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Astrophysical Research Consortium Small Aperture Telescope
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The Astrophysical Research Consortium Small Aperture Telescope (ARCSAT) is a 0.5-m (or 20") Classical Cassegrain telescope, formerly known as the SDSS Photometric Telescope (PT).

Utilized for small research projects and observations conducted by and for the APO staff, member institutions of ARC, and collaborating astronomers, operations will soon be conducted automatically using a queue mode or remotely via the Internet.

Project Director: Suzanne Hawley (slh/astro.washington.edu)

Chief Telescope Engineer: Bill Ketzeback (bketzeba/apo.nmsu.edu)

Remote Operations Upgrade Project Manager: Joe Huehnerhoff (jwhueh/apo.nmsu.edu)

Software Development: Russell Owen (rowen/uw.edu) and Conor Sayres (sayresc/gmail.com)

SurveyCam PI: Dmitry Bizyaev (dmbiz/apo.nmsu.edu)

FlareCam PI: Joe Huehnerhoff (jwhueh/apo.nmsu.edu)


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