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APO Home Page
shadow view of APO telescopes

Welcome to Apache Point Observatory

2001 Apache Point Road
P.O. Box 59, Sunspot, NM 88349-0059


Latitude 32° 46' 49" N, Longitude 105° 49' 13" W
Elevation 2788 meters

(reference World Geodetic System of 1984; elevation Ellipsoidal Height)
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Astrophysical Research Consortium
3.5-meter Telescope

Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV
2.5-meter Sloan Foundation Telescope

New Mexico State University
1.0-meter Telescope

Site Operations


0.5-meter Astrophysical Research Consortium Small Aperture Telescope

Public Information

Public Access and Tours
Media Information
APO Brochure
SurroundView from 3.5M Rooftop (6.6MB-drag cursor to view)
SurroundView from Ops. Bldg. Rooftop (7.5MB-drag cursor to view)
SDSS Plate Plugging-time lapse
SDSS-BOSS Marking-time lapse
SDSS-APOGEE Marking-time lapse

SDSS SkyServer, GalaxyZoo and Images
International Dark Sky Association

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