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Armagh Observatory Preprint No. 308

Armagh Observatory Preprint Series No. 308

Nonadiabatic linear pulsation models for low-mass helium stars

Authors: C.S.Jeffery, H.Saio

Journal: 1999, MNRAS submitted

Abstract. Nonadiabatic linear pulsation models have been calculated for low-mass stars with effective temperatures between 16,000 and 35,000 K, and with surface gravities in the range 30.3, although the position of the red edge is sensitive to X. We have found that non-radial pulsations are also excited in the same instability region as radial pulsations.

The implications of these results for individual low-mass helium stars are discussed. It is concluded that Z-bump driven pulsations (radial and/or non-radial) may be excited in some helium-rich subdwarf B stars, representing a possible major extension to the class of variable stars represented by the prototype V652 Her.

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