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AY2015 (preface)
ASTRONOMICAL YEARBOOK for 2015 (in Russian)


In the Astronomical Yearbook (AY) the ephemerides of the Sun, Moon, major planets and stars computed with the maximum precision in accordance with the resolutions approved by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) are published. The information is also given on various astronomical phenomena – lunar and solar eclipses, planetary configurations, rises and sets of the Sun and Moon, etc. The explanation, contained the examples, illustrates the possibility of the calculation of various ephemerides to any particular time and for the any observation place.

Since issue for 2004 the reform AY was carried out connected to change of ephemerical basis AY according to Recommendations XXIII-XXIV General assemblies (GA) IAU. In the course several years full replacement of theories of movement of major planets and the Moon, of the precession-nutation models, of the star catalogue is stage by stage made. The system of coordinates based on the new concept of the non-rotating origin is entered. Separate stages of reform are described in forewords and explanations to the Yearbooks on 2004-2008.

Preparation of the AE-2015 ephemerides is based on the following data:

All ephemeris data are calculated by means of the PS BOOKA edition package of a multi-purpose program complex the ERA developed in IAA of RAS for the decision of problems of ephemeris astronomy.

In The Astronomical Yearbook for 2015 the calculation of the ephemeris data was carried out by following collaborators of the laboratory of astronomical yearbooks:

The data control was carried out by N.I. Glebova, N.K. Omelyanchuk, and I.A. Lebedeva.

The explanation to the Yearbook is processed by N.I. Glebova, and M.L. Sveshnikov. The additional information on algorithms of calculation of ephemerides published in AY is given in The Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Yearbook (Transactions of IAA of RAS, 2004, vol.10). The examples in the Explanation were carried out by N.I. Glebova, G.A. Kosmodamianskij, M.V. Lukashova and M.L. Sveshnikov. The Explanation in the TEX was carried out by N.I. Glebova, M.V. Lukashova, and N.K. Omelyanchuk.

Since 1995 the publication of the Astronomical Yearbook was carried out by means of the softwares SVITA and “PUBLISHER” (G.A. Netsvetaeva. PUBLISHER – integrated environment for support astronomical yearbook issue, Communications of IAA of RAS. 2010. 187).

The original-maket of The Astronomical Yearbook for 2015 was carry out by D.A. Ryzhkova.

Some ephemerides published in AY were inserted in Internet:


WEB-master – N.I. Alehina.

Director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of RAS
D.E. A.V.Ipatov


Appendix: Coordinates of observatories

Appendix: Elongations of satellites of Mars

Appendix: Galilean satellites of Jupiter

Appendix: Major satellites of Saturn

Appendix: Elongations of 5 satellites of Uranus

Appendix: Ephemerides of 2 satellites of Neptune


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