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General description

The program enables to find out the exact present Earth coordinates of the international space station and "Shuttle". Just click under the corresponding reference, and the picture will be loaded. >>
J-Track - this program is similar to the previous one, however it knows how to display images and orbits of space vehicles. >>
J-Track 3D - a unique possibility to track any of 500 satellites, which are in our database! You need to have more powerful computer for using this program, as the 3-D profile is used for display. >>
Orbital Tracking - track the international space station! Exact digital orbit parameters and its plot map are available. >>
NASA SkyWatch - a program for those, who are fond of watching artificial space objects through the telescope, field - glass or with the unaided eye. Indicate your location, required object, and the program will calculate time of observation, will plot a space object pathway on the celestial sphere. The only thing you will need to do is to take a look on a certain object at the certain time. Do not miss this unique possibility: after installing the solar arrays on the international space station it will become visible on the sky by an unaided eye as a bright star. >>
If you are far from space field, probably it would be difficult for you to understand the meaning of these digits in the satellite orbit specification. If it so, join us! This is a pictorial diagram with the explanation. >>
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