President gets lots of help in these tasks from other board members. Recent changes in the Board structure insures that the work load is shared amongst all the board members to keep the presidents work load manageable.
Vice President
The Vice Presidents position is mainly to assist the president and back them up if they cant make a major function like a general meeting or write the newsletter pres message. They take on lots of roles that other board members may not have time for. Vice Presidents usually become future presidents.
The secretaries job is to document the minutes at board meetings and help organize the myriad of activities ASRAS generates during its normal operation. The secretary can be as involved as much as they like, or they can just take notes. But its much more fun to get involved.
The Treasurer handles ASRAS funds - including donations, club dues received, payouts to site manager and other volunteers who purchase ASRAS activity supplies, etc ... If you're good with numbers, finances, or did any CPA work, this position may be for you.
There are 3 Directors positions that perform general tasks and help out where needed. These positions can vote on any board proposal and fill in wherever needed. Don't know where you can help out on the board ? A director position is the perfect solution.

Interested ?
All you need to do is speak with a current board member at any ASRAS activity or meeting.
The Board is ALWAYS looking for help, and ANY member is allowed to attend a board meeting and contribute.
Lets hear what you have to say !

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