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Tapasi Ghosh- Biographical Sketch

Professional Preparation

|University of |Physics |M.Sc. |1982 |
|Calcutta, India | | | |
|Indian Institute of |Physics (Radio |Ph.D. |1990 |
|Science, Bangalore, |Astronomy) | | |
|India | | | |

Academic & Professional Appointment

Senior Research Associate (HT) NAIC/Arecibo Observatory 2007- present

Senior Research Associate (FT) NAIC/Arecibo Observatory 2005 - 2007
Research Associate (FT) NAIC/Arecibo Observatory
1992 - 2005
Post Doctoral Fellow NFRA/WSRT, NL 1990 - 1992

Related Publications - journal publications are available on-line via
the ADS (adswww.harvard.edu)

1. Kanekar, N., Ghosh, T., Chengalur, J.N., ``Detection of a multi-phase
ISM at z= 0.2212'', 2001, A&A, 373, 394.

2. Ghosh, T., Davis, M. M., Salter, C.J., and Aller, M.C.,``An HI
Search for the Host Galaxies of 27 Radio-Loud AGNs at z ~2.3'' 2001,
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5. Salter, C.J., Ghosh, T., Catinella, B., Lebron, M., lerner, M.S.,
Minchin, R., Momjian, E.,
``The Arecibo ARP 220 Spectral Census. I. Discovery of the Pre-
Biotic Molecule
Methanimine and New Cm-Wavelength Transitions of Other
Molecules'' , 2008, AJ, 136

Other Significant Publications

1. Ghosh, T. and Rao, A. P., ``The Galactic latitude dependence of Low
Frequency Variability of extragalactic radio sources'', 1992, A&A 264,

2. Kukula, M., Ghosh, T., Pedlar, A., Schilizzi, R.T. ``Parsec-Scale
Structures in the Nuclei of Four Seyfert Galaxies'' 1999, ApJ, 518,
3. Salgado, J.F., Ghosh, T., Altschuler, D.R., Dennison, B.K., Mitchell,
K.J., Payne, H.E.,
``14-year Program Monitoring the Flux Densities of 33 radio sources at
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4. Taylor, G.B., Momjian, E., Pihlstroem, Y., Ghosh, T., Salter, C.J.,
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5. Momjian, E., Salter, C.J., Ghosh, T., Chengalur, J., Kanekar, N.,
Keeney, B.A., Stocke, J.T. ``Arecibo HI Observations of the Sub-DLA
at z=0.0063 towards PG1216+069'', 2006, American Astronomical Society
Meeting Abstracts, 208, #15.03

Synergistic Activities
1. Graduate Students: I have been a co-supervisor of a Ph.D. Students,
Jose' Francisco Salgado of the University of Michigan who made a study
of "The Distribution of Interstellar Electron Density Fluctuations",
receiving his degree in 2000.

2. I have supervised over 10 NSF REU students during recent years. I have
also organized "hands on" summer observing projects for the Arecibo
REU students.

3. Other Education Activities: I helped organize, lectured to, and ran
"hands on" experiments for the 2001, 2003 and 2005 and 2007 NAIC/NRAO
summer schools on "Single Dish Radio Astronomy".

4. I help installing and maintaining all VLBI related equipment at the
observatory, and provide user support for observations and data
reduction in the areas of VLBI and Single Dish spectral-line

5. Computer Program Development: I have developed many data reduction
routines in FORTRAN and within the IDL environment.

Collaborators (within past 48 months)

Jayaram Chengalur NCRA, Pune, India
Avinash Deshpande RRI, Bangalore, India
Neeraj Gupta NCRA, Pune, India
S. Jeyakumar Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM
Nissim Kanekar NRAO
Smita Mathur Ohio State University

Emmanuel Momjian NRAO
Richard Porcas MPIfR, Bonn, Germany
D.J. Saikia NCRA, Pune, India
Chris Salter NAIC/Arecibo Observatory
Greg Taylor University of New Mexico
Russ Taylor University of Calgary

Graduate Advisors

Ph.D. Dr. A. Pramesh Rao National Center For Radio
Astrophysics, India