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Meteor Observators Taurus Leonids
celestrak. for example search for satellites
Spitzer Space Telescope
Solar Data: f.e. X-ray
Night Sky Live
Latest Supernovae
Heavens-Above: Sky chart, Satellites, Iridiums and astronomical objects      For Moscow      For SAO      Baksan
"Galaxy" project
Chandra Supernovae Remnant project
List of Supernovae Planetaria Around the World
GRB Links
Online Supernova Spectrum Archive
Russian astronomical site
SkyView is a Virtual Observatory on the Net generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from Radio to Gamma-Ray.
The Aladin astronomical database
The SIMBAD astronomical database
StarDate OnLine
Principal Radio Telescopes
Catching the light Astrophotography
Jochen Greiner page with refer to GRB table

Messier Catalogue
Tutorials for Astronomy
NGC / IC Project


The Hubble Heritage Project
Results from the HST
STScI/HST Pictures

Stars, Constellations...

Hawaii Atlas: Maps on different latitude, Constelations
Stars and Constellations
CASS Astronomy Outreach - Nearby Stars
The Constellations and their Stars
The 26 Brightest Stars
Peoria Astronomical Society: Constellatios


SkyMap Software
Southern Stars Systems

For Calendar

Astronomy & Astronautics at m31.spb.ru
Sky and Telescope: Astronomical Calendar On-Line
Abrams Planetarium


Asteroids at "Nine Planets"
Sky and Telescope's Asteroids Page: How to observe
Asteroid and Comet Hazard
Near-Earth Asteroid Information from the Minor Planet Electronic Circulars
A Blizzard of Asteroids
How prepared are you to recognize something new or out of place in the sky? On any given night you can see scores of minor planets with a small telescope.


Images of the Comets
Observable Comets: This page lists links to orbital elements and ephemerides of (potentially) observable comets.
Comet Observations
International Comet Quarterly
Comet Observers' Forum
Near Live Comet Watching System


International Meteor Organization
Meteor Observing Calendar
This site contains a lot of "meteor" links:
Leonid page - a lot of information for years<=2006
Comets and Meteor Showers
The American Meteor Society
NEMS Meteorites and Planetary Science
Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS)
North American Meteor Network Home Page


SOHO (Solar & Heliospheric Observatory)
Today's Space Weather
Jordanian Astronomical Society: Sunspots Observation
Space Weather (solar activity data)
American Association of Variable Star Observations (solar division) here you can find sunspot information
NASA Copyright Information: Eclipses (Espenak)
AAVSO: American Association of Variable Star Observers

Lunar mares

Planetary Data 1
Planetary Data 2
Physical Constants and Astronomical Data