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Latest international conferences

1996 2-nd STAC / NASA Symposium,  Korolev, Moscow region, Russia. 18 - 22 November, 1996.
  • Buchachenko A.L., Oraevsky V.N., Sorokin V.M., Chmyrev V.M., The model of seismo-ionospheric interaction and its application to the study of ionospheric earthquake precursors with use of alpha station. Abstracts.
1997 International symposium "Monitoring and detection of the underground nuclear explosions and earthquakes" Moscow, Russia. 1997.
  • Sorokin V.M.,  Chmyrev V.M.,  Sinelnikov V.M.,  Yaschenko A.K., The physical model underground nuclear explosion and earthquake precursors space monitoring. Abstracts. 
Third Annual STAC Symposium NASA / RSA. Huntsville. Alabama. USA. 1997.
  • Chmyrev V.M., Isaev N.V., Nikitsky V.P., Oraevsky V.N., Pokhotelov O.A., Semenov Yu.P., Sorokin V.M., Foundation of the methods for monitoring earthquake precursors on-board the piloted space station and the sub-satellites. Proceedings.
International Workshop on Seismo Electromagnetics of NASDA. Tokyo. Japan. 1997.  
  • Sorokin V.M., Chmyrev V.M., Isaev N.V., Yaschenko A.K., Electromagnetic and plasma earthquake precursors in the ionosphere: Recent experimental and theoretical results. Abstracts.
  • V.M.Sorokin  and  V.M. Chmyrev, The formation of ionospheric plasma density irregularities and field aligned currents over the zone of preparing earthquake. Abstracts.
1998 7-th International Conference on Natural and Man-made Hazards (HAZARDS-98). Chania. Greece. 1998.
  • V.M.Sorokin and V.M.Chmyrev, The physical basis for the satellite methods of monitoring Earthquakes and some other natural and technological disasters. Abstracts.
  • V.M.Chmyrev, B.I.Poletaev, V.P.Nikitsky, V.I.Kostenko and V.M.Sorokin, Experimental space-based systems for monitoring earthquake precursors. Abstracts.
32nd Scientific Assembly of COSPAR. Nagoya, Japan. 1998.  
  • Kozlov S.I., Sorokin V.M., About the new methods for restoration of the atmosphere ozone in local ranges. Abstracts.
  • Sorokin V.M., Yaschenko A.K., Electrical Field Disturbances in the Earth - Ionosphere Layer. Abstracts.
1999 Workchop on the Micro-satellite DEMETER. Detection of Electro û Magnetic Emission Transmitted from Earthquake Regions. Orleans. France. 1999.
  • Sorokin V.M., Chmyrev V.M., Yaschenko A.K., Electrodynamic model of the atmosphere û ionosphere coupling related to seismic activity. Abstracts.
2000 Malaysia - Russia technology business forum. Kuala-Lumpur. Malaysia. 2000.
  • Sorokin V.M., Novikov V.K., Airborne monitoring system on the basis of stratospheric aircraft M-55 ôGeophysicsö. Abstracts.
International workshop on seismo û electromagnetics of NASDA. Tokyo, Japan. 2000.
  • Sorokin V.M., Chmyrev V.M., Advanced electrodynamic model of short term earthquake precursors excited in the atmosphere and the ionosphere. Abstracts.
  • Sorokin V.M., Chmyrev V.M., Yaschenko A.K.,  Ionospheric generation mechanism of seismic related ULF magnetic pulsations observed on the earth surface. Abstracts.
  • Sorokin V.M., Chmyrev V. M., Hayakawa M., Pre-earthquake formation of whistler ducts over the seismic zone. Abstracts.
  • Isaev N.V., Sorokin V.M., Chmyrev V.M., Sea storm electrodynamic effects in the ionosphere. Abstracts.
2003 EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, France, April 2003.
  • Sorokin V., Fedorov E., Schekotov A, Molchanov O., Hayakawa M., The model of seismic related depression of the ULF geomagnetic pulsations. Abstracts. 
2004 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Paris, France, 18 - 25 July 2004.
  • Sorokin V.M., Chmyrev V.M., Yaschenko A.K., Strong DC electric field in the ionosphere related to typhoons and earthquakes. Abstracts.
  • Sorokin V.M., Sergeev I.Yu., Yaschenko A.K., Electromagnetic pulse generation by an explosion shock wave in the ionosphere. Abstracts.
2005 International Workshop on Seismo Electromagnetics. Tokyo, Japan, 14 û 17 March 2005. Abstracts. P.365-368.
  • Sorokin V.M., Yaschenko A.K, Chmyrev V.M., Hayakawa M., Strong DC electric field formation in the ionosphere over typhoon and earthquake regions. Abstracts. (ppt)

EGU 2005 - 2nd General Assembly & Congress European Geosciences Union, Vienna, Austria, 25-29 April, 2005.
  • Sorokin V., Chmyrev V., Yaschenko A., Electrodynamic mechanism for deployment and stabilization of thin film structures in space. Abstracts.
  • Sorokin V., Yaschenko A., Chmyrev V., Hayakawa M., Amplification mechanism of DC electric field in the mid-latitude ionosphere over seismically active faults. Abstracts.

XXVIIIth General Assembly of URSI, New Delhi, India, Octoberá23-29, 2005.
  • Sergeev I.Yu., Sorokin V.M., Ionospheric generation mechanism of the low-frequency narrow-band electromagnetic radiation due to background noise of natural origin before earthquakes. Proceedings.
  • Sergeev I.Yu., Sorokin V.M., Yaschenko A.K., Electromagnetic pulse generation in the lower ionosphere. Proceedings.
2007 AGU Fall Meeting 2007. December 9-14, 2007. San-Francisco, USA.   
  • Kuznetsov V.D., Ruzhin Yu.Ya., Sorokin V.M., The capability of space mission to study the ionosphere and electromagnetic disturbances related to seismic activity. Abstracts.  (ppt)
2008 International conference "Atmosphere, Ionosphere, Safety" (AIS-2008). Kaliningrad. Russia. July 07 - 12, 2008.
  • Sorokin V. M., Electromagnetic and plasma disturbances caused by impact to the ionosphere. Abstracts. (ppt)
  • Kuznetsov V.D., Ruzhin Yu.Ya., Sorokin V.M., Results of testing the satellite-borne scientific equipment for the study of natural catastrophes. Abstracts.
  • Laptukhov A.I., Sorokin V.M., Yaschenko A.K., Model of the D-layer disturbance related to natural disasters. Abstracts. (ppt)
  • Sergeev I.Yu., Sorokin V.M., The model of plasma expansion at active experiments in the ionosphere. Abstracts.